Castle Review: Shhh! Someone Knows

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Well... that was fun! In typical Castle fashion, "Secret's Safe With Me” provided us viewers with a light-hearted and enjoyable hour. Let’s talk about it...

Eye I See You! The weekly case followed the death of a brother and sister pair who had been trying to purchase a storage unit to track down information on the murderer of their parents. Twists and turns led us to Storage War type bidders, as well as rich socialites and criminals.

Never did I think that a prosthetic eye would be the answer to the case. Kind of gross, kind of fun. Basically, Castle perfection. Besides, how could you not love the auction scene?

Castle at an Auction

All Children Grow Up. Alexis finally made the big move to her first dorm room. First, can we acknowledge the fact that her dorm was nicer than most college apartments? Seriously, why did I not have a dorm that looked like that? Secondly, who else teared up at the goodbye scene between the father/daughter duo? I know I wasn’t alone. 

Castle has always been a great father to Alexis. Even in his funny and immature moments, he has always been there for his daughter. Although we are not treated to too many important scenes between the pair, they have always been enjoyable. Maybe now that Alexis is not living at home, these moments between will carry more of an impact. 

“I Saw The Poor Girl Hiding.” It looks like the cat is out of the bag! With a few people at least. Martha told Castle she knows about him and Beckett and that it is time to tell Alexis. How cute was it that Beckett cared what Alexis thought? These two are becoming so mature! 

Who will be next? My guess is on Lanie. It will give the two girls some time to have a friendly moment. What do you think? Javi or Ryan? How will Gates take it?

Speaking of Gates, how excited was she for that creepy doll? Who knew that the tough woman would be such a softy for a porcelain doll?

The World's Best Handshake. Caskett continued to rock every scene they share together now as a couple. The two have such a natural chemistry that has always radiated across the screen. But now that they are in a relationship, it feels even hotter. You have to love the exchanges and tension between them while they are in public. To keep the arc interesting, the other detectives need to find out. I can only imagine the ridicule that Javi and Kevin will give Castle. It is going to make for some hilarious scenes.

Seriously though, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic rocked in “Secret’s Safe WIth Me.” Keep it up, guys, it’s the best part about Monday nights.

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy the episode or did it fall flat after last week’s “Cloudy With A Chance of Murder.” Hit the comments and let us know. Don’t forget to check out the Castle quotes page and the official TV Fanatic Castle Round Table later in the week.

Until next week, Castle fans.


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I'm British and I know I shouldn't be using the word but this was AWESOME and that handshake blew me away. Great episode as always, funny, romantic, sad - everything one could wish for. Roll on the next episode and the Hamptons! Nathan and Stana rock. Can't wait for next week. 10/10


Loved the episode. Loved the handshake, so steamy yet tasteful, but wouldn't you think it odd for a handshake between coworkers to be so long-if you were the casual observer or another coworkwr?
Also, I pegged the breaking if the dolls 15 minutes beforehand. I knew it had to happen to keep Gates as Gates. But, how did Wendell get the glass eye and thumb drive in the doll without breaking it, and Castle had to break it to get the stuff out? Unrealistic. I wonder if Gates will return the full collection of Nicki Heat books now? Or if Castle will find a way to replace the creepy dolls.
Great show all the same. Loved Martha matter-of-factly stating she knew, loved Castle and Alexis. I hope he let's Beckett know Alexis' cancellation was about her not wanting to say goodbye and not about Beckett.


I thought that this episode was better than almost all of season 4. Why? THEY BROUGHT THE FUN BACK!! Geez, I had forgotten what it was like to laugh out loud at Castle and the gang all through an episode. I enjoyed this so much. I'm so glad all the angst and heaviness is gone. From Castle making grammar jokes at a crime scene, to his frustration at no one getting the "Wonder Twins" reference, to Espo and Ryan snickering at Beckett's "take your hand off your tool"...just awesome. Castle & Beckett's moment at the whiteboard even made ME hold my breath. I think it speaks volumes when two characters in a show can have palpable physical chemistry without having a single makeout or kiss scene. Again, awesome. Also great was Castle with his family. Every scene there was perfect. Anyone see the previous post with the preview of Gates loving Castle? I totally called it being derailed by Castle before the end of the episode LOL


Who watches Castle for the cases? Kudos to all involved. I loved this episode. And Nathan you can 'shake' my hand anytime.


I loved that episode, as much as I love all the others... This show is always full of ideas and it seems like Andrew Marlowe can be really proud because we're still into these two characters, even if they're together. Amazing performance, thank you to all the crew.


amazing and oh so cute.. the handshake kiss.. I really want their relationship to go public so everyone else can be yay!
And Gates liking castle and wanting him to autograph the books hilarious. only to have her hate him again. Looks like everything went back to normal there
Can't wait for next week


I loved the episode!! And it sure deserves more than 4.1:(
The weekly case was good, but the highlights were the father-daughter, mother-son scenes...
And about Caskett... how can an handshake be so sexy, hot, tender, beautiful? For me, better than a lot of kisses (like that hug in the premiere).
It has been said, but one more time won´t hurt... Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic nail every scene due to their insane natural or organic or whatever chemistry:)
I´m already waiting for next episode, so far this season has been just amazing!!


This was another fun one! I loved the case! Really had no idea where it was going to end up. Gates was hilarious. I hope they follow up at some point with Castle buying her a new set of those dolls - that should be fun. Yeah, I do want that dorm set explained. Did no one on Castle goto college? They could have pasted it off as a student apartent rental, but a DORMROOM?Otherwise, really enjoyed all the Castle family stuff. Now for CASKETT! I love how they are working it in. He still plans time with his daughter, she still has to stay and work late. It's really DATING, which all the "sappy" romantic stuff that happens when you acknowledge that a relationship is on the "serious" track. The handshake thing was great, the chemistry they have and get to show now is just great to watch. Yet it just fits so naturally - dare I say "organically." So many shows toss that word around, but it never seems true. This time it does. Everything that's happened up until this season adds up so perfectly. Like, I'm really glad this didn't happen much earlier, because so much of seasons 3 & 4 makes what's happening now really feel serious and layered as opposed to just two people with major chemistry getting together.


loved it,
The whole handshake thing is what I've been on about for the last 3 seasons, how a touch can translate a heck of a lot more between two people, even simple handshake,
Seems they finally got it.
Agree Castle need to replace those two dolls damn quick now is not the time to be pissing off Gates and he did break them.
Season 4 on a whole


Loved the show as ALWAYS! The handshake just blew me away. And Alexis and Castle....both growing up and moving forward.You did not cry alone, I cried, it was exciting and with a simple scene, it shows that to make a good show, it is not necessary to dramatize both!

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