Stephanie Savage Previews Gossip Girl Season Opener

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Gossip Girl executive producer Stephanie Savage teases Monday's premiere in a new video from the CW.

Most of what she says was already evident from the Gossip Girl sneak peek we posted Thursday, as well as what we've pieced together all summer long, but it's always fun to get the perspective of the woman in charge.

Key takeaways from her preview, heading into the much-anticipated final season premiere:

  • Serena is full-on missing, and the quest to find her brings everybody together.
  • Bart's back, and we will find out the latest on he and Lily ... as well as Rufus.
  • Nate's dead set on answering the time-honored question: Who is Gossip Girl?

Check out what Stephanie, who co-wrote the episode, has to say about "Gone Maybe Gone" below ...

UPDATE: Here's a brief new clip of the moment when everybody meets up in search of Serena. As you can probably tell, the gang arrives separately and some are motivated by different things ...

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Everyone do not worry about Chuck and Blair, they will be together in the end! In Blair's office wall are 4 photos – in the first is Serena, in the second and third are Serena and Blair, and Blair is in the fourth showing the ring on her left hand! And we all know that the only one ring is bought by Chuck!


Cnt thy end pll instead of gossip girl?


if chair is going to happen this season, i really hope it works out because i want blair to be happy. i mean, chuck has done some terrible things to her like trade her for a hotel, emotionally abuse her and almost punching her in the face. not to mention her horrible experiences of being in a car crash, a miscarriage and a divorce. really, i think blair deserves a happy ending after all those traumatizing events.


I do hope everyone ends up alone. I dont want to see Blair with Chuck at the end of the series. I hated them together as a couple. They bring out the worst in each other. I liked them better as friends/not-so-secret flings.


I am sorry but I do not care for Serena, Bart, or Nate. I mean no scoops on Chair? What in the world is that about?????? And, @ B, I pray you are wrong, that would be the worst ending ever. I mean the worst! Chair!!!!!!


B where did you read this, everything I have read says the opposite.


I'm excited! Particularly with "where's Serena?" drama and Nate's agenda to unmask Gossip Girl.


I will never watch another cw show if blair and chuck dont end up together on gossip girl i just read that the producers are considering leaving them forever star crossed lovers so close with their relationship never working out please i really hope thats not true

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[to Blair] In the past, I blamed my mistakes on you - Bart was right on that count; it's the boy that blames the girl, not the man. And that's what I want to be with you.


Georgina: He's Protestant. I do my best work with Catholics.
Chuck: Thank God I'm an atheist.