Gossip Girl Spoiler Pictures: Another Finale Bombshell?!

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Ready for another potential Gossip Girl finale spoiler bombshell?

Are you sure you don't want to remain in the dark about this?

WARNING: Seriously, we advise you to turn back now if so.

We good? Nice. Alright. Now, let's get down to the business.

Earlier this week, major Gossip Girl finale spoiler pics hit the Internet featuring Chuck and Blair at what looks like a wedding ... with what looks like the police dragging him away immediately after.

We have no idea if it's a dream sequence or what, but follow the link above for the images in question and share your theories with us. Is this the fairy tale ending Chair fans have been yearning for?

As if that weren't enough to talk about, that may not be the only wedding involved in the December 10 finale: Blake Lively wore what looks like a wedding dress alongside Penn Badgley on Tuesday!

With Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo back on set, could it be that Dan and Serena are taking the plunge as well as Chuck and Blair? Or is there another explanation for the images you see below?

Some have hypothesized that these are all "foilers" a.k.a. fake spoilers designed to throw crazed fans off the trail of what really happens, though that seems awfully elaborate. What do you think?

Take a look at the alleged Derena wedding pics and comment below!

D Wedding
S Wedding Dress
S, D Wedding?
S and D Wedding?

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Aren't they kind of related in some twisted way?


Dan doesn't even look happy.


Okay, so I couldn't get my chace and blake love but I swear if Nate and Serena don't end up together.... >:( ill be furious fan fiction can only make u so happy


God, please let this be true!! I've been waiting for a Derena wedding since the pilot! They have to end up together!! They make each other better people and actually tolerable characters. Derena FTW!!


Well, I think that Dan deserves better than Serena, despite his hair. Oh well, I'm just waiting for the final episode so that I can STOP WATCHING THIS NOW HORRIBLE SHOW!!! Damn my obsessive tendencies! Sigh.


but yes i totally agree with u. she should be with nate. they are perfect for each other. TOO many things have happened with dan for them to end up together.


I wonder if Penn and Blake felt awkward while doing this scene. This could've been them a few years ago. :(


NOOO! Serena and Dan do not belong! She should be with Nate! I WILL NOT HAVE MY FAVORITE CHARACTER WITH THE MUPET! Wow, got a bit carried away.


Good to see that I'm not the only one unhappy about the colors in Serena's dress, I do like the shape and cut of the dress, but it should have been white. I'm not crazy about Dan's outfit either or the hair (I would have preferred the hair he has in other filming pics lately, where you can see is not that short on the sides). But the rest seems to be ok. As for the foilers, yes is too much work invested in something only so you can fool fans, but on the other hand why leak so much, even if it is a rather desperate attend to attract viewership? Who gets these producers. Poor actors.


yayyy !!! i love it. firstly chair's wedding and 5 years later derena's wedding. I really love it. Chair's son is so sweet, he likes his father yayy :D

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