Private Practice Review: Moving Forward

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"Good Grief" reminded us that to move forward, we must allow for our old wounds to heal. Our favorite doctors faced challenges head on and we were treated to storylines that showed progression and growth.

So far, Private Practice Season 6 has been so unbelievably heartfelt and amazing. I am loving every bit of the writing and seeing how everything and everyone is changing.

Violet and Sheldon

While I was glad to see Addison dealing with Mark Sloan’s death, I thought it was very much like her to struggle with having to talk to Jake about her past. Jake’s reaction was a bit predictable, though, as he has really shown no evidence of being anything but a saint.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always been a huge fan of our girl Addie and I’m more than thrilled that she’s now got everything she’s always wanted. In fact, I really do like Jake, but it's just that he consistently seems to be flawless. 

As always, perhaps the best scenes of the night were with Charlotte and Cooper. They’re rather incredible, aren’t they? Week in and week out, I fall more in love with their dynamic and I absolutely adore the way that Cooper loves Charlotte. It’s evident in both of their eyes and just the way they are there for one another.

How adorable was it when she had some set guidelines in regard to her baby bump?! From only being able to talk to her belly once a day to the no singing, massaging or kissing rules, I’m so curious to see how the Cooplettes will further define their soon-to-be huge family.

Meanwhile, it might or might not come as a shocker that this week’s review will not include a Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS) for the second consecutive week. Heck, we may have to forget about the VAS this season as Violet seems like a completely different person.

Aside from a few minor issues, I really enjoyed Violet’s character development throughout the episode. From the group grief counseling to helping Lucas understand his father’s death, I couldn’t help but feel so utterly bad for Violet. Somehow I knew that she would end up lashing out at her patient, but I was just glad that she ultimately was able to help her patient see that living amends can set you free.

By the way, how great was that scene with both Charlotte and Violet? It was touching, and I liked how Charlotte referred to Pete as her work-husband and even laughed a bit when Violet said answering to Lucas’ repetitive question about where Pete was almost like dealing with a patient with dementia. The very last scene with Lucas accepting his daddy’s death was heartbreaking, but ironically, the perfect way to end an overall strong installment.

Other Thoughts

  • Amelia organized a schedule with everyone checking in on Violet with a cup of tea. With everything from chai tea lattes, iced teas, and even hot teas, this made me terribly thirsty.
  • We found out that Sheldon might have prostate cancer. How do you see his storyline playing out?
  • Jake asked Sam to talk to Addie about Mark’s death. His response: it’s not his job anymore. Was what Sam said out of line?
  • Sam and Stephanie… are you buying it? How much longer can Sam withhold his story from her?
  • Check out the Private Practice quotes for Cooper's typical funny one-liners and other moving moments.

All in all, "Good Grief" was awesome. I’m excited for what’s in store for the rest of this shortened season.

I’ll see you all in two weeks as Private Practice won’t return again until October 23. Tune in because we’ve got to keep those ratings up! Also, don’t forget to return later this week for our Private Practice Round Table.


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I don't want Private Practice to be over. It was my favorite weekdays show. What am i gonna watch now? This was such a great show. I love every character and I love all the dresses Addison wore. Please Shonda Rhymes think about putting it back on,please !!!!!!


I got my eye on Dr Jake-le, he has a dark side. Just keep watching, he'll snap eventually.


At first I thought the episode was going to be depressing, but it was really nice and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love, love, love Charlotte and Cooper and their relationship. Violet is less annoying and as someone else said, she's less annoying without Pete, so maybe that's why the writers killed him off. I didn't like how she ignored Sheldon's advice but she made up for it after. Hope nothing bad happens to Sheldon. I love him too, like Cooper. I think people are being harsh on Jake. He's a nice guy and there are some around. Sam was right though to tell him no to helping Addie. It's Jake's job now. Don't like Sam's new girl for him. Feels to me he has lowered his standards, IMO. Hope Amelia gets more screen time although she did have a long story arc last season. Good episode.


@Bill It has been 3 months, not a few weeks. They did a 3 month time jump. Addison WAS dating Jake when Sam proposed.


I didn't think Sam was out of line at all for telling Jake it wasn't his job anymore to "talk" to Addison. He just proposed to the woman a few weeks ago and not only did she say "no," she immediately started dating his co-worker and friend. That's a lot to transistion to and understandably, it's going to take some time for Sam to become a friend instead of a lover. It is a dilemma as old as time. Actually, I think "St.Jake" was the one who was out of line and being insensitive for even asking Sam to get Addison to open up about what was bothering her. He probably thought that if the situation was reversed he wouldn't have any problem doing it, but that's just Jake - or at least the rather unrealistic way they wrote that character. I would much prefer that Addie's new love was less like some comic book super hero and was a bit more flawed like the rest of us.


I really love addison and jake together. He's just so perfect for her.


I'm usually one for Violet's meddling ways, but even in the context of her dealing with her husband's death, this one seemed a bit over-the-top. Nonetheless, it seems like the producers are grooming her character to take the lead role if PP gets picked up again (and sans Addison.)


Guess i'm just a romantic, but i do like the Addison - Jake team...she's a bit complicated and he's simply in LOVE with her and a really nice guy, and to me, that makes a terrific match......keep it up!!!


Love Addy with Jake. I don't care that there is no real drama or major fights between them. I find it refreshing! Shonda goes overboard on the couples fighting on her shows. Besides I want Addison's last season to be more of a happy one


@Deann – I mentioned a couple of minor issues in regards to Violet and didn’t clearly explain them. I, too, did not care for Violet’s unprofessionalism. However, she was obviously still grieving and I felt the need to cut her some slack. We’ll see if she continues to improve. Otherwise, you can bet on the return of the VAS. @Ale – I guess it goes without saying imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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