Covert Affairs Review: Planes, Trains and Prison Breaks

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Covert Affairs Season 3 finally returned this week after an extended break, and the action picked right up where it left off back in September.  

Interrogations, a prison break and many attempts to leave Russia kept viewers on the edge of their seats throughout "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide."

One of the concerns some had in anticipation of Covert returning to our screens was that Annie might get out of this hot water too easily. While a phone call from Auggie to Eyal led to what seemed like a pretty convenient prison break, I wasn't upset at how effortlessly Annie was removed from the Russian jail for two reasons:

  1. Once on the run, Annie was still far from safe. Even after multiple attempts to get out of dodge, she and Eyal still aren't out of the woods.
  2. She was stolen from the prison by Eyal, and Oded Fehr's appearance makes up for any minute issues I have with the story telling. I mean, can you get better than his "Sorry to drop in unannounced, I didn't have your phone number" greeting?
Covert Affairs Still

After Annie was able to compose herself and the duo planned on departing, I couldn't help but live vicariously through Eyal and his supreme frustration. When she told him that she had to save Simon's sister, it felt like a slap to Eyal's handsome face.

Eyal went through all of that trouble to get her to safety - and then she wanted to stick around town to help out some girl she barely knew, who may or may not be in harm's way?!? The look on his mug when he realized was she was doing said it all.

But, like the honest and loyal man that he is, Eyal did everything he could to help her help Simon's sister, and THEN they made an effort to make it home safely. Oh, sure, there was that one issue of the fact that Annie gave her go-pack to Simon's sister. Seriously, at what point is Annie being too selfless?

There were a number of great action sequences during "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide," but my favorite was probably the run of scenes at the train station. Between Eyal's smooth kiss-and-hide technique... sprinting past the moving train... and them finally getting away after a couple of blows to the head on their followers, that was some seriously pulse-pounding action.

After allowing some time for our hearts to stop racing, Annie and Eyal started to make their way back home thanks to the CIA's plan to get them on a plane. Unfortunately, that was when our stomachs' all simultaneously jumped up into our respective chests when the wheels on that plane suddenly stopped. I was expecting them to make it out safely in that moment, so kudos to the writers for roping Annie, Eyal and the audience back in one more time.

Finally, when Annie took an educated guess on having dirt on her former interrogator in order to negotiate a deal to get out safely, it all seemed a little too convenient. That's how she gets out of this gigantic problem? By guessing that this guy is dirty? I know she had some clues, but it should have been a little more difficult than that.

While all of this was going on overseas, Auggie, Joan and Arthur were going through every emotion in the book while attempting to get Annie back home. I loved that Auggie took the initiative to bring Eyal in, and I loved how deeply saddened Joan seemed about the whole thing. Arthur's a rock, so I wouldn't have expected him to act any differently.

For now, let us know what you thought of the return of Covert Affairs. What was your favorite moment from the hour? Was there a time during "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide" that you called it for being too convenient or no? And how awesome was Oded Fehr in his return?


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Feed back from Australia from around the water cooler @ work. Well Eyal cetainly takes the show to new heights. I work with 40 people, males & female alike look for Oded's name in the episodes. The guys like what he brings to the episodes, powerful acting & convincing action, eg like the way he handles weapons & action scenes. The females love delivery of black humour & his stunning sexy looks & talent. I can't imagine any other spy being able to spring Annie from a Russian jail & use the black humour.. They both add layers to their character development with their interest in each other as people & not spies. Auggie is sweet & cute but hard for us Aussie's to connect him to Annie in a romantic way. Aussie's love real men & Eyal makes that link with Aussie's such as Russell Crow, Hugh Jackman, the Hemsworth boys & others. Oded/Eyal has a hugh following here in Oz with a wide demographic of ages. Several of us Aussie's won't bother if there in no more Oded/Eyal in season 4, he is the reason we started to watch Covert Affairs.


I love Eyal!!!!!!!!!!! He is by far my favorite character!!!! Honestly I think annie has more chemistry with Eyal than anyone else.


