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glad revenge is back on my screen, and i was surprised by how much i liked the emily/charlotte scenes...imagine if she joined the emily/nolan group :D


Hey, I wish you all would stop guessing. You might hit on the real story line, then the writers will have to change it to something less exciting. You're the same people who probably guess ahead that Little Red Riding Hood really isn't dead, but just waiting in the Big Bad Wolf's stomach until he woodcutter comes along.


Whose body will be found off Block Island? Who got Amanda pregnant? Will Emily finish off the white-haired man? How awesome is Nolan Ross? How happy are you that Revenge is back?

The body still a question for me.

Yes! I think Ems will definitely finish off the white-haired man maybe end of season.

Nolan...He is just so Nolan. I love this character.

Now how happy am I too be able view Revenge, totally!! Thrilled. So glad but at the same time wish for a different time than Sunday night.


I, too, am glad Revenge is back. Slow, confusing (when did the 'Amanda' sink?) start, especially with a new Takeda and is Aiden new (?); but when Emily was back to her old self, it took off good and fast!! I like the possibility that the white-haired man is on Emily's side (maybe even protecting her mother & father....but then again, who would leave their daughter suffering in Juevie?) and is only playing along to help the Graysons to their final demise by being their muscle. Don't like the Jack/'Amanda'/Declan storyline, so they can be eliminated. And hope Amanda and Aiden have more chemistry and leave poor, spoiled, drunken rich-boy, Daniel, to his own demise. Grayson can have Ashley; Nolan and Charlotte wil forever be 'Emily's' best friends. Good review, Steve!


Damn! The show just keeps getting better. I hope it blows away every other show in its time slot, which is a highly competitive one. There are few TV programs that I never miss (watch at regular time or Tivo it). Revenge is one of them. It's a great escape from the daily pressures of real life. And these days there aren't many shows that do that.


Loved the episode. Glad Nolan is back. He adds just enough humor to keep the show from becoming a total nighttime soap opera. Isn't it fun to have 2 villains (Conrad and Victoria) you love to hate? I refuse to get hung up on conflicting details. This show is just plain fun to watch!


I do agree about the confusing parts with the white-haired man, so he didn't REALLY try to blow up the plane? That was all part of some semi-secret government plan? Yes of course he knows the truth about Amanda/Emily, so why is keeping the secret, especially when Victoria now wants her taken care of? That whole plot has to be cleared up as to who really is and who he really works for, if Victoria is still going to eventually bring down her husband, then it would see the white haired man and whoever he really works for would in fact be out to get her since he and his buddies would be of the things I love about this show, you actually have to think!


So happy this show is back, I love how the relationship between Noland and Ems has developed over time, she is still in charge but she really counts on him *almost" as a partner. Noland always gets the bets lines in show, also love him getting into shape and learning to protect himself from other evil white haired men!

When I watched last Thurs recap, they showed the preview of Charlotte whispering in Amanda's ear, I was sure based on the look Em's gave her that she told her that her mother was alive.

Who's dead, well it says Amanda on the boat at the bottom of the sea and that was that navigational tool that Jack had in his hand, so going with Jack, and chemistry between he and real Amanda has always felt forced, just do damn glad this show is back


I'm confused about the white haired man. Wasn't that the same guy that Emily fought with and ultimately released (to honor her father) at the end of last season? If so, he knows that Emily is Amanda because she told him she was.

If he really did kill her father, why is he protecting her by not revealing her identity to either of the Greysons?

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