Revenge First Look: Victoria's Wedding Dress!

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Victoria and Conrad are getting re-married next month on Revenge.

It may be a total sham, but her wedding dress is the real deal!

For the November 4 occasion (fittingly titled "Illusion"), Madeleine Stowe's character dons a stunning gray Vera Wang mermaid-style gown, accessorized with coordinating pearls for her Italian wedding:

Victoria Grayson Wedding Dress
Victoria Wedding Photo

On Sunday's episode (follow the link for our "Confidence" review), an embattled Conrad sought to gain the upper hand on his ex by leaking to the press that they will soon be remarrying in Tuscany.

This surprise gesture came after Victoria admitted at a press conference that Charlotte is actually David Clarke's child. Conrad then aligned himself with The Initiative and hatched this wedding plan.

Confused? That's Revenge for you. Everyone has an agenda, with new twists revealed every week.

What do you think of the scheming socialite's bridal look? She certainly appears happy, but that's Victoria Grayson for you. She's probably planning Conrad's demise as she walks down the aisle with him.

Share your comments on her dress and all things Revenge in the comments below!

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very pretty but more excited for the episode itself!!! :)


....So Victoria and Conrad's wedding is the first wedding of two this season--which leads me to speculate on who the other wedding will be for. Naturally, I vote for Jack and Emily. One can only hope! ;)


That's a gorgeous gown! Gray looks amazing on Victoria GRAYson!!! ;)


nay :/ I do like the colour but the dress itself somehow looks like Mrs. Munster back from the grave (a little spider-web-y)

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