The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Rager"

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What is the deal with Connor? Just how much of a bad ass is Jeremy? Is Rebekah beyond redeemable at this point?

In the latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table, staff members Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella, Miranda Wicker and Eric Hochberger gather around to breakdown "The Rager," answering all these questions and more.

Won't you pull up a virtual chair and join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Elena's keg stand. That was damn impressive. She's taking the wrong approach to this vampire thing. Forget learning how to subside on human blood in a calm manner. She should be winning state gymnastic titles for the Mystic Falls Timberwolves.

Dan: Damon and Klaus: Vampire Vampire Hunter Hunters. I loved seeing these two team up to take down the big bad hunter. It may not have been as brotastic as Damon and Ric, but it came in a close second.

Miranda: It feels too easy to just say Damon shirtless. But yeah, probably Damon shirtless. Followed closely by, oh yeah, Damon shirtless. And then Damon swooping in just as Elena's about to KILL MATT to save the day. If only he'd been shirtless.

Eric: There was a shirtless Damon? Didn't even notice. I was too busy getting giddy over the return of Phoebe Tonkin. Honestly, could there have been a better werewolf for Tyler for play around with in the Appalachians?

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

Did Tyler really cheat on Caroline?
Matt: Not to go all Ross and Rachel on you, but weren't they on a break? I'm pretty sure typical dating rules don't apply when one goes into the mountains to break a sire bond.

Dan: Have you seen Phoebe Tonkin? Yeah, he probably did.

Miranda: I feel like there's a joke about animal instincts and urges in here somewhere, but no, I don't think he cheated. I think they have a bond because of what he went through and it makes him uncomfortable, but Caroline is still his number-one girl.

Eric: No man should have to choose between Candice Accola and Phoebe Tonkin. Like Klaus and Dan, I'm going to assume the worst in our boy Tyler. He's a hybrid. Not Superman.

More shocking development: Jeremy actually being a bad ass, Klaus saving Connor's life or April apparently living alone?
Matt: While he official bad ass-ery may still be in question, I'm giving the nod to Jer. I wasn't bored by him for a change! I was surprised he played such a vital role in the Connor sneak attack and especially intrigued by the possibility of him working on his status as a hunter. What's next, TVD? Bonnie smiling?!?

Dan: Jeremy is not a bad ass. Like was mentioned during the episode, him saying that he was made the whole thing null and void. He can put on as much weight as he wants, Jeremy will always be a little twerp.

Miranda: Jeremy stepped into bad ass territory when he chopped the hybrid's head off with a meat cleaver, and the only adults living in Mystic Falls are the Mayor and the Sheriff, so the only possible answer here is Klaus saving Connor's life. Damn Klaus, always having all the answers.

Eric: Damon nailed it. If Jeremy has to label himself a bad ass, he still ain't one. And we all know The Vampire Diaries no longer kills off its bad guys. So clearly the biggest shock belongs to April. But it wasn't April living alone or drinking massively underage at a party. It was the fact the party was in the middle of the day during the week. Pretty sure I didn't discover day drinking until college.

If Stefan were to write a book, what should he title it?
Matt: Salva-BORE: Why Good Guys Rarely Win.

Dan: The Rippaahhhhhhhh.

Miranda: Funsucker: How To Be the Most Boring Vampire Ever in 164 Years or Less.

Eric: Rippah to Boring: In One Season or Less. Honestly, though, I wouldn't waste my time writing it if I were him. Much too small of a target market. New Vampires? Well, if you insist on it Stefan, I'd either start with a blog or go the self-published route on Amazon before I dare faced a publisher.

Do you feel any sympathy for Rebekah?
Matt: Yes, and that's not all I'd like to feel when it comes to Rebekah!!!

Dan: How much sympathy is the better question, and the answer is "loads of it." I don't care how much evil someone has inside of them, when Rebekah puts on the pouty face, I'm a sucker every time. I hope that everyone comes around on her and she becomes part of the gang. Oh, that will never happen? Well, a guy can dream.

Miranda: Not in the least. Sorry, Dan. Can we dagger her - again - and shove her back in a coffin already?

Eric: I'm torn. Pros: Poor girl had quite the scary cray cray for a brother in Klaus. And, let's be honest, who hasn't wanted to kill Matt or Elena once or twice these past few seasons? Cons: She killed Alaric. Okay, you're right. Bitch must die.

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i think you guyyss are being a bit too harsh on stefan :P am i the only one who find him interesting ? Theere needs to be characters in the show who are san.]e, and stefan is one of them.

