Grey's Anatomy Episode Teaser: Professional vs. Personal

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The professional life of Meredith Grey is about to become intertwined with her personal demons.

Following a Grey's Anatomy episode that featured the return of Catherine Avery and a step toward recovery for Arizona, among other developments, this ABC favorite next next Thursday off.

But it then returns on November 8 with "Beautiful Doom," an installment that will find a young woman in serious peril after getting trapped under a car and Meredith desperate to save her life. But is the loss of Lexie clouding this doctor's judgment? Does this case hit too close to painful home?

Watch the official network teaser now and also look forward to Cristina assisting Dr. Thomas on a challenging heart surgery during the hour:

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Is it me or is that Meredith pinned under the car (like Mer see her reflection or some strange Lexie displacement or something)?


Mark had two episodes to say goodbye. Lexie is only shown in flashbacks. But it's like Altman never worked at SGH. LOL
I'm just hoping Mer's 'meltdown' doesn't make things worse for the accident victim


Shonda Rhimes wrote this episode. Maybe now we will see how much she really Loved the Lexie character. Because I haven't been feeling the love this season!


Isnt that one of the interns? The girl under the car... Those were scrubs and she looks exactly like the one Karev slept w/ a few weeks ago.


Question: What kind of doctor Arizona has is he a Pysical trepist or a surgeon?


Wow, looks so good! Can't wait for all the meredith in this episode.


I love how the Chief is still the Chief without being the Chief anymore! LOL.


As tired as I'm getting of the election interruptions of my favorite shows, we can't blame it on this break. This would be because of the good old Country Music Awards Thursday night.


and for me, it seems elections are an enemy to my shows.. they all take a week off :(


Amazing!! it seems so intense and i think it'll be a really emotional episode because meredith will be forced to face lexie's death and show true emotions..
hopefully there's at least a small tribute to lexie

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