Grey's Anatomy Review: Can I Get Some Help Here?

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This was one of those Grey's Anatomy episodes that viewers will either love or hate. They will love the fact that it focused on the heart of this series: Yang and Grey. They will hate that the other main characters were pretty much MIA and the majority of the other individuals featured were new. Where do you fall in this debate?

Let’s discuss "Beautiful Doom."

Hi! Over Here!

I adored the hour. It focused on the two characters that are most beloved. Those who have been watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning feel a connection to these women. Nothing was proven more in this episode that these girls have grown up in a major way, but they both need help from time to time.

Goodbye Minnesota. The writers took a major chance on sending Cristina to another hospital. How was this going to work? Was it going to work? Turns out it did.

Yang developed quite the friendship with Dr. Thomas and the events here were a shock. She was able to learn from this man in a way she hasn’t learned since Dr. Burke. There had to be a reason to send Yang back to Seattle. Who would have guessed that her Clinic BFF would drop dead in the OR? Shonda... you did it again. I know I wasn’t the only one who teared up when Mr. Feeny died. William Daniels, you were a great addition to the show. Who knows, maybe he is heading back to his old stomping grounds.

The death of her dinosaur friend sent Yang back to Meredith. Is she here to stay? I’m guessing yes - and couldn’t be more happy!

This Isn’t Lexie. Meredith struggled with a case that resembled the same trauma Lexie endured in the woods. Did it hit a little close to home? Absolutely. It needed to. There has hardly been any mention of Little Grey this season. Let’s not forget that she was Mer’s sister, Jackson’s girlfriend and a co-worker and friend to everyone else.

Mer rocked it as a successful mother who needed a little help. Zola got passed around through the doctors, but Grey was able to save her patient. She even finished up with a 30-second dance party. Awesome.

3 New Faces

Grown Ups. These characters have made some serious strides since they started out at Seattle Grace. Watching Meredith get her daughter ready for day care, remembering the fish sticks for multi-cultural day, all while potty training Zola and saving a woman? It has never been more obvious that she is no longer dark and twisty. I can’t say that I don’t miss the train wreck she used to be, but Grey is all grown up. Yang too - she’s more evolved, caring, compassionate. Love it.

The switching back and forth and split screens of the two BFFs were a little much at times, but it worked. Grey’s Anatomy continues to find ways to hook its viewers back in when things haven’t been completely up to par. 

Overall, a great episode. We lost a new friend but Seattle gained back an old one. Spending so much time on these characters led to some hilarious one liners that you can check out on the Grey’s Anatomy quotes page. Hit up the comments section and let us know what you thought of “Beautiful Doom.”

Did you enjoy the focus on the BFFs or did you miss the rest of the SGH crew? Check back later in the for the . Until next time, TV Fanatics. 


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I'm with Sherry re: mourning. Also, the season isn't over yet. Maybe Mer's comment 'Lexie's dead' will act as a lead-in to a more in-depth episode about that loss. On another tip, I'd like to see April and Jackson together. I love the fact that they'd been friends for a long time before anything started. It's a nice change from simply jumping someone's bones. And, well, he's beautiful!


For all those who are complaining that they are not showing the characters grieve you have to remember that the season is picking up months after the incident. So it may be that Meredeth had gone through the very bad part of her grieving process and is now coming to terms that her sister is gone. Side note: I'm going to miss seeing Mr. Feeny.


I cna understand lexiegreyforever's comments about expecting more than a 'lexie's dead' comment from Mer. I guess the scenes of WEbber telling Mer the crush injuries case was too close to what happened to her sister were the padding to make it a relevent issue. But big foot had a lot more attributed to him in Bailey's SL than Lexie has had in Mer's.
I have enjoyed all the bits of this episode I'v eseen though.


emotions concerning Lexie's death!I mean is it like that in real life : "Your sister's dead!" "Oh okay..what will we have for lunch today?" ?! No it's not! So please make this realistic! Let them grief over Lexie's death! Because everybody knows they should!


I'm so mad right now after I watched the episode where "Meredith finally dealt with lexie's death" ?! Did I miss that part? I mean is dealing with her death saying "Lexie's dead" at the end of the episode? Is that seriously all we get? There's been an elevator scene for George and Izzy a dramatic Goodbye to Percy ( a totally meaningless character) there's been a whole episode that dealt with Marks death and gave us a chance to say goodbye to him...where's our chance to say Goodbye to Lexie? There has been nothing yet and you can't tell me that Meredith dealt with Lexie's death in this episode! She absolutely didn't! If Melissa had died there would've been a chance for Meredith dealing with it by breaking down or something like that. But there hasn't even been a minute where she broke down or ANYTHING and I'm really starting to hate Shonda Rhimes' writing. There has never been a point in the shows history where I would've said I miss the emotions but right now I'm seriously missing the emotions. There should be emotions from all of them dealing with Lexie's death! I just don't understand how you can simply let her die and let all the others act as if nothing has happened. It's as if she's never existed! Is it like that in real life?! "Your sister is dead!" "Oh okay...what will we have for lunch today?" I think it is not. And so it shouldn't be here. It is simply unrealistic that nobody cries over Lexie and that there hasn't been a funeral , yet. I really don't think that Derek,Meredith,Jackson and all the others don't grief at all.


I'm with Goldie! I really hope the 30 second dance party becomes Mer's thing. Those 30 seconds had me smiling and who couldn't use a little more smiling in their lives? I personally loved the episode. I didn't even realize everybody else was MIA until a couple days later when I was like "Wait... Where was Arizona? O.O And everybody else, for that matter?" =P


I really hope that Meredith's "30 second dance party" becomes her signature. Much like Derek's "it's a beautiful day to save lives", Bailey's quick prayer, Burke cracking his neck and Addison patting her rings three times.


@Jennifer : if they do such a thing : putting Cristina through another pregnancy, and without knowing who the father is, they will turn GA into a stupid soap opera... I really hope they don't do that !


&Brandie, Cristina's "cheating" by my definition , the sex friend's ridiculous. all GA fans were taught by Shonda very well?? she knows her fans admire what the strong, capable, independent woman is!!
I guess Cristina will find out she get pregnant again,Owen will accpet the baby no matter who's a dad? drama!!


I just finished watching the episode, and I can't stop crying... damn you shonda!!! I haven't loved christina as much as i've loved her this season with Dr. Thomas. It still amazes me that the same man whom she despised during boards became such a close friend and beloved mentor. Their onscreen chemistry was fantastic, and the words he said as she was sitting on the bench about to leave.. aw man i'm seriously still tearing.. when a show affects you in such a way it really shows how well it is written..I'm glad Christina will be returning home.. to her family.. but i'm still sad

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