The Good Wife Round Table: "And the Law Won"

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X-rated ice cream eating. Courtroom bravado. And a new Democratic power player who really wants to befriend Alicia.

The Good Wife offered up plenty of intrigue and storylines on "And The Law Won," and our Round Table team of Carla Day, Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando and Tiffany Vogt (from are here to break it all down...


What was the most surprising moment of the episode?
Carla: The Kalinda would go out for ice cream with her creep of a husband. What is she doing?

Matt: The final one. This is no act. Alicia and Peter appear to be on legitimately good terms now. I never thought I'd see that again.

Christine: That Diane didn't tell Alicia the reason she sent her to Maddie with the offer is that Maddie was asking about her. I really thought Diane would have given her a heads up.

Tiffany: Maddie Hayward's offer to donate to Peter Florrick's campaign was not something I saw coming. It was a fascinating turn of events as she vetted Alicia and then maneuvered to align herself with Peter politically. Not sure where that will end up going, but it is something to watch with interest.

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What the frak is going on between Kalinda and her husband?
Carla: I have no idea, but I don't like it or understand it. I hope her motives for sleeping with him become more clear. She hates him, fears him, yet can't seem to stay away from him. It's freaky.

Matt: Nothing I want to see. It's one thing for Kalinda to use sexuality as a weapon... it's another for it to be ALL we ever see out of the character. And it's still another for the show to paint this relationship with such a grey stroke, after making it so clear over the years that Kalinda was simply afraid of her awful husband.

Christine: I don't know, but I'm already tired of it. It's like they're trying too hard to get a strange Fifty Shades of Grey spin off out of this storyline. The only result for me is that I'm enjoying Kalinda less and less.

Tiffany: Kalinda is absolutely terrified of her husband and she is playing a very careful game of seduction to keep him from losing it completely and going after the people she cares about. He is incredibly dangerous and she knows it. Only by playing his games and seeming to be under his control can she keep his seething rage from raining down pain on everyone she knows and loves.

Should Will have taken the $800,000 offer? Why or why not?
Carla: At the time, I thought he should. After the twists and turns in the case, he definitely should have, but it ended up working in his favor, so he is either really good or very lucky.

Matt: No way. Go big or go home! Will is a brash risk-taker. It's gotten him this far. Why stop now?

Christine: He should have taken it to his client and let the client decide. Obviously he believed he could get more and I'm guessing he told the client so. Sometimes Will is like a dog with a bone and he can't let it go, especially when he thinks he can win.

Tiffany: Yes. It was a solid and reasonable offer and he should have recommended it to his client. It was reckless to turn it down. But this is television and Will is a gambler at heart, so it feels within his nature to want to roll the dice and push for a better offer. Still, it was reckless and it was incredibly foolish.

Do you think Maddie has an ulterior motive for befriending Alicia? If so, what is it?
Carla: Yes, though I'd love it if she didn't. Alicia could use a friend. After one episode, my guess is that she wants to groom Alicia to run for office

Matt: Yes. But that doesn't mean Peter shouldn't take her money if he needs it. All political donations of that nature come with a few strings, unfortunately. Peter and Alicia should be aware of that and careful with Maddie, but money talks in politics. Just listen closely to what it could be saying.

Christine: Absolutely! I can't believe Alicia fell for the I don't have many friends speech. She's out to take down Peter and she's going to try and use Alicia to do it. On the upside, I'm thrilled to have Maura Tierney back on TV. I've missed her.

Tiffany: Frankly, this baffles me to no end. Maddie seems like she is searching for a friend, but she is too smart a business woman to really align herself with someone as politically inciting as the Florricks. She definitely has to be playing a game that we cannot see yet. Though I would like to believe that she was on the up and up and just looking for a kindred spirit. But as we have learned in this series, everyone has an agenda.

What do you make of Peter and Alicia laughing together on the campaign bus?
Carla: It was odd to see, but refreshing at the same time. They have been through so much together and so much anger that it was kinda nice to see them relax and just hang out. But, and it's a big but, Alicia should not get back together with Peter.

Matt: See answer number-one. These two will be sitting in their house, near a backyard tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G at any moment.

Christine: These two have been through a lot together and the battles have bonded them. On some level they will always love one another. Last season I would have said their marriage was over. This season, I'm not so sure.

Tiffany: I really loved that scene on the bus. It felt so real and genuine. After all that Peter and Alicia have gone through it is nice to see them moving past their bitter pain and finding common ground for both their sakes. As they have seen time and time again, they are only strong when they work together - and with what they will likely have to face as the campaign continues, they really need to stand together and have each others' backs.

