Person of Interest Review: Breaking Good

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Get your running shoes out - because this episode of Person of Interest was on the move. Was anyone else tired from all of the sprinting and dodging bullets?

Interestingly enough, "Triggerman" called in a moral dilemma when the number that came up belonged to a stone cold killer for the Irish mob named Riley. To save or not to save, that was the question.

Reese Confronts a Mob Enforcer

Played by Jonathan Tucker, who already had a bit of experience acting in the Irish Mob in the canceled series The Black Donnellys, his dark and dangerous side was apparent from the get-go. Riley was not someone to be messed with.

That personality worked nicely in clashing with Reese and straight up shooting him, while even giving him something of a challenge when the two went into hand-to-hand combat.

Although I have to say ,Reese's fight in the alley and saying "Wrong way, guys" was the more hilarious of the two.

At the same time, because Riley was a professional, he was a help in not only protecting Annie, but working with Reese in taking down the mob boss. I did predict that he wouldn't make it it out alive, in a way almost wanting to sacrifice himself for the girl he loved, but I thought it would simply be the boss that took him out.

And what worked well, apart from the fast-paced action, was how the episode took some time to slow down for some great character scenes.

Riley had a chance to be more than just the "bad guy" that Reese had to protect and it was good to see him show off a more emotional and caring side on the roof top. His story was rather tragic (and reminded me of a bit of the movie The Town) but captured the general idea of people being able to change.

Finch even got some time out of the office and sat down with the still fantastically menacing Elias. I love those callbacks and his short screen time worked perfectly with the mob based story. The way he enunciated his words and smiled behind those glasses established that even locked up, his presence remains vigilant and strong.

But bottom line, after the action, drama and humor that surrounds the story, this show knows how to nail those endings.

Of course Reese saved the day, but rehashing Root and her idea that people are bad code was a nice touch to the overall theme of the episode. Clearly, Finch hasn't completely gotten over his kidnapping experience, but it's obvious he's learning to grow from it and recognize that people aren't black and white. They can have the chance to change. Look at Reese for the most foremost proof. Look at Riley.

I still question if Elias falls under that category, but it was great seeing his demand simply be a battle of the minds in a game of chess. He may have complied with Finch's request, but I still don't trust him and am waiting for him to bust out of prison or something.

And, finally, Reese standing at the door of the bounty hunter with that slick grin and saying, "I'm not here for the money." Bam! Cut to black.

What a way to close everything up.

This was definitely a fun episode that continued to keep the show running on all gears. And obviously having Fusco spend his time switching drinks with the drunk next to him was another one of those small moments in a show full of big ones, that added to the enjoyment of the hour.

In the end, it's that solid pacing and story, while giving the characters a chance to grow that keeps Person of Interest going and me looking forward to whatever is in store for next week.


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Adorei, adorei, até fiquei com pena do Riley. Nenhum código é ruim, todos tem o direito a ter uma chance. E quanto ao Reese ele é meu herói e ponto.


I just loved when Finch referred to Riley as "bad code". It just shows the writers are on top of their game. It is not easy to get over something like what happened to Finch. Even if you don't agree with the opinions of someone that abused you as Root did to Finch, you still find yourself repeating their words. Thankfully, he had the presence of mind to realise this and retract his words.


Greatest show on TV. love the chemistry between Reese and Carter. Hope they get together.


@Keith - If you want more of Zoe Morgan, "The Fixer," on POI, be sure to tune in THIS WEEK for S2/Ep5 as Paige Turco returns! And, according to POI Execs, Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman with TVline this month, “Paige is spectacular, and sometimes you get that rare alchemy of a piece of casting and a character that just connects,� said Jonah Nolan, “so she’ll come back to further complicate things. � How so? “[ZOE AND REESE] ARE GOING TO SETTLE DOWN TOGETHER,� he shared. And, EP Greg Plageman assured, “It is going to be hot!� (I am not missing this one)!


outstanding show, need to give some props to fusco Reese. don't be so hard on him and do something for his son, fusco has earned it! still not sure what happened with bounty hunter at end. not here for the money? ok. want reese and "the fixer" to hook up once in a while. they both are hot.


Would love to see Reese release some tension with Det. Carter. I think both of them need it:-)
Love the show. Finch is great & Reese is gorgeous!


Szymanski is back alive and kicking!! And Elias what a class act, he found his equal in FINCH! What does that say about Harold? I like the way Det Carter & Fusco work the POI case while doing their normal cop duties. Best Reese line; Riley asks if Reese has a Detective(Carter)in his "pocket"and he says "No... on my back" that line for me sums up their relationship(so far) Love the LOOK of the show like watching a movie.


Excellent installment - sad ending for Riley and Annie. I'm glad Annie didn't find out that Riley killed her husband.
Love the added bits of humor - the one liners always come right on time and lighten serious episodes. This is the best show on a non-cable channel. Week after week the episodes have gotten better and better with more added depth to the characters.
I like Fusco and I am glad that he and Carter are now working together. Liked seeing Elias -excellent character and actor. Best one liner for me is when Reese told Annie that taking her job as hostess would do for the moment - with that million $$$ smile.


Only thing I can't figure is how anyone here could possibly not think
this stands alone as the best drama on TV. Nothing comes close.


The Elias was lead in show called Flashpoint. This showss his range. Another show I agree with the critic on. Well done show hoping they dont mess it up with to many characters again.

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