New Girl Review: The Gift of Friendship

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I didn't buy him a cookie, but I've been thinking about Schmidt all night.

On "Models," New Girl fans bore witness to what makes this Max Greenfield creation one of the funniest and most unique individuals on television.

The episode didn't feature too many classic Schmidt quotes (although we did learn Brian Austin Green was his favorite rapper in college and that he takes mama-birding very seriously), but instead depicted this classic character in all his caring, outlandish glory.

The Modeling Discussion

Schmidt cares about what other people think. A LOT. He's all about the proper outfit and the coolest clubs and, well, his very own towel.

But he's also all about his friends, from purchasing them sweet desserts to turning down their beds and even, apparently, watching porn by their sides on occasion. It's a seemingly hypocritical dichotomy, Schmidt's shallow side always concerning itself with the impressions he makes versus his sensitive side just doing whatever the heck it wants as long as it makes his friends smile.

Yet therein lies the difference: Schmidt may worry about how others view him, but his sole concern with his roommates and CeCe is how he makes them feel. He just wants them to be happy, regardless of the unusual steps necessary to get them there.

Like Nick admitted, Schmidt just loves him a whole lot.

The clear theme of the night was friendship and how we express our feelings about those to whom we're closest. For Schmidt, it was buying Nick a cookie. For Jess, it was initially suggesting that CeCe is above modeling (and butt-drinking, two of Nick's favorite things!), only for her to them come to her pal's hungover need and give the high-heeled occupation a shot.

It was an epic, hilarious fail, which led to a sweet moment between the BFFs, this one not involving any boob fighting.

Overall, every character on New Girl could be considered the turtle of my sitcom life. Each is well-written, multi-layered and, most importantly of all, funny as heck. Even you, Winston. You're getting there at least.

So if you'll excuse me, I will now go think about Jay Cutler. Browse through our updated section of New Girl quotes and, come on readers, let's all wish Nick Miller a good night together.


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It was a great change from all the comedy-fuelled episodes we normally have. I did find Nick and Jess - especially Jess - pretty annoying this episode (though I nearly always find Jess annoying), but every character has their flaws I guess. I love love Nadia though, she's great :)


I just love Jess' bangs. It was interesting to witness the selling of the Ford Fusion as part of the comedic plot. A wave of the future? I think so...


SMS, yes, that's what put me off to this episode. Both Nick and the normally likeable Jess were not very nice. I don't get why girls would boob fight. I'm a girl and I've never heard of that. Schmidt's sweetness helped balance it out. And I too want Schmidt and Cece back together again! I'm not enjoying this season as much as the first. I hope it gets better.


I would like to know the name of the writers in the room. So I never watch anything they do ever AGAIN. Nick is properly the worst representation of a man ever. Drugs aren't as bad for you as the writers are for that character. LMFAO at how bad that was. Monkey exception. Kill the dudes and give me Jess and The Models.


What in the world are the writers doing? By the end of the episode my love of Nick and Jess hit bottom. Why does Nicks and Jess' half ass effort make everything all right. Maybe they do deserve each other, selfish uninvolved people. I have friends that love me and I have friends that I love. Nothing is equal, but I do, at minimum, make an effort to thank people, including strangers, that do something nice. Nick doesn't deserve a friend like Schmidt. And I'm thinking neither does Jess. Not sure what the point of this direction the writiers are going unless it is to make it a drama vice a comedy. Hated these past two episodes. Neither funny or interesting.


Winston's girlfriend will be on next week. And I don't agree with the comment about Schmidt and Cece. They have so much chemistry, they have to get together again. I'm sure that's where the writers are going. Those two together and nick and Jess together would be an explosion of chemistry! Funny episode :) loved the boob slapping and flash backs of nick and Schmidt.


I loved the Monkey Cracker commercial.

Childish gambino

it was a good episode. Really liked all the Nick/Schmidt stuff
"you gave me a cookie I got you a cookie"
But i thought the "Jess failing at modeling" went on way too long and just wasnt that funny
overall a good ep

Drea xoxo

it was a nice refreshing episode. we understand how schmidt and nick became friends and how they are all like one big family as seen in the final scene. still want nick and jess together. what happened to winston's gf? cece and schmidt i dont think can ever be together again, they are just platonic now, its too weird now

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That wasn't a cookie, damn it! That was a piece of his heart.


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