Private Practice Review: Saying Goodbye

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Tonight marked the Private Practice 100th episode and, like most milestones, it was over far too quickly.

Although "Mourning Sickness" was mostly about saying goodbye to Pete, I found myself constantly wishing he was still around. Then again, maybe that was the point: to miss Pete just as much as his patients and colleagues did.

The Doctors Remember

Pete’s last wishes were for a Balinese send-off that included singing, laughing and stories in celebration of his life. Thanks to a karaoke machine and even some pot, there was definitely some crooning and lots of laughing. And the stories? Well, patients couldn’t stop trying to make Violet feel better by telling her story after story about how amazing Pete was to them.

For the most part, Violet was able to keep her cool. With both Cooper’s and even Mini Cooper’s help, she was able to step away from the party to miss Pete silently alone. It felt like such a long time ago when Cooper and Violet were the best of friends. I liked seeing them that way again. The very last scene with Violet saying her final goodbyes to Pete was beautiful.

With Pete no longer by her side, Violet asked Cooper to take care of Lucas in case something were to happen to her. He hesitantly said "yes" while knowingly hiding Charlotte’s trio of “Cooplets." Cooper may have worried Charlotte would be against it, but I knew better. Charlotte is that amazing, and sometimes I think that Cooper forgets.

By the way, how absolutely hilarious was Charlotte? Check out the Private Practice quotes section as she stole the episode with numerous lines that left me laughing out loud. I seriously love that girl!

Elsewhere, Sam and Addison danced around words involving espresso about whether or not they were friends or could be. Then, Addison received the phone call that Grey’s Anatomy fans had been curious about since last week. She found out that Mark Sloan, better known as McSteamy, was taken off life support. After the realization that both Mark and Pete were gone, Sam and Addie agreed they would be friends eventually again because life is too short.

Like most fans of both shows, I feel like there was a missed opportunity for a crossover and am curious to see if and how Addie will grieve Mark's loss. Also, will she rely on Jake to help her get through it?  

Meanwhile, Sheldon missed most of the party as he was helping a patient who was fantasizing about young girls and felt the only solution was suicide. I found this case very disturbing and random with the other ongoing storylines; however, I was eventually glad to see that Sheldon saved the day and got his patient to the emergency in time and was able to show the patient that he could change if he let himself.

Other Thoughts

  • There’s no need for a Violet Annoyance Scale this week. Also, kudos to Amy Brenneman on an incredible performance!
  • Violet wants to move forward and is putting her house on the market. Let's all say it together: FINALLY!
  • Addison asked Amelia to be Henry’s guardian. I couldn’t have imagined it any other way.

Overall, I really liked this episode. It was the perfect way to follow a strong premiere. See you later this week for our Private Practice Round Table.


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Where is the episodes out here in Australia? I last watched Amelia have that poor little brainless baby and all that but when Greys Anatomy season after plane crash returned theres no Private Practice and its not even listed anymore on yahoo7 tv list here. Would be nice to see the actually closing seasons of it. I feel all these deaths and change of characters may mean the end of Greys soon as well


Quite frankly, I cannot tell why Derek didn't call Amelia and NOT Addison. Amelia has known Mark her entire life, and like Derek, Mark is her brother. Addison has had a relationship with both Pete and Mark, but with Mark, she cheated on Der with his childhood best friend, got pregnant by him, then resumed the relationship when Derek went back to his love Meredith. To me, though I can understand Addison grieving with Sam (another relationship with a friend of Derek's---UGH), it's a bit skeeve-worthy to have her come back. Though Addison has history with Mark without a doubt, to stand by the bedside of a man she ruined her marriage to Derek over is just too over the top even for Shonda Rhimes and her friends and l;life are now in California. Her baby, her new love Jake, the friends who care about her. and Pete a man she had a relationship with and helped to raise his child for awhile is really where she should be. Let the crossovers be done with PLEASE. They didn't even make sense when blatantly used to boost Practices ratings and in this case, at least on Addison's part, would seem awkward at best. Amelia however, I felt was shortchanged. She had a much longer history with Mark, Derek's her brother, Zola her niece, her sister in law Meredith has lost her own sister Lexie to the same crash, Derek lost his "brother" and in Amelia I could totally see being there for her both her brothers Derek and Mark in the time of loss on GA. Addison was needed where she was imo.


I am still on the fence with this episode??? The Pete Mourning Party was good but too many 'random' people. I think it should have been personal reflections from each doctor. Shonda should have brought Naomi back for the event and Sheldon did not need the storyline with his patient thrown in the middle either. I enjoyed Violet, Cooper/Charlotte and Amelia when she had a scene. Sam is always good to watch. I just do not see the Addison and Jake thing! It is so Fake! I love Addison with all her craziness and she could be all that with just Henry. It just seems so forced in their scenes together and looks odd. She still loves Sam and they were hot together! Jake is just boring! Not sure about this season but I may not watch to the end.


I must honestly say I enjoyed Amy Brenneman for the first time in a horribly long time - it's like by cutting out annoying Pete the writers finally got rid of all that crap coming from him and Violet. Don't get me wrong, I was a huge fan of "kiss Addison when I don't really know her" Pete, but lately he's been unwatchable. And his death shrinks when I put it next to Mark's - Addison getting that phone call got tears in my eyes. The goodbye party did not. Loved the humor, Charlotte rocks as always and the smoking pot scene was just a masterpiece. Liked Sheldon's storyline, too, disturbing and interesting, the way this show used to be. Too bad it's almost over, now that they got it back on the right track after such a long time.


The way PP is going I won't be crushed if this season is the last. I didn't enjoy this episode at all. I didn't think Pete got the send off he deserved from the writers; at least not on the same level as that of Mark Sloan...not that Lexie got one #sigh


I write it again. Like Betty Draper, I wish Addison and Amelia had gone to Seattle to be at Mark’s side and support Derek. Addison normally would be there for Mark of course, but also for Derek and Callie, the friend she helped to deliver Sofia after the auto crash. If she was there for Callie, why didn’t she come for Mark that she had loved and known for a lot more time. Amelia grew up with Mark, seemed like him very much when she came for the first time in Seattle even before they had sex. I would want to see there Amelia’s and Derek’s mother too. She was a second mother to Mark and with all that happened to both Amelia and Derek, she has good reasons to call in! Doesn't she want to know Zola?


This episode was very very random in my opinion but I did enjoy it!!
I think Amy was amazing, I haven't seen her perform so well since season 3.
The only thing I didnt like about this episode was Sheldon's storyline with that suicidal patient, It was unnecesary, it would have been better if he was with everyone at Pete's random memorial party.


I am now convinced that Sheldon is dieing. His conversation with Jake at the end of the episode convinced me. If it is true my concern then is how will amelia cope. If she finds out another man in her life is dieing it could push her back over the edge.

Ava mila

Smart choice with no VAS this week. Amy was incredible, specially the angry that-son-of-a-bitch speak, I loved it.. Maybe Violet will finally grow on me.. As for Addison 's reaction, it was far from what I have expected.. I'm not happy. She and Amelia should have been there to stand by Derek 's side, specially since they knew the exact day when they would turn off the machines. But hey, even Meredith was missing so why bother?
It wouldn't surprise me if they never mention Mark's name again, just like they forgot about Dell. Sheldon's story was very disturbing, but also if you think about it, it is a disease and we should worry how to cure these people cause killing them won't really help either.


I felt that for a 100th episode that it should have packed more of a punch, but it was still pretty amazing with the acting and the scenes throughout. Next week looks even better though!

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