Gossip Girl Set Video: A Finale Farewell ...

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Another Gossip Girl set video has surfaced, and it appears to show a key scene from the finale.

It goes without saying at this point, but consider this your WARNING to turn back now, okay?


In the video below, Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick look to be rehearsing a scene for the last-ever episode of Gossip Girl. Hence the winter coat she wears in between takes in the cool New York temperatures.

From what we can make out, Chuck kisses Blair goodbye and boards his private jet, then Blair gets into a cab.

Presumably, the actual version will be significantly more drawn-out, and this is just a dry run. Take a look:

If you're just catching up, or need a refresher on this epic week of Gossip Girl spoilers:

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It's kind of like the ending in Casablanca.


It is not clear from which episode is this scene, because it came about that this is a scene from episode 6x09. And before that, was told that now shooting episode 6x10 and released her title - NY I love you! Probably not a dream, and Blair was driving in a taxi because of the secrecy. Anyway we'll have to wait and see the episode, because it's stupid to know everything in advance!


I doubt this is from the last episode. They're wearing outfits they filmed episode 9 in.


casablanca scene? well this could be a dream then..


I'm so tired of this crap. I will just have to wait to see what happen on the show. If Blair and Chuck don't end up together the executives won't care because the show is ending and they are not worried about people have to come back and watch because the show will be over. So they are going to end it how they want without caring what the fans think so I'm over it and these spoilers!!!


Blair would never ride a cab!:)

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