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I want kalinda to focus on her job her husband needs to leave the only person who I want kalinda to have sexytime with is Lana they should be together.


@ginger I've also enough. They have characters we don't know absolutely nothing about, besides the fact that they're lawyers, and who never got the right amount of development or just a story-arc and after 4 seasons we are still talking about Kalinda's pansexuality and her rough sex life? B.O.R.I.N.G.


Glad I'm not the only one who is getting tired of all the emphasis on Kalinda's sexual exploits. One comment mentioned fast forwarding and that's what I'll do in the future. I'm not offended, I'm just bored by the distraction from the interesting storylines. Kalinda is a badass with tons of sexual issues. I get it. Let's move on, please.


I guess we all have the answers to the show why don't we all shut the TV off and go for a couple of tequela shots like they do in the show. We can talk over the way it should be and not the way the writers are writing it. It doesn't matter in the end Alicia and Peter will be back together as a family and WILL and Diane would have run the firm into the ground, Kalinda ends up with her husband and Cary will be looking for a new job.

Drea xoxo

NO MORE triangle and more security and development and what happened to jackie? writers lets tie up this loose end here and focus on campaign and restoring l/g dynasty again

Drea xoxo

…6) Will believes in taking risks, hence how they became a multi-million firm and why they held countable clients and why everyone wants to take them down HELLO!!? but that doesn't mean i condone his gambling of the case in this episode! i hoped it was going to remain TV land and let l/g win but you can't always be 100 on this show, (writers i'll show you credit there)
7) alicia, now we need to see why she still holds the upper hand and why someone wants to leak this tape/receipt. what advantage will this give them. i personally think its child's and he wants to bring down peter and run again...
8) the show is becoming tedious again, make it about cases and the law room not so much personal life unless it benefits the progress of TGW now. i'm feeling i may loose interest again =[ so writers nip kalinda story and make her mysterious again but with carey and alicia and will reconcile with alicia finally leaving peter!!

Drea xoxo

1) kalinda and her husband will eventually end but how? the 50 shades aspect is to show how violent he is and why she ran away and changed identity in the process.
2) maddie, unnecessary imo, just another story which will be overused and serve no purpose to the show!!!
3) matthew perry come back wahhhhhh we misss you!!!
4) carey and kalinda happen already!! i think he'll save the day for her and finally have a purpose again on the show (silly writers still not forgiven you for ruining my show)
5) peter campaign will make the couple friends and civil! they won't and shouldn't get back together because it defeats the previous seasons and make me question why ive wasted my time investing in the show..


did sleep with at least one prostitute after being a DA. That's as bad as it gets. Whatever Will did he did it as an attorney and his clients were none the wiser which means he was able to rectify it on his own.
Peter had the public trust and was an elected official. Do you think he took bribes to do the right thing ? Of course not, he did it to act against the best interests of the people who trusted him to protect them. Who knows what real damage he caused in people's lives purely out of greed and to finance his dalliances.


@Gloria, I don't know what you're talking about, when Alicia found out about Kalinda last year she was only thinking about reconciling with Peter but they'd been apart since the start of the show. I was talking about the scandal with Peter having an affair with a hooker (implied that there were more ) being out in the open that led to them separating.
Also , I don't understand why everyone keeps harping on Alicia sleeping with Will as though it compared with what Peter did. Alicia and Peter are separated and only pretending to still be together for the sake of appearances. I think they're even legally separated if the writers cared to go into such details because they seem to have separate financial lives and she was regularly meeting with a divorce lawyer.
Peter cheated on his wife while they were still living under the same roof and he also did plenty of very shady things. It's been made clear to us that Peter really was a corrupt politician (Cartier bracelet bribe) and he really did sleep with at least one prostitute after being a DA. That's as bad as it gets. Whatever Will did he did it as an attorney and his clients were none the wiser which means he was able to rectify it on his own.
Peter had the public trust and was an elected official. Do you think he took bribes to do the right thing ? Of course not, he did it to act against the best interests of the people who trusted him to protect them. Who knows what real damage he caused in people's lives purely out of greed and to finance his dalliances.


After reading everyones comments I can say "yea and nea", to quote from Marie,d If she had discovered Peter's infidelity but it hadn't been made public, she would have kept her mouth shut and worked it out without separating. Her separating had nothing to do with being made public, it was hearing about Kalinda from the past and she couldn't or wouldn't listen to any explanation.
Now it seems the upcoming episode will blow the lid of the cake about her infidelity she is hiding from (she still is married) and all this bull about power players Peter is the man and Will is the whimp.

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