Gossip Girl Spoilers: Trouble Ahead For Chair?

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She said she's all his on last night's Gossip Girl, but is the show about to throw a wrench into the widely-anticipated Chuck and Blair endgame? A new tease from E! Online's spoiler column today suggests as much.

On the possibility of Chuck and Blair getting married on the series finale, the site says:

"Can't dish on anything that far out (the finale is crazy top secret, despite the recent photos leaking, which may or may not be red herrings) but we can tell you that you Chair fans best prepare for some heartache in episode seven."

"We're hearing C and B are in very different places in their lives and it doesn't bode well for them at that point."

Chair Wedding Photos

Doesn't sound good, but then again, Chair has weathered so many ups and downs that an obstacle in episode seven still leaves time for them to turn it around ... or does it? Is it possible they won't be together in the end?

As many of you likely know, based on pics and videos posted last week:

The question remains, however: Is any of it real? Or is there a twist?

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I hope everything goes good with Chair, they have been so amazing to wacth these past couple of weeks. And a death? OMG! I can't even imagine them killing off someone. I imagine it wont be part of the main cast. But maybe the death is what brings the NJBC and Dan togther again. and im excited to see the possible Chair baby!


Dair forever!!! Best couple on TV. Please bring them back.


i hope dan and blair will married! Dair forever :)


Which explains why Blair would name her son Henry which was an alias Chuck used


In Charade Audrey Hepburn's character wants to name her children using all of the aliases her husband used which if you've watched the show or read the books you know that Blair's idol is Audrey so it makes sense


no i don't think she is going to sleep with dan. first because it's disgusting second the sex between them was bad and she loves chuck.
and coleen no the baby is chuck and doraota's baby (sarcsam) of course henry is blair's son.Stop being ridiculous please. I don't understand how people can write those bullshit.Are they really that stupid?


@ Youcanttouchme, Dan is going to sleep one night at Blair, and then it will get a leg up in his ass! And in 6x06 Serena helps Dan to find a apartment where he will live! Baby steps, baby steps!


Different places in their lives? Sounds to me like Blair is going to crack under the pressure of the "not being together" thing and she's probably going to jump someone else's bones. Oh, and who's her new roomate in the next ep? Dan Humphrey, you say? *pinches chin in speculation*


I hope they finalie get married. I hope so !!


chuck and blair have to end up together. CHAIR WEDDING AND BABY BASS!!!!!

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