Once Upon a Time Clip: Terrible News!

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The Once Upon a Time Season 2 premiere was filled with mix emotions.

YAY, the curse of broken! BOO, where the heck did Emma and Snow disappear to?!?

The ramification of both those developments will play a role on this Sunday's "We Are Both," as the following clip depicts Charming frantically trying to think of a way to track down the town's heroines, while Grumpy delivers some terrible news to the citizens of Storybrooke.

Watch now and relive the opener via our review of "Broken."

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Me too and I love that Charming's personality is totally in tact and overtook David Nolan's...but, in a couple of scenes in last week's episode did anyone else hear Snow call him David? I have always had that thought in my head since he was dying when the curse hit, presumably saved by our medicine, and when he woke up he wasn't totally under the curse that Charming's name is actually David (I know the recap kept saying James, but I know that was his twin's name and he went by it but really, their mother seemed like a normal person) so Regina just instilled that in Katherine's head so when and if he woke up she could have some wiggle room in case he was still fully Charming.


I love Josh Dallas, so much!

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