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FYI, there is an AWESOME interview with Jane Espenson, writer of this OUAT episode, at the TV Guide website. Just Google her name and you'll find it. No spoilers, of course. But, it may be interesting to those who wonder how the writers come up with this stuff.


A few more observations.....Regina's identity was foreshadowed in the first episodes of OUAT. Her name is Regina MILLER. IIRC, her father's headstone had the name Henry MILLER. Rumplestiltskin's tale is that he will help a miller's daughter (or wife) spin a roomful of straw into gold overnight in exchange for her firstborn child. (If she failed, she was going to be killed.)

Rumple is OLD. Baelfire would be at least 10-15 years older than Regina since he was willing to join the Ogre Wars when his dad encountered the Dark One. My off-the-wall guess then is that Bael was a grown man long before Snow grew up, long before the Storybrooke spell, and that he is actually Captain Hook. The guy in Boston that gets the postcard is Peter Pan since he looked about 20-25 years old.


loved it. offically my second favorite show of the series after the stable boy. Regina is by far my favorite character so i'm always waiting for the episodes that explore her origins. Rumple being Regina's mentor explains how she is so close to him (remember the beauty and beast episode and how she often calls him Rumple?) and has become his rival (the student has become the master). so she sent Cora through the looking glass obviously to wonderland, once again hinting that cora might be the queen of hearts. and with that ending cora is going to be a bigger part of this season so i hope we get to see her origin story. we know she's the miller's daughter but in the fairy tale she married the king. why did she decide to study magic? how did she meet henry? and Rumple's conversation with Regina when they first met has me guessing that he has some kind of prophetic power and him getting involved with Regina's family is all part of his master plan. i think he wants to build a kingdom here like he did in the enchanted kingdom now he has break that barrier. next episode we get to see Hook so maybe Peter Pan too?


I don't know how much longer I'll be coming to read these reviews because I so thoroughly enjoy the ride I'm on with OUAT. I'll just say that that I LOVE the different look in Josh Dallas' eyes when he is Charming. Likewise, when Regina is with her mom, there's a real uncertainty there. You can just feel her personality curling up inside with fear or intimidation. The journey is a lot of fun. But, I think what it will all come down to is a showdown between Cora and Regina, and Regina may end up on the Good Side fighting for Henry's survival.


I think, sadly, this episode wasn't very satisfying.

All the evil women in this story seem to have become evil exclusively because of some sort of man, as if there aren't any other issues that could potentially turn one bad!

I also believe that Cora will be identified as the princess that promised Rumple her firstborn. That part I actually liked very much.

But in the end of the episode it started to get strange again with Mulan and Aurora leading their captives to "their" home.. actually you two just met and this world and home will have to be as new to Aurora as it is to Snow and Emma *_*


I was thinking that Rumpel knows Regina from his story. Remember he helps a princess or a woman and in return she promises him her first born. Then the woman has to answer a riddle which is what is his name and she gets to keep her baby. I bet that is how Rumpel knows Regina she is the first born her mother almost lost in the deal with Rumpel.


Was anyone else wondering if Rumplestiltskin is actually Regina's father?


What with the mother of the evil Queen kept in the pit it's all getting a bit 'V' isn't it?


They all abused power because they could.

And Regina, someone who was abused and controlled her entire life suddenly had the power to break free from that, to do whatever she wants...and that kind of temptation, magic or not, is what Rumple banked on.

Its not about right.
Its not about wrong.
Its about power.

Gods, I can't wait to see where this journey takes Regina.


And I do not think that its just magic addiction or stuff like that. Its about power. We have seen magicians and kings abuse their power in this show(and I have no doubt that its a huge influence from Jane Espenson who had similar ideas in Buffy).

As the saying goes absolute power corrupts absolutely and the prospect of having "magic" - shaping the world to your liking is what is addictive. But in a way its no different from Gold's wealth and influence in S1, August's "freedom" in "real world" or King George's reign in FTL flashbacks.

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