Gossip Girl Finale Set Photos, Take 3: Meet Henry!

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You know the drill by now. Below are some photos from the set of the Gossip Girl finale.

The finale which does not air until December 10, and wraps up the CW show for good.

The finale which, therefore, contains some potentially life-altering revelations.

WARNING: Consider yourself prepared, because spoilers lie head.

Okay. Remember those rumors that Chuck and Blair have a kid who is revealed in some sort of flash forward? Well, here he is ... if that's even the character the youngster shown here is playing.

Considering there's another character on the show who already has a son, it's far from guaranteed that this cutie is the future offspring of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. But anything's possible!

According to (unsubstantiated) online reports, that's who it is, and his name is Henry. Aww. He certainly looks the part with the purple bowtie. Take a look at some photos of the toddler here:

GG Kid
GG Kid 3
GG Kid 2
GG Kid 4

The major buzz this week is that Chair gets married on the 10th and final episode of Gossip Girl Season 6 - an event shown with some clarity in these Gossip Girl finale set photos. Or is it all a dream?

Another duo is reportedly tying the not ... or so these Dan-Serena pics would have you believe. It could all be a ruse to keep us guessing, or a fantasy sequence. And now there's "Henry," if that's his name.

What do you think? Is this really Chuck and Blair's kid? Or is there another explanation you think is more likely? Share your theories - or evidence, if you have any - in the comments below!

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My guess: Blair and Chuck get married in present day, the flashforward involves like a 'what happened to everyone' kind of thing, including Serena/Dan's wedding which is where we see little Henry.


I feel like all of these spoilers are being revealed way too easily. I have a feeling that the showrunners are releasing foilers.


Production has done a great job they found the right child irresistible looks like Chuck and Blair. If a child is Chuck and Blair, then this is not a 10x6 episode, but this is Special. Does anyone know if they finished filming 10x6 episode or this clips are from Special? Because the producers said in several interviews that it will not be a time jump. Now whether this applies only to the first 10 episodes or all together with the Special? If anything we will wait and see in December!


As Blair said in season 2 when she caught nate and catherine... Oh my F-ing God! That better be a Baby Bass... Chair shippers dream come true! He looks like a mini Chuck. LOVE IT!!!!


Henry was the name Chuck gave Eva when they first met... Wonder if...


I think this is the real reason that Papa Bass paid off Amira... she got pregnant when they spent a weekend together. This is why she kept saying, "I have to get back to my family". So this little boy really is a mini-Bass.


Whoever the character is, the actor is so cute.


Lol at trollie umm tashy. Are some people still on drugs halucinating about Ban?


LOL @ Tashy, he can't be a young Chuck, he is at the Derena wedding and surrounded by older Lily, Rufus, Chuck, Blair and everyone else. Stop trolling.


Gah, he's so adorable! Love his little suit and bowtie. They did a great job casting him, that's for sure. I hope we get to see the three of them interact as a family. Re: him being used as a younger Chuck for a flashback- he shares scenes with adult Chuck, so that wouldn't make any sense.

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