Once Upon a Time Review: A Heroic Quest

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Once Upon a Time is like a drug. It has the magic you just can't quit. Even though Emma and Snow, my two favorite characters, didn't have a scene until the very end, somehow I barely noticed. 

"We Are Both" still managed to keep me riveted. 

Young Regina

Grumpy and the dwarves were once again the Royal Guard and in their quest to protect their prince, they did the unthinkable: They sent one of their own over the Storybrooke border. Unfortunately, Snotty Sneezy, won't remember the results because all fairy tale memories are erased once on steps over the line.

Wasn't it great to see Charming finally be... Charming. I know David exists within Charming, but I'd be happier if that part of him remained hidden for the rest of the series. The man just looks so much better with a sword in his hands.

With Rumple's help, Charming managed to track down Jefferson. They don't call him the Mad Hatter for nothing. The man really isn't quite right. You'd think he might be happy now that he at least has a chance with his daughter, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Speaking of Rumple, why was he so angry about not being able to leave Storybrooke? I'm guessing that perhaps he had plans to leave and find his son. And Belle was notably absent this week, which is a shame since overall Rumple seemed like he was trying to be good.

I never would have guessed that Rumplestiltskin's relationship with the Queen went back that far. It's actually kind of heartbreaking to watch the transformation of Regina from an innocent young girl into the Evil Queen we know today.

When she shoved her mother through that looking glass, it was just one more step towards becoming her. The Regina we now know is so very sad that it's hard to hate her. I give Lana Parrilla a huge amount of credit for making me feel empathy towards such an evil character.

Does anyone believe that Regina can be redeemed? She obviously wasn't always evil but now magic is her drug. She couldn't burn that book. She simply set it aside for a while.

The entire town of Storybrooke was entertaining to watch while it struggled to come to grips with this new reality. Red has really taken charge as she pushes Charming to be the leader, even if he isn't always sure of himself. As he explained to Red in this Once Upon a Time quote

I did the fighting. Snow did the talking. | permalink

Elsewhere, Grandma's got her crossbow and she's not afraid to use it. Archie's trying to counsel everyone and Grumpy and the dwarves are off to find some pixie dust for their fallen comrade.

All of that was enough to make me forget about Snow and Emma…almost. As if being dragged across a strange land and thrown into a pit weren't bad enough, now they have to deal with the Evil Queen's mommy. I think they're in trouble.

All of it just solidifies that season two of Once Upon a Time is more thrilling, compelling and enjoyable than ever.


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Where is August?!?!?!?!?


Watching episode and it hit me when Rumple told young Regina he had history with her family and that he held her in her arms ...Cora was probably the woman in the original rumple story that promises her first born to rumple and that first born was Ragina


I know that it may be a bit late but here are my two cents on the mad hatter theory. So Regina sends Cora away, we can presume Wonderland. Cora becomes queen of hearts.
Fast forward.
Somehow Regina's father ends up in Wonderland as a captive. Regina sets out to rescue him. Leaves poor hatter there.
Hatter goes mad probably trying to make another hat so that he can go back but that doesn't happen. Until, perhaps, Alice comes. They somehow banish the Queen of hearts back to that unaffected corner of the land. Alice returns to her world and the mad hatter with her. That would explain how he had his past life memories and how Regina didn't know his identity in Storybrooke. I love the start of season two. Great writing. I was worried how they would continue the storyline and still make links to their old land. But the new storyline direction exceeded my expectations ten fold.


It's a little late to get in on the discussion now (didn't watch the episode until last night), but I'll give my two cents' worth, just the same. I think the jury is still out on Regina's fate. The key line in the whole episode, IMHO, was when the young Regina told Rumple how she felt about that first use of magic, "I loved it!" For both Regina and Rumple, it's going to be about what they love most in the world - magic/power on the one hand, or their children (perhaps in Rumple's case, also Belle). That inner struggle is apparent in both of them, I believe. But not the ultimate outcome. I know what I would like to see happen, but I don't think it's clear. I think it will come down to the very end of the series, if the show-runners are given the opportunity to wrap it up as they would like to.


dont understand why rumple was so sad about the border thing


@Frida I think it's because magic works a bit differently. The portal might have just been opened to allow Jefferson entry at another point in Storybrooke or back at the house. According to Jefferson, Emma had to "believe" for the magic to work, and perhaps in that second, she did allowing the at to create the portal and allow Jefferson to pass through, even if it was for an instant. The other possibility is that the portal to the Enchanted Forest was opened and Jefferson passed through, but because of the curse still being activity, Jefferson was ripped away again to continue his cursed life in Storybrooke.


Is it just me or didnt they kind of made us believe that Jefferson disappeared in the hat when he was pushed through the window after the fight with Emma????? So that leaves me wondering why they made us believe that and then from nowhere Jefferson is back again? Just speculating but if it is as they let us believe, the hat DID work (but then how did Jefferson get back). Lots of thoughts here... hmmmmm


@Chrys Well it might have been instinctual as well; Cora having self-perservation as opposed to protecting Aurora's kingdom. Also, Mulan even said that no one knows who protected them so it's a possibility that Cora is keeping that secret to herself.


@Ace, you are so right!!! It must have been Jefferson that brought Cora back to the Faitytale Land. But i'm not completely sure if it was Cora's magic that protected the land... She didn't seem to hold a place of honor over there. To me it looked as if she was a prisoner herself. Ofc we didn't see much of her so no one can be certain.


@Chrys Also, if you note the "barrier" spell that Cora used on Regina is eeriely similiar to how the walls in the QoH's garden ensares those that step near it. Plus there's just too much evidence that they've been subtlely placing that points to Cora being the QoH.

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