Castle Sneak Peeks: Naked Kate Beckett!

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What a trip!

On Monday's new episode of Castle, "Murder, He Wrote," Kate and Beckett plan a getaway to the Hamptons. In secret, of course. Sort of, that is.

In the first clip below from the installment, the secret of Beckett's trip with her boyfriend is out. Who is this guy? Is he a bad ass? Ryan and Espo decide they simply have to find out:

Alexis and Martha are already in on the relationship, of course... much to the chagrin of Castle in this sneak peek, as they pepper him with questions and advice:

Finally, the pair arrives at its destination. There are stars in the air. There's a heated pool awaiting a late-night dip. There's a very naked Kate Beckett - and there's a dying man in their backyard:

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IS there rel Castle books you can by like they show on the tv or is thoses just printed up for the movie searies if you can buy them how much they go for like HEAT WAVE with NICKIHEAT


1/20/13 my wife & i love the show castle


I loved when Martha says to Castle about having 'the talk' with Alexis. And he says "I learned so much..."
Also, "The poor girl, hiding in the closet.." made me want to her Martha's 'closet' stories.


I loved all the Sneak Peeks...& we will have "handshakes" to make us sigh :) THANK YOU WRITERS for bringing my favorite CASTLE BABY back: Alexis. She is such an adorable character & Molly Q. helped us see her they way we imagined she should be. Up to now it has been CASTLE & ALEXIS. Not having had a Father or stay at home Mother Richard has infused PAPA CASTLE's character with wicked awesome parenting skills...while still being CASTLE :) Because of this Alexis has turned out independent, sure of herself & emanates love/wisdom/compassion beyond her years (HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY MOLLY Q !!!) Kate has no intention of taking the place of Alexis' Mom...but she will be a great role model & the perfect piece of the puzzle to complete this TV family. I look forward to lots of tender/funny moments & magic between Kate & Alexis. Will CASTLE & MARTHA be crazier than ever? To our delight...OF COURSE!


WOW just might have to see these


Oh yeah Tweedledee and Tweedledum on the case of Kate's new BF.
This ought to get a laugh :)
BTW where was Kate's tattoo?
Thanks for the previews


Can't wait :-)

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Beckett: So, you rich or something?
Castle: I'm not James Patterson rich, but I do ok.

You're in a room full of detectives and not one of them has a clue.