The Good Wife Episode Tease: Press on the Prowl

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The press will be back on the prowl on this week's new episode of The Good Wife.

Following the rumors that Peter slept with a campaign worker on "Two Girls, One Code," Alicia will once again be forced to defend her marriage on Sunday's "Don't Haze Me, Bro." How far will she go to stick up for her husband?

Elsewhere, as teased in the following CBS trailer, Diane will take issue with Nathan Lane's accountant also be forced to rethink her approach in court. Watch now:

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I read all the comments made on here and I have to say Is amiazng,how people are so ignorant still in this century!.With out offending anybody,but all those negative comments only make this people look like a fool and ignorants! I have to say I'm a real girl and I believe that this person is trying hard to be her self and have a career like anybody else with goals.Is that bad? At leat she is trying not like a lot of people we all know that are jobless,bomb,robbers,ect thats something to b ashame


I don't think Alicia will be how far will she go to stick up for her husband but what the jurnalists really know about her. The good old receipt still hangs in the air and she was told by Eli it was for another questional affair. The girl Kalinda talked to sounded to phony to be real about talking to Peter and Alicia and an open marriage. I smell a RAT in the kitchen that will probably blow the lid off Peters campaign do to the $700 room at the ST MARTIN HOTEL ON sept 30, no campaign going at that time or running yet.

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