Revenge Sneak Peek: An Awkward Encounter

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Revenge will throw a wedding this Sunday night.

Correction: Revenge will throw a CRAZY wedding this Sunday night, as producer Melissa Loy teased in our exclusive interview.

But before any madness can begin, any toasts can be given and any twists can leave the audience gasping for air, introductions must be made between guests. In the following case, however, everyone already know each other.

Watch now as Aiden and Emily awkwardly interact with Ashley and Daniel in a scene from "Illusion."

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haha... looks good


Delphincik you can mute the ads. it is literally 30 secs of your life and I dont think it is killing you. Thanks for the clip! So good and so awkward :)


Oh this looks good! Can't wait for the next episode!

Leon alexis

Hey,Matt! I have No problem! Thanks!!!


I agree. I get the website needs to make money but its getting excessive. As much as I looooove revenge and dying to get a glimpse I refrain because of the adds. I didn't used to be that way.


The advertisement is longer than the video I intended to watch. If I watch like ten videos a day do I have to watch ten video ads ? It's freaking crazy. People are too lazy to say it to you.

Matt richenthal

@delphincik: What's the problem?


This is it. not gonna watch sneak peeks or other videos in TVF , you killed it for me.

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