The Good Wife Round Table: "Two Girls, One Code"

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The Good Wife offered up Internet company shenanigans, lots of loving and not much Cary on "Two Girls, One Code."

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, our team of Carla Day, Christine Orlando and Tiffany Vogt (from discuss various developments from a strong episode. Agree? Disagree? Join our confab!


What do you make of the Chumhub case, its owner and the resolution?
Christine: I liked the judge in that case most of all. Just because he was older and losing his hearing didn't mean he was out of touch or stupid. Of course the resolution was wildly disappointing. I'm no lawyer but coming to a deal with the other side without consulting your own attorney who is working on contingency seems very wrong.

Tiffany: I found the Chumhub case fascinating and its owner just as much. Everyone was playing each other in this game of high stakes poker and, unfortunately, Lockhart Gardner got dealt the losing hand when their clients sold their company and abandoned their case.  But it certainly looks like it may have been their strategy from the start. Nicely played by them. Rotten luck for Lockhart Gardner. But that is how the game is played in big business - outside the lawyers.

Carla: Loved it. With Cary out of the DA's office, we've seen civil rather than criminal cases in Chicago this season so far. I prefer these because the sides are more complex and intriguing to see play out. The Chumhub case was realistic and brought up quite a few internet issues. The outcome was a letdown. Those girls made a huge mistake. The owner is slimy and was just taking advantage of them.

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The affair/scandal storyline: Sizzle or fizzle?
Christine: Fizzle but funny. I liked the reversal and the look on Alicia's face when Ely told her what the little tart said about her having an open marriage. Still, it would have been more intense if there had been some proof of Alicia and Will.

Tiffany: I really thought Peter was on the hook for another cheating scandal and they had me believing he was about to be busted. So it was sizzling in that it helped build the tension for that final scene where Alicia kissed Peter. That was hot!

Carla: Fizzle, for now. I'm not convinced the story is over. That reporter isn't going to stop investigating Peter and Alicia until she finds something. Based on her questions and information she provided, she knows more than she has let on.

What is Kalinda doing with Lana and Nick?
Christine: I used to like Kalinda. She was smart and mysterious. Now she comes across as messed up and manipulative. She's using Lana as a distraction and I'm not sure if she stays with Nick because she's scared or that on some level she enjoys this sick, twisted game? Either way it's making me want to change the channel.

Tiffany: Gotta love how Kalinda finds sneaky was to outmaneuver her diabolical husband. Nick is a nasty piece of work. The eggs scene turned my stomach and I was hoping she's stab him with that knife. But she certainly laid him out when he confronted her in the bar and she aligned herself with a powerful ally. It would be interesting if Nick did go after Lana and go thrown in prison for it.

Carla: I hope she went to Lana's for love and comfort, rather than to set Nick up. Kalinda is manipulative, but using Lana is beyond acceptable especially since she seems to be in the dark about Nick. Sure, she's an FBI agent, but that doesn't mean she'd be safe from an unexpected attack. Though, Kalinda needs to get rid of Nick.

Is Matt Czuchry being underutilized on the show?
Christine: Woefully under used. He's one of my favorite characters and we're lucky to get him for one scene each week. Cut Nick out and give me Cary back.

Tiffany: Cary is just biding his time. He always looks like he's got nothing up his sleeve, then he took subtly does something we weren't expecting. Can't wait to see what he's doing. I'm sure he would not be pleased how Kalinda is being stalked and harassed by her husband. Might be cool to see that he's been keeping tabs on that situation to make sure Kalinda doesn't actually kill the guy.

Carla: When Cary was in the DA's office, he was regularly pitted against Alicia. Now, that he's in the firm, it's like the writers don't know what to do with the character. I miss seeing Czuchry in action.

The kiss. React!
Christine: Eh. Kind of boring. I saw more passion between Alicia and Will talking on the phone than in Alicia and Peter's kiss.

Tiffany: I'll say it again: it was HOT! Very unexpected and rewarding. Not sure where it will lead, but I'm in.

Carla: Peter didn't cheat this time and he gets a kiss? I don't get what is going on with Alicia right now.

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Oh Please, Alicia and Will are the furthest thing from Over. Its sooo obvious he still loves her and they have so much chemistry!
Plus there are way more Willicia fans :P


will and alicia is dead, let it go fools, dead air time. this nick character and nothing for cary is killing show. ridley has screwed the pooch, it is losing viewers right and left. it will most likely get cancelled, it's on several watch lists and for good reason. It has lost it's mojo and way. shame on you ridley scott! you and your team had a great show and you lost your way! never should have busted up kalinda and alicia, their friendship was a big part of foundation of this show.


There isn't any chemistry between Will and ALicia it is pure SEX only, this is her way of getting back at Peter but her consceince is eating her up. Will thinks he can get a fast piece because she is around, If I were her I would tell him to take leap off the tallest building in Chicago and drop dead.

Beverly brooks

Please more Cary time. Get rid of that Nick character!!!! He is one of the most undersirable character I have seen on tv in a long time.


I am in the majority that says the Kalinda storyline is just weird. She has been portrayed as such a strong woman over the 1st 3 seasons, why would be be permitting him to stay in her life? Supposedly he was so evil she changed her identity to leave him but now she is ok with him being around? Not sure what is going on with Lana either but I do like her.
As far as Peter and Alicia, I just don't get what she is thinking. I agree that her and Will have way more chemistry. Poor Will. I wish he could just get over her. I am sure, though, that this development is just another chapter in that book.
And yes, please give poor Cary a decent storyline. He's a great actor. And LOVE Nathan Lane. Have been so impressed by his guest arc.


WTF...Alicia kissing Peter, well I be damn! She's going back to that creep. Find Will and woman soon, he deserves better than he's getting from his friend and former FU_K BUDDY, Mrs Florrick!


I agree with Christine in her feelings about the bizarre turn Kalinda's character has taken and the lack of storyline for Cary. Too much information about the first and not enough about the second. Even though the Nathan Lane character wasn't mentioned, I must applaud the writers for using him in a non flamboyant way and showing us his range of acting ability.


I could care less who Alicia chooses actually, but the show has never never left with me much doubt about her commitment and love for Peter. Her fling with Will was necessary, but they are over. I wish people would let it go.


@DW I Think even Matt Czuchry is fed up about the fact he's always the last one they care about. Nick, Lana, Guest stars, other cast members, other's never his turn to shine. And if they didn't realize how much they've already wasted him last year and if they though it was a good idea to devote 10 or more episodes to Nick, instead of writing finally something good, meaty and consistent for Cary I can't be confident about what they could do with him in next episodes.


Agree with Christine re A/P....WTF was that kiss about? He gets a kiss for not cheating?? Way to set the bar nice and low there, Alicia. Ugh to both her and Kalinda

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