Revenge Round Table: "Destiny"

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Sunday's Revenge Season 2 premiere marked the return of ABC's incredibly entertaining guilty pleasure, setting the stage for the fall by answering some mysteries and, in typical fashion, presenting many more.

TV Fanatic's Steve Marsi, Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando, Chandel Charles and Leigh Raines break down all facets of "Destiny" and look ahead to next week and beyond in this week's Round Table.

Weigh in with your own responses to our Q&A session below!


1. What was the biggest shocker of the premiere?

Matt: The total and utter lack of Lydia being mentioned. At least give the poor, presumably dead woman a shout-out. Is that how you treat all your mistresses, Conrad?

Chandel: That Victoria was still alive. I had held out hope, but confirmation of her survival made it all the more satisfying.

Leigh: Biggest shocker for me was that Conrad had gone so dark he was keeping his own daughter in rehab. Charlotte was always his soft spot.

Christine: I've got to agree with Leigh. Conrad is one cold-hearted bastard to lock his daughter away to get her inheritance to save his company. Now I'm really hoping Victoria and Emily take him down.

Steve: That the Stowaway failed the inspection. Just kidding. I wasn't shocked that Victoria is alive, but the way it was revealed was a jaw-dropper, as was her ordering the WHM to off Ems on Clam Cam.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

2. What were your favorite Nolan Ross quotes?

Matt: Referring to Jack as "Jack Daddy." The reference to Victoria's "talons" and any use of "cray cray" made this a close contest, though.

Chandel: Nolan's exclamation of "Holy moly" when Emily came in to tell him that Victoria was still alive. Stuff like that coming out of his mouth is priceless.

Leigh: This is too hard to pick!!! I have missed Nolan so much. His comment wondering if Victoria was somewhere "looking up at us" was pretty spot on.

Christine: Do I really have to chose just one? There were so many. For me it's a tie between "All that's missing are the flesh-eathing zombies" and "Clam cam. I like it."

Steve: "Great. Seance, anyone?"

3. Conrad or Victoria: Who do you love to hate more?

Matt: Victoria. Conrad is pure evil at this point. The guy seemed giddy that his wife was dead! (Perhaps because he plotted said, supposed death, but still.) Victoria, however, makes you think she has a soft and vulnerable side and may be coming around to Emily after all… only to break your heart all over again. That wench!

Chandel: Always Victoria, because I know that she would make an epic ally against Conrad if her and Emily could just team up.

Leigh: It switches week to week. They are both deplorable. Conrad is sometimes amusing at least.

Christine: As despicable as Victoria can be, there's still something about her that I like, even though I can't explain it.

Steve: Agree with Christine completely, and this speaks to Madeleine Stowe's brilliantly nuanced portrayal. Going with Conrad this week, though. It's one thing to be soulless and evil, but the unabashedly snide comments and the way he goes about his business are borderline hilarious and make that character entertaining as well.

4. More awkward: Takeda being re-cast, or Jack's lack of chemistry with Amanda?

Matt: The latter. Who among us hasn't been forced to ask the woman pretending to be our childhood crush whether or not she was actually carrying our baby? That's never an easy conversation to have.

Chandel: I think the Takeda recast was actually OK. Therefore I'm gonna have to go with the lack of chemistry between Amanda and Jack. That was very awkward.

Leigh: Takeda being recast, definitely. There's not supposed to be chemistry between Jack and Amanda and there's no way that he's the babydaddy. It took me many years to understand why they recast Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince of Bel Air so it's safe to say I wasn't digging the new Takeda.

Christine: The Takeda recast was pretty bad and if you hadn't read about it ahead of time I can imagine people wondering who the Hell is this?

Steve: Takeda. As Leigh said, he's not supposed to have it with Amanda. On a related note, Jack's lack of chemistry with Emily makes it hard to see them as a possible match, despite the show's obvious overtures.

5. What is the WHM's deal?

Matt: OMG, IDK exactly. But TGTS (That Guy Totally Sucks).

Chandel: He's clearly a clean-up guy. All he does is eliminate people. How he got involved with all this will likely come out this season in more detail.

Leigh: Let's not forget he knows Emily's real identity. He could've told either of the Graysons. I think he is truly just a sociopath killer who will work for the highest bidder. These families entertain him with their revenge and murderous agendas.

Christine: Heck if I know. For a hired assassin he certainly seems to have a long term agenda but what's the payoff for him if he takes Conrad down? And has he told Victoria about Emily or is he keeping that vital piece of information to himself ...

Steve: He's clearly not keeping Emily Thorne's true identity to himself out of loyalty to her ... or is he? Remember when he knowingly looked into her hidden camera last season? There's a missing piece to this puzzle, otherwise he'd out her to the Graysons in two seconds. I'm eager to learn more of what's going on inside that head of white hair.

