Grimm Review: One of Two Choices

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It’s rather surprising that Grimm, a show that plays with Halloween on a weekly basis, could not pull off a very compelling Halloween episode.

Sure, "La Llorona" as a person with the screaming, bleeding eyes, creepy factor identity as a ghost is totally working for her on Halloween, but her story did not offer anything very compelling. Her only real purpose, it seems, was to get Juliette involved with the family so the Grandma could tell her she has a choice to make. 

The Bully of Halloween

Which is a great launching pad as Juliette heads off on the next part of her journey this season; however, Juliette’s “choice” isn’t really hers to make. Since the beginning of the season, Juliette’s choices are really just symptoms of her current ailment. 

With Juliette’s memories of Nick still completely gone, it’s hard to see how any choice Juliette ends up making will have any honesty whatsoever because those decisions will be made under false pretenses. 

Sure, Juliette can try her best to make the right choices, and I believe she knows what the “right” choice is, but, on the other hand, I also have a feeling that she might want to see what the “other” choice might bring about. Especially when this obsession Renard has with her, at times, looks like a two way street.

Aside from Juliette, “La Llorona” didn’t have much to it, nor it did it push anything else along that was mildly interesting aside from Monroe. Even then, Monroe seems to be lost in the wild while Rosalee is off helping her family.

To be frank, aside from the one scene with Juliette tonight's episode ends up being one of the most boring episodes of Grimm I have ever watched, and that disappoints me the most.

Other thoughts:

  • Ever since Hank got in on the action the Grimm-pedias have English descriptions.
  • How many children cases in a row are we going to get?
  • Juliette lived in Spain, which borders France, could she have had a royal encounter?
  • At least Monroe got to scare off some no good kids!


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FROM BELOW...So, I knew that possibility was a dead end. *ahem* Maybe next year, they'll bring back Valentina and finally eliminate this predator ghost. No matter what the legend says, killing 3 children a year is horrible. Nick & Co. aren't the Ghostbusters. But, he is a cop and should try to save people from being murdered, ghost or not. I'm not on the Monroe bandwagon like so many people seem to be. Look, he's a CIVILIAN. This isn't BUFFY. Nick & Hank are law enforcement professionals, and aren't allowed to their favorite wesen in every case just because he's their friend. Also, the guy has a two other jobs now - his own business and Rosalind's - to keep running. IMO it makes sense to show him as he has been - doing his own thing and having fun doing it.


The visuals, sets and music in this episode were very good. Obviously, they spent a lot of time on the details, especially Monroe's house. That house! It's clear that Monroe is very popular with the kids. And, I chuckled over him borrowing Nick's mace as a decorating accessory. I can hear his question now, "Hey, buddy, as long as you're not using it for anything serious, can I borrow that mace I saw in the trailer?" BUT...the meat of the story just wasn't substantial. I knew they were going to save the kids because, well, it would have been SO depressing to kill 3 in one episode after making the last two cases about killer children. So, with that suspense eliminated, I wondered if Adalind would figure into eliminating La Llorona somehow. 35 minutes into the episode, she still hadn't appeared....continued above


Wow are you way way way off base. This was a totally enjoyable episode. Monroe was outstanding, his love of holloween has very few peers. Obviously, most of the kids enjoy his efforts. There are always those little know it all kids and his reveal was nicely coming. I like that Julette may find some relief outside of the Grimm world. Nick and Hank are awesome together but I did expect Hank to jump in and have Nicks "back".


Loved the episode although I agree the more of Monroe the better. I'm already bored with the Juliette storyline, get her memory back and be done with it. I think the 4 of them, Nick, Monroe, Hank and Juliette, make a really good team and would like them solve the mysteries in future shows.


Maybe because I am pseudo-Mexican, I loved this episode. It was amazing to see La Llorona after hearing the story for so many years, not to mention singing the song about her. So I found it massively cool. I do like it better when Monroe is helping with cases, but a little parallel plot action is okay--besides, as long as we have a lot of Monroe in an episode, who cares?

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Very unfair review. - I love that it was a genuine ghost story. No contemporary rationalization, no wessen ability. Just a complete unknown which makes the idea even more chilling and made the ending to it even more freaky. Its easily amongst one of the most chilling storylines this show has ever done and the portrayal of La Ljorona was just as creepy and chilling as the myth itself(which is easily, imo, amongst the most horror-inducing ideas in terms of folklore) - I LOVE that we are seeing more good wessen in the show. - Juliette's inclusion to the storyline felt very genuine and nice, hopefully we will get more of that and its nice to see her sort of falling in love with Nick again, despite not remembering him.


Oh, who thinks that the new intern might be a spy for the Captain's brother, or another Grimm? Otherwise, what else does he have to do other than fawn over Nick? Nick's got his Scooby gang now.


I agree that this episode was fine but not great. Its purpose did seem to be mainly to get Juliette in the same room as the Grandma. Too bad Juliette didn't listen, but where would be the fun if she had, I guess. "Haven" did Halloween better than "Grimm". Whatever, I still enjoyed it, but it wasn't that great. Oh, I want Nick and Monroe together again too! Maybe we'll see that next episode (given that the trailer shows Nick's Wesen allies in danger and Hank can't be as helpful as Monroe with this).


I am also not happy with Nick and Monroe not taking on the cases together. All three of them can work together because then the be a unstoppable force. I sure hope Juliette makes the right choice. I also didn't really like that ghost storyline which is to say something because I always been fascinated by that weeping willow story.


I didn't like the episode that much. it had good moments, but I really am not happy with the disappearing of nick and monroe's bromance. I love them together they have great chemistry, and its always fun when monroe gives nick an insight to the wesen world. I don't have anything against hank, but I really miss monroe being part of the missions, and in this episode he was not part of the main story, jst comic relief. I want to see nick and monroe back, their dynamic is one of the best things abt the show, and hank-nick jst does not match up to them. it feels like the writers are trying to tell us that hank and nick are tight and it looks forced- like their scene in the trailer, while monroe and nick come across natural, and effortless- we see tht they are close, and are nt told abt it. that is enough of my rant.

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