Gossip Girl Spoiler Pictures: Another Finale Bombshell?!

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Ready for another potential Gossip Girl finale spoiler bombshell?

Are you sure you don't want to remain in the dark about this?

WARNING: Seriously, we advise you to turn back now if so.

We good? Nice. Alright. Now, let's get down to the business.

Earlier this week, major Gossip Girl finale spoiler pics hit the Internet featuring Chuck and Blair at what looks like a wedding ... with what looks like the police dragging him away immediately after.

We have no idea if it's a dream sequence or what, but follow the link above for the images in question and share your theories with us. Is this the fairy tale ending Chair fans have been yearning for?

As if that weren't enough to talk about, that may not be the only wedding involved in the December 10 finale: Blake Lively wore what looks like a wedding dress alongside Penn Badgley on Tuesday!

With Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo back on set, could it be that Dan and Serena are taking the plunge as well as Chuck and Blair? Or is there another explanation for the images you see below?

Some have hypothesized that these are all "foilers" a.k.a. fake spoilers designed to throw crazed fans off the trail of what really happens, though that seems awfully elaborate. What do you think?

Take a look at the alleged Derena wedding pics and comment below!

D Wedding
S Wedding Dress
S, D Wedding?
S and D Wedding?

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I really hope they're just throwing us off the scent and it turns out that Dan and Blair are actually getting married. Trolled foilers for the win.


A gold wedding dress? Really! THer dress would be good for a ball not as maid of honor and usrely not as a bride! But it's really confusing to see Serena and Dan standing with a priest. I find it hard to wish them to be together as for the past seasons he's been in love with Blair. I would have preferred to see Serena end up with Nate or with Dan if he hadn't been in love with Blair (HUGE MISTAKE). If they get back together, I wonder how the writers will build that up since Dan rejected her in the fifth season finale... In the meantime, they make Serena waste her time with Steven while Nate has yet again a new girlfriend. I would have liked to see Dan with Georgina; their scenes are hilarious!


@Zoran lol! My apologies.
@G. Singular Well said!!!


I saw it coming since this summer, there were too many hints. Well, if I have to be honest I didn't expect them to get married, but I don't care. I mean, as long as Serena is happy and Dan is less douchy, I can cope with that.
I agree with @Spindae 2.o - I think that the producers are leaking all these spoilers so that we are tempted to watch the other episodes. I don't think that they are fake or that they're just dreams, it's not so plausible...
Anyway, @Zoran, I'm so happy for you and I compliment you for all your perserverance! Your dedication paid off! :D


Chair wedding is happening in 2012,Serena and Dan are together again and they are going slowly.Yesterday they were filming flash forwards,5 years after - Derena wedding and Chuck and Blair have son Henry.


Yessss !! Finally ! That's what I wanted for so long. I love their couple since season 1. So glad if this could actually happened.


Maybe Rufus and Lily marry again


Noooooooo! The only happy ending belongs to CHAIR! Everyone else should end alone or with secondary characters, somewhat in the background, because Chair is the heart and soul, the very center of Gossip Girl, Chair is what Gossip Girl is about, and there can't be any distractions away from them and their story in the finale!


NOOO!!! This has to be a dream sequence, serena MUST end with nate!!! SERENATE!!!!


I will only like this if Dan changes his attitude towards Serena. He's been such a douche to her last season and at the start of this season. I don't like Serena's character as much as I used to, but she at least deserves someone who is nice to her! And who isn't a sibling of any kind...... :P

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