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This was a pretty good episode. I like Jonathan Tucker and it was nice to see him on this episode. I had a feeling he would not make it until the end of the episode. They can not save everyone, everytime and I sadly knew his says were numbered. Yes he was a bad guy but I did symapthize with him.
Poor Finch was still having a hard time leaving his house/office, but he managed to do so and he seemed to be okay with it once he was out. I say it every week but I love Reese! Once again Fusco and Carter were great too and the four of them make such a great team, they can almost be called the Avengers without superpowers!


Loved the Elias presence. Enrico Colantoni is amazing, he lights up the screen. Overall great episode as always.


Great episode as always. Love to see Jonathan Tucker (Riley). He's such a good actor and always brings out everything to his role. Fab ep.


@joker573- I didn't even think that but I totally see it. I did think of The Departed though when they were trying to avoid the bad guys on the rooftop.

@DeAnn - It's true. We never did find out who won. I know technically it didn't matter, but now I'm curious too.


@Mary - Thanks! I'm really enjoying this season so far

@Rai - I love that his character isn't being overused either. He's a formidable foe for Reese and Finch


Ah, one of my favorite shows.


I agree with the reviewer and the comments, in that every week POI is like sitting down and watching a masterpiece being made...when TV is good, it is like a work of art, it moves you and makes you feel varying emotions during the course of the narrative. I never cease to be amazed by Jim C's sly-and-dry delivery of Reese's lines, and Finches subtle bon mots inserted where you least expect them are bracing.
Even the villans are nuanced, with Elias showing such glee behind his killer's eyes, that if you didn't know that the man was a mafia don who had many people murdered, you'd think he was just a regular guy, probably a bit more bookish and introverted than some, but the kind of guy who works as a CPA and whom few people notice as he goes by....the quiet neighbor who keeps to himself who pops up in every crime drama. But here, he's a brutal killer who just wants a good game of chess with someone as smart as he is. Enter Finch. I really wish they'd have let us see who won the game!


Say it ain't so....the lame commercial networks can actually create a very good show .......it's nice not to be chased away with their usual Dimwit dramas ...or worse, dramadies ....


I loved the last scene. Brought back memories of the scene in The Departed where Mark Wahlberg showed up at Matt Damon's apartment and finished putting his groceries away for him. :-)


Getting better every week - can't wait to watch it

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