Gossip Girl Producer Previews "High Infidelity"

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On Monday's all-new episode of Gossip Girl, Serena is determined not to fall back into old habits.

We've all heard that before, but will this time be any different for the Upper East Side It Girl?

Looking to make a new name for herself, S throws her first adult event in "High Infidelity," a benefit for the Central Park Conservancy. Executive producer Sara Goodman previews this and more in the video below.

By Serena's side is Steven, who appears to have a connection to Sage, who Nate is dating.

"Dating" is one word for it, anyway. Nate is also in need of a new journalistic bombshell, having punted his Gossip Girl expose, and is looking to revamp the Spectator by running Dan's serialized novel.

Will Georgina and Dan go for that? We see them deciding the best way to publish his epic new work and have the biggest impact. Perhaps teaming up with Nate offers a mutually beneficial partnership.

Meanwhile, Chuck convinces Amira to stick around and find out why Bart faked his own death, and Blair will be in classic Blair form as the head of Waldorf Designs, looking to outshine the competition.

"High Infidelity" airs Monday night, the second of the final season's 10 installments. We learned the title and a key guest star of the Gossip Girl series finale, slated to air December 10, yesterday.

Check out the nearly three-minute episode above and comment below!

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@pty I know yeah like yes I'm sorry that. I might of said I didn't see chuck in many of the photos so I thought he was the one died but like he can't be. It's chuck bases , plus Ive seen that video you're talking about so and I swear I s a photog of chuck with the others And a dead body on the across the road.... So it's obvious it's the other bass.


I don't know where are this people comming from with this Chuck rumor, if you must know a girl uploaded a video in youtube that she tape 400 ft away from The Empire rooftop when Chuck, Blair and Bart where filming and the whole thing shows that they were filming Bart's falling from the roof, and now there are pics on the web showing the body on the sidewalk, you can't tell very well who he is but is certainly a male, he doesn't look like Chuck and the pics paired with the video show it should be Bart. Also, there are new promos in youtube from Much Music in Canada and Cosmo channel in Spain showing new sneak peaks for High Infidelity (the usual Canadian promo, a clip with the beginning of the episode and a NS clip).


Correct Marco. This isn't Pretty Little Liars, so stop killing people off. This show is about scandals and crazy solutions, not some serial killing spree.


@Stacy Okay first of all their not going I be doing a time jump Sarah Goodman even said so ... And just because chuck isn't in the photos because I didn't see him doesn't mean his dead ... It's a possible but I still think Jenny dies or something but who knows too early ino the season to know ... But it'll be crap edjn if they kill of chuck because its chuck but it'll be a good ending too like if it was a heroic death :/ but THIS ISN'T PRETTY LITTLE LIARS STOP KILLING PPL OFF D;


Blair's blue dress is beautiful and of course Chuck wouldnt be seen since he's most likely waiting for his brides enterance I think the gang comes together to stage a wedding for chuck and blair and whoever said chuck dies because he's not in the pics is insane


Hahahaha! Seriously. Chunk? Hahaha!


This is ridiculous they are going to kill of chunk and that's why he is not in the picture and everyone is wearing black. The little boy is going to be Chunk's son 3 yrs later this suck why can't him and Blair be together like a normal couple enough of this drama!!!


Excited with Serena's and Blair's story lines! Monday come fast please.

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