90210 Review: The Breaking Point

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Love triangles, schemes and sex tapes can only stay wrapped up for so long. In "The Con," everything finally unraveled for the kids on 90210. With a trip to Santa Barbara for a faux-Comic Con, all the drama that's been building up finally came to a head.

Some people found themselves in a better place, while others found themselves in a darker place than they started. This week, I think we should break it down by characters....

Naomi in Costume

Any chance this is geek speak for "everything's gonna be just fine?" | permalink

Unfortunately Naomi, that would be a resounding no. 

Naomi/Max/Alec Naomi and Alec have been in a battle for Max's affections since 90210 Season 5 kicked off. Maybe in Alec's case it wasn't so much Max's "affections" as it was just wanting to be number-one in his life. Either way, these two have been at odds. Naomi initially tried to play nice and appeal to Alec as a new friend. As you all recall, Alec did her dirty by hiring a photographer and kissing her, then giving the damning evidence to Max.

When the hack occurred, Naomi even made a last ditch attempt at covering for Alec when they initially thought it was his fault. When it comes down to it, even though she is crazy enough to start hitting a dude with a stick while in a Princess Leia costume, she really does love her husband. Too bad when the tables turned and it turns out it was Naomi's fault, Alec was more than willing to throw her under the bus.

While telling your husband he has to choose between you and his best friend isn't exactly mature, it was adult of her to admit that things were never going to change and Alec would ultimately best her. She couldn't handle however many more years of fighting. I gotta say, even though Max feels like his marriage just cost him his best friend, he really needs to take a deeper look at what an ass-bag that best friend was. He made no effort to get along with Naomi and be an adult about things.

Sorry Alec, you're out.

Navid/Silver/Liam Okay, maybe I picked up on some wrong vibes but I really felt like Silver was leaning towards having feelings for Liam again. Even if I caught a blip of that she seemed to be happy for him about his professor girlfriend and genuinely wanted to be friends again. Even if she was leaning towards Liam over Navid, do you blame her? Navid has been competing for the douchebag of the year award this season!

What happened to the sweet Navid Shirazi? Silver wasn't his girl anymore when he was away at Princeton, and Dixon saying that was just foolish considering Dixon was the very first one to date Silver! Enough with the scheming, Navid should've just asked if Silver was trying to get back together with Liam. How could he reveal that sex tape? Honestly, in our day and age, all that tape will do is catapult Liam to fame. Let's not kid ourselves. Too bad it cost Liam his new girlfriend and Navid his business partner and best friend.

Annie Annie said it herself, her picker is off. She chooses bad guys. Here's a big rule of thumb: if you have to convince yourself to be into a guy and cast away doubts, something probably isn't working. Colin was scum, Annie's gut told her so. Annie needs to get her Olivia Pope on more often and listen to her gut! I'm kind of liking her with Riley even though they got off to a rocky start. How about you guys?

Adrianna/Dixon You might be thinking Adrianna got off scot-free since she didn't have to tell Dixon the truth in the end. No way! Ade is so saddled with guilt right now and it's all of her own making. The chemistry between her and Dixon just isn't there anymore. Maybe they love each other, but they both seem to be holding on out of fear and support. Great support each other as friends, love each other as friends, but don't pretend you are in love anymore. 

Dixon was in pain, but he wasn't snapping at everyone else. Adrianna still chose to cheat. This one is going to blow up in her face big time. Dixon deserves better than a cheater. 

So there's my breakdown. What did you all think of "The Con?" Did you want to see things go differently for these couples?


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At this rate, Ade will be living alone in a small house with a bunch of cats before she's in her mid-twenties. Of course, she'll have nobody to blame but herself.


@Megan: And that makes me proud of her. Naomi is by far the most loyal character. Sure, she may scheme or have a moment of weakness, but she's never done anything as far as to date a friends bestfriend.


Jarrod Mitchell: Surprisingly, the only one who has never slept with a friend's boyfriend or ex-boyfriend is Naomi. From the group she's only dated Ethan and Liam and she was the first to do so.


'm glad Silver didn't choose him in the end. She deserves better even if it is with Liam. Nevertheless, her and Liam should really just remain friends.
As for Annie, no more guys. Just put her with Liam already!
On another note, when Dixon said to Taylor: "You don't mess with another guys girl", who is he kidding? Him and his friends have been all around the cycle of dating one another. Liam by far being the worst by dating his sister! Though I am for Lannie, Addixon/Sixon/Nivanna and Maxomi, have these characters not realized they're all bed hoppers? Not to mention, if you add Ivy, Ethan and Teddy to the equation, it expands further. These characters need to get their crap together, because that line was the most ignorant thing I've ever heard.


This was probably the best episode of the season in my opinion.
Though I am inclined to agree that the chemistry between Addixon isn't there anymore, I personally blame the writers. They've written it in the way that Adrianna will forever be the same and that Dixon will forever be the same. They haven't paired them together as a couple this season. They've just made them a really boring couple who argue all the time, so when Adrianna did cheat, her actions were justifiable. However, I do believe that Dixon deserves better after that.
After everything Naomi has been through this season, honestly, I supported her choice of words. I do agree it was immature, but the entire battle between Alec and herself was immature to begin with. Glad Max choose is wife. See yah, Alec!
Can we honestly just kill off Navid? His character has been so boring and I don't understand why he's still here. I wish he had stayed at Princeton. I'm sick of his clingy attitude of "Silver is mine". I'm glad Silver didn't choose him in the end. She deserves better even if it is with Liam. Nevertheless, her and Liam should really just remain friends.
As for Annie, no more guys. Just put her with Liam already!

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Any chance this is geek speak for everything's gonna be just fine?