Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo: Returning to Gossip Girl!

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It looks like former cast member Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo will be returning to the Upper East Side for the Gossip Girl series finale December 10. Kelly Rutherford posted the evidence on Instagram today!

Connor Paolo and Taylor Momsen

It's unclear what exactly brings these two departed characters back from wherever they are (an extended stay in the Hamptons, perhaps, if you're a Revenge fan), but both will be on hand for Gossip Girl's swan song.

Actually, we do have a pretty good idea what may bring the whole gang back together. If you've missed the Gossip Girl finale set photos we posted yesterday - and just updated - consider this a major spoiler alert.

Then follow the link and let the speculation run rampant!

And welcome back, Lil J and Eric!

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Little J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for Taylor to come back, and Conor and half of Arrow :D Cannot wait to see the final episode


this pic is hilarious to me for some reason


I love little J she is my preferred character


@Marco I read the same thing, it even says that Agnes is returning. SYKED


OMG! Thanks god! Little J is baaaaaaaaaaack!


@ pty, Thank you for having shared with us the perfect news - the perfect end to a fairytale SD!


I was just on Wikipedia and I saw that Cater, Damien and Lola are coming back :D.. I know they said that they will focus on the core characters and it is the last season so its okay I guess, but there is so much people coming back :| even though most of them that are should return but yeahh I LOVE THIS SEASON :D gotta finish with a massive bang :3


Effing YES.!! This just made me so happy, it sucks that they're only back for one episode but all that matters is that they're back. I was very afraid that Taylor Momsen wouldn't return. JATE 4 EVER.! I hope she and Sage bump into each other if she's still around by the time Jenny arrives. SO excited for the finale now, wasn't too stoked by what I had seen before.


Little J and Eric. I'm so glad Taylor and Connor agreed to reprise their roles. I thought their egos will get in the way. But thanks to them, we can see an ending for their characters as well! YAY!
So sad, that my biggest guilty pleasure will be ending this season!


Every thing is well in tv land

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