6. Whose body will be found underwater in three months?

Matt: It may be wishful thinking, but Declan's.

Chandel: I'm willing to bet it's either Jack or Amanda.

Leigh: I'm kind of thinking Aiden, the new guy. He knows too much about Emily's past, I feel like he will become a liability. Or Jack, because that will set Emily on yet another path of Revenge.

Christine: I know I won't win a lot of fans with this but can it please be Jack. There's something about that guy I've never liked. As long as it isn't Nolan, I'm good.

Steve: I don't have it out for Jack like some people responding directly above me, but they're certainly hinting that it's be him, showing him despondent and clutching that same watch. Could be misdirection, of course, but dispatching one of the Porters would be a move that would truly shock fans, yet the show could also survive. Aiden is another strong candidate for different reasons, such as if "the mission" fails and he turns on Emily.

7. Share one other prediction for this season.

Matt: Emily's mother will return, and then sacrifice her life in order to save her daughter before the season is over.

Chandel: Nolan will end up moving in with Emily. 

Leigh: We will definitely see Emily's mom in present day and she's going to be off her rocker. Hey, Emily had to get it from somewhere right? Besides, Jennifer Jason Leigh - Single White Female? I think she can handle the role. 

Christine: I can't wait to meet Emily's mother. Like Leigh, I think she's going to be a nut job and she can only complicate things for Emily. 

Steve: We will learn that Conrad and Ashley are hooking up.

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I don't get why WHM didn't tell anyone that Emily is Amanda. that doesn't make much sense does it?


7. Emily's identity will be revealed before the end of the season.


1. Biggest shocker for me was WHM working with Victoria. He was shown at the hanger, clearly indicating that he rigged the plane with explosives yet he's working with her. She was going to expose his employers. There is more that needs to be resolved here. 2. Jack Daddy and Cray Cray. 3. Victoria, she is the master of manipulation and deceit. She made David fall in love with her. I would really like for the series finale that Emily kill Victoria. 4. Jack's lack of chemistry with Amanda. It was never there. Takeda is better now. More menacing. He reminds me of Shun Tsang from Mortal Kombat. 5. Victoria struck a deal with Americon and that is why she is alive. She wants to destroy Conrad and the initiative will probably help her. But only time will tell. 6. It seems to point to jack, but that hand was far more developed to be his. I'm guessing Aiden. It has to do with Takeda. Maybe he thinks that the mission is not a success so he decided to eliminate Aiden and Emily. 7. By the end of the season, the truth about Emily will be revealed at least to one or two people. It can't stay hidden forever.


this episode was amazing!!
like i cant exactly pinpoint everything i loved it was amazing


For heavens sake use your eyes.The arm under the ocean has no watch on the wrist and Jack wears his watch on that wrist.Meanwhile on what wrist does Declan wear his watch.The one thing that totally bums me out with this show is [Fans are willing to forgive Victoria anything and always make Conrade the bad guy] Victoria is as guilty as Conrad for David Clark's death as she is only capable of loving three things. Rich spoilt brat Daniel,money and herself.The plane blows up and hundreds of people are killed yet the Government Knowingly didn't warn the pilot as there too busy bringing one man to justice. Give me a break.Why didn't Victoria warn the pilot? Now she has a lot of blood on her hands. Read somewhere that Ashley has her own agenda. Both her parents were killed in the first plane crash. Make more sense if her and Emily join forces and go after the Graysons.Daniel carrying too much baggage which is the GRAYSON name and for him and Emily to end up together would be ridiculous. Like men to be men and that he isn't.


1. The ending for plot reasons not implausibility
2. Cray cray
3. I don't hate either. Victoria is much more evil
4. Takeda's clutter. Jack/Amanda's lack of chemistry is painful
6. Hopefully Declan, Amanda or Jack


Emily's and Ashley's 'friendship' was the biggest shocker. "Lunch sometime". She didn't waist time with Daniel, not to mention how much she loathed Emily before. What's the deal now with those two, a truce? Conrad's biggest low would be the way he treats Charlotte now. You probably just hate him more than Victoria. Definitely Jack's lack of chemistry with Amanda. She seemed like baggage to him. Which is strange since they had an intense 'love connection/romance' before. Awkward. It looked like an old/mature man. It could be Jack, either of Emily's 'mentors' or someone we have not been introduced to yet.


What if the WHM is her grandfather her mother's father or her mother's mentor like Takeda is to Emily


1.Victoria 2. Looking up at us 3. Queen Victoria 4. Neither roles are recasted all the time and Jack and Aamanda arent suppose to have chemistry 5. IDK 6. Aiden, Declan or a character we havent met yet 7. Emily will fall back in love with Aidan and he'll be killed saving her


I have a feeling the WHM has this weird moral code that totally keeps Emily safe because she showed him her own moral and ethical code and he respects that but he might pose a danger to those around her just to show he will respect her but within his own parameters.

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