Although I didn't see any spoiler pics for this episode before it happened, I do however look for Oded Fehr's name in the opening credits every time I watch Covert Affairs. hahaha How bad do I have it right now? :D


Having watched the show a second time, I believe that Annie's erratic behavior with the passport and Simon's sister was indication of her continued mental anguish about Simon (his sister being the only link left to him) and the turmoil of prison and torture. The combination of worry for Annie and Arthur's intractability was finally too much, so Joan took a sedative and was sleeping when Auggie tried to reach her. I still love Auggie and Eyal working together to rescue her. Of the two, I'd rather see Eyal as a love interest than Auggie but think that loving two spies has been enough for the character of Annie. I see her as a loner for a while, hopefully figuring out the things that have happened, with both men being her rock solid friends.


I think Annie is pushing it with Eyal and Auggie. This time in particular her selflessness was actually being selfish. Eyal is a great addition to her life and he knows what it means to be a spy, and the sacrifices u make. She should have listened to him when he said that interrogators are usually BS. Also why doesn't she dye her hair? I have lived abroad and being blonde has always been associated with being American. If she had and even got a new color after escaping would have made more sense. The baddies always identify her with her hair. I mean Carrie fom Homland does it? But that is much more serious show. Plus next week she will not betray Eyal, he is too loyal. And I do not think she and Auggie have had a serious conversation about his anguish over his engagement or her feelings about everything. He seemed like whatever after their chat in tthe car, until she asked him to stay. He went balls out to get her to leave Moscow, and it almost worked, so this episode was great I love how aeyal said they were good partners and how he always wants her to come to Israel and see his country and eat the food .


Although there was some intrigue and excitement in this episode, it was not one of my favs. Annie was acting a little too bizarre. Eyal helped her escape from a hellish prison and she delays their departure? Ok, I buy into her need to help Simon's sister out of possible danger and then she gives Simon's sister her passport?! She has two excellent friends - Eyal and Auggie. In spite of some questionable writing - I'm looking forward to next week's show. Annie is being asked to betray Eyal after he literally saves her life - - wow!


My biggest issue with this episode was what happened to her injuries? She should have been bleeding, and greater pain, as it was specifically highlighted in the last episode. She also was a mess, she made herself crush any doubt about her mission, when she was close to tears before she left. She looked so tired in the car with Auggie, and he clearly did not expect her to ask him to stay in the car. He almost got her home when he said he needed to talk to her, but she needed justice, and to redeem herself in her eyes. I think she felt like a fool for being played by Lena, and that on top of her feelings for Simon, turned into our beloved ass kick'in girl. I also knew Eyal would save her, because he was the only person who would do it. As for Auggie, she owes him so much, and I hope she sees that upon her return. He has realized his feelings for her, and if anything or nothing happens, Auggie needs her in his life. He had fought for her & was probably frustrated he could not get her himself.


Bom eu estava ansiosa pela volta da série, que adoro, adorei mais ainda quando meu personagem favorito também voltou, ele não é lindo, com aquela calça camuflada, etâ home bonito. A cena que mais gostei foi a Annie batendo em todo mundo, não deu muito certo, mas valeu pela valentia da menina. O que acredito não tenha dado muito certo foi a cena em ela convence o russo de soltá-los, não pegou bem.


Great episode, I loved it. Also wondering about the pills that Joan was taking - any ideas anyone?


I love any and every time Eyal guest stars in an episode. The chemistry he has with Annie, his charm, wit, loyalty ...all of it makes him one of my favorite characters on the show and my favorite covert make right up there with Auggie. I'm not opposed to either ship because with both those makes there is a deep friendship, trust, and mutual understanding where you don't care how her relationship with either of them goes as long as she has them both in her life in some fashion. Her behavior wasn't so much selfless as it was stupid. I felt for Eyal and was as annoyed as he was. Incredible episode. Auggies dedication to Annie always gives me chills. What was with Joan and the pills? Covert Affairs has really found its stride this season for sure.

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