The Vampire Diaries Clip: Before Damon Departs...

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What is Connor Jordan, aside from a dangerous new hunter in Mystic Falls? That much remains unclear, although there's apparently a map of some sort with clues on his arm.

What will happen to Connor Jordan once Damon gets a hold of him on The Vampire Diaries?

This Salvatore sibling makes it very clear in the following new sneak peek, which is courtesy of Thursday's "The Rager" and which revisits a deal Stefan and Damon made to conclude The Vampire Diaries Season 3.

Will Damon actually leave town? We somehow doubt it. But watch now to learn of his plans before he even considers doing so...

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me encanta damon miro la serie solo por el pero es cierto me encantaria que pueda ser feliz en algun momento.

David and sabrina 2014

I know pretty much that Damon will do whatever it takes to take out the new hunter and who knows if he'll eventually follow the deal and leave town. I can't wait for the next episode of season 4. =)


Some of you obwiously don`t watch the same show as i do..I`m a little bit sick of turning Damon into a second Spike..He never gets the girl, every girl he loved is addicted to bloodoholic Stefan and no one really cares about him without trying to change him on a really annoying level..If this is the Damon-Diaries, so why did everybody around gets a better storyline??..He lost his best friend and instead of anybody feeling his lost the peaople around judging him for wanting to leave. But really Stefan, he loves Elene?..Should he really stay and watching you both being happy..God, i miss Katherine..Someone in the near future should really be at Damons side..


@Amie, because this is the Damon Diaries and not the Vampire diaries. The writers are ruining this show. Everything is way way to much about him.


Am I the only one who loves Damon's tantrums? Lol I find them so adorable. Excited for the full episode! About time Damon said something, Elena has used him enough!


Oh God Damon, why are you such a wuss! Srsly, Stefan is right, Damo is making this so dramatic and as usual all about him - he is acting like a child who wants to prove a point by pouting his lips and saying well if you want me, I am going to away and make you feel better without me. Drama queen. He can't even take Stefan's punch like a man should. Hello, what did he expect that Stefan would thank him?! Damon deserved that punch he knows it. I hate the writers for making Damon into such a wussy.


Oh! I want Damon to leave and Elena to beg him to stay. The girl clearly USE Damon. Its enough...I am Delena shipper but I am so tired of thinking "Will They or Won't They?" so its better...Damon get someone else who at least loves him and not USE him...Anyways, I still hate Stefan! lolzz...


for once it would be really nice if Damon got one thank you for everything he did for Elena last season .!!!! He never gets any recognition or one acknowledgement for anything good that he does .Last season he stood by Elena and rescued her took care of her even went out in Werewolf country to bring her home .Why do the writers never give him any recognition .


I still stick to my theory that Conner is gonna be a "Ghost Rider" type being......Spirit of Vengance etc etc.


I would love for Damon to leave and take Stefan, Elena and the Originals with him. A girl can dream.

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