David and sabrina 2014

Some events will go pretty shocking but I can't wait to see what else will happen in season 4. =O


1. The banter between Dr. Meredith and Damon in the creepy trailerpark house. She is channeling Alaric and I will take anything that involves dear ol' Ric. 2. He definitely went to an nth base. Why else would he insist that Caroline leave? 3. Alaric believed in Jeremy once upon a time, so I will give the twerp a chance. So, Klaus saving Connor. Because the adults are just accessories in Mystic Falls. That or psychopathic, murder-suicidal old men apparently. 4. Nice Guys Finish Last. 5. I love everything Rebekah more than even Alaric, so yes. The ring stealing was brilliantly cruel. No show in high school can be complete without a vindictive, hot bitch to constantly antagonize and bully and pout.

Strawberry fields

Favourite scene - Damon and Klaus teaming up. Two most bad ass vampires ever, together on a mission. That's all I need to be perfectly happy. Did Tyler cheat? First of all, it was really great to see Phoebe Tonkin again. And second of all, could any guy resist her? In the name of girl solidarity - if he cheated, he's dead to me. In the name of being relistic - I wouldn't really blame him. More shocking - Klaus saving Connor. What the hell is "The Five"? Stefan's book - I think Matt pretty much nailed it. "Salva-BORE", LOL :D As for Rebekah - wouldn't everybody be damaged after a thousand years with a family like hers?


1. For me the scene with Damon and Dr. Fell was quite a nice scene, she doesn't know him very long but she knows him well enough to know that he will not leave Mystic Falls, his brother and most importantly Elena. Glad there is someone who knows Damon as much as Alaric did. 2. I think that if he didn't at least go to 2nd base with Hayley then Tyler is gay. But then again when he told Klaus how he broke his bond. That he used his Love for Caroline, I doubt he did. Tyler is the one character who has had the most development since the pilot 3 years ago. 3. April living alone, how is it that no one would take a high school teenager whose father was a pastor. Ridiculous! How can writers think that is plausible in the least. 4. My brother and I are in love with the Petrova Doppelganger. 5. I do, but sometimes she makes it hard to like her at all. She needs to get over her hatred for Elena because she wasn't the cause of her problems.


Hahah you guys are great=hilarious. OK listen, Phoebe Gulf of Tonkin is hot no question, but thats it. She doesnt have Rebecca's how shall I say? DEPTH. no seriously, Rebecca is a complicated hot mess , very attractive in a bar on a dark friday night. Pheobe is like: all available, all toffee. No challenge. hot legs though. so whatevs. Klaus and Damon are awesome together. totally quip of each other and have the same rhythmn. Dynamite snark duo. Ive never been as down on Elena as some readers here. She's like the perfect girl a man would want to settle down with: beautiful, good values, sweet, compassionate. I do like seeing her little "fighting kitten" side coming out as she tests her vampire wings. Stefan needs to juice up a bit. He talks as if the weight of the world is on his butt. Paul Wesley is much more sparky in interview than Stefan is on screen. Connor is great. Its no surprise Klaus saved him because he did say "the five" join the dots with "Connor is joining the cast". do love me some elite ninja hunters fighting elite original vampires. All these elites makin mah head spin!


1.My favorite scene was when Klaus told Tyler " I should've killed you for that little you and your friend pulled" Pure Klaus
2. Yes, you should always be honest in any relationship. Forwood will break up and Klaroline will be together forever!!!!
3. Klaus saving Connor. I didn't see that coming, I wonder what Klaus knows about "The Five"?
4. Yes, "How to take human life without getting caught"
5.I don't know


1. My favori


1. Klaus Damon. Followed by shirtless Damon, and closing with the Damon-Meredith exploding kitten banter. I'm sorry, anything else happen this week? 2. I would LOVE for it to be true.. so that Klaus could move in on Caroline, but I'm guessing not. But I do think she's there to rock the boat. 3. I was actually shocked to see Klaus's face drop as soon as he heard about the tattoos, so my vote goes there. I think Jeremy went bad ass the moment he chopped off his emo hair, well, that and chopping the hybrid's head off, Stefan ripper style. 4. I have no idea, I would never by it. But probably something along the lines of - The Secret Diareis of a Forever Angsty Teen Vampire. 5. I do. I really think she's a lovely character, she's acting out of pain. I can't really hold that agains her.


Damon is hot.
Elena should be with him, just once, just ONCE.
Stefan should marry caroline because then he would actually SMILE.
Also, meredith and DAMON is going to happen. i dont want it to but it WILL. Strange no one else saw that coming.

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