New Girl Review: Relationships are Scary

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We spent time with Honest Abe on New Girl this week. As well as honest Jess and honest Nick and honest Winston, as "Halloween" forced every roommate to confront his or her biggest fear.

No, not low thread count towels. Relationships and feelings. Those things can be scary!

The Halloween Discussion

Jess, for example, realized that she does have actual feelings for Sam beyond their adventures in No Pants City. After all, the guy is a doctor ("He cares about people for a living!")

But the giant scars painted on her haunted house-based face will heal a lot faster than the ones now covering her heart after she opened up to the pediatrician and was quickly dismissed. Are we being slowly set up here for Jess and Nick?

The latter also faced the frightening prospect of actually confronting his feelings, only this time they were in the negative sense. It takes a lot to tell a woman you don't like her, but painful lip biting will definitely do it.

With these two single, many in the New Girl universe will be pushing for the inevitable Nick and Jess hookup to take place in the very near future. But why mess with a good thing, which the show clearly has going for it now? Remember the lesson Nick learned tonight: it's easy to be let down by what you think you always wanted.

Elsewhere, I actually find puns incredibly sexy, so I'd totally date someone who reigned cats and dogs for Halloween. But I don't blame Winston for getting out of that sex-less relationship. Without intercourse, after all, a girlfriend is just a friend you buy meals for. Truer words have never been spoken by Schmidt.

Especially when it comes to Abraham Lincoln. I haven't thought about that ex-President once today!

I have a feeling many female viewers, however, will be thinking a whole lot about Schmidt's Plan B costume. The guy's thighs are like fleshy tree trunks, even Robbie couldn't help but be impressed. And even he must know that Cece and Schmidt are destined to be together again.

Overall, another terrific episode that balanced heart and humor. Visit our New Girl quotes section for a few of the evening's best gems and let's all try to think of what the heck Schmidt dresses as for Purim.


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I wanted Jess and the doctor! He was cute and they were cute together. Kinda sucks that the writers made him out to be having other girls on the side. Hope he goes back.


Nick punched Jess (ACCIDENTLY) and afterwords he was slapped and kicked in the groins plus he put ice on Jess face. Him letting her punch him was stupid and made him look weak!


Not surprised that Schmidt would actually see MAGIC MIKE. I don't know any guy who wanted to see that movie this summer. But, Schmidt would totally own the experience. LOL!


I could watch an entire episode of Nick in the haunted house.


As someone in the exact same age bracket, and life stage, I not only found this episode super funny, but also so totally relevant... All those stages. of various relationships were handled really well and totally relatable. I think every girl has being in Jess's shoes when she had tears in her eyes and he asked if he should leave - she is so totally relatable as a character. Great episode!


sorry I meant jenn! ^_^


Thanx! Now I just have to look up who bea arthur actually is... lol I thought cece was an angel but she didn't have any wings (a least I didn't see any) so I wasn't sure.


Nick's costume was a play on Bea Arthur's name. He had a bee headband with a t shirt that said Arthur
CeCe was an angel :)


Oh and Cece's too. It was very pretty but was is supposed to be an angel, a bride or what?


Can somebody tell me what nick's costume was supposed to be? I can't figure it out...Btw I agree nick's screams in the hunted house when the clown accosted him were hilarious! lol

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New Girl Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Cece: I know you have more costumes in your closet.
Schmidt: Those costumes are for Purim.

Without sex, she's not your girlfriend. She's a friend you buy meals for.