90210 Review: Trust Falls

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Beverly Hills, what a thrill! When Max wanted to take Naomi on a camping trip, things weren't quite as fun as they were in Troop Beverly Hills, but there were interesting developments nonetheless.

"Into the Wild" was all about Naomi trying to tell Max about that certain kiss.

Ryan Lochte on 90210

Here's a refresher: Two weeks ago, Naomi Clark-Miller - as she's apparently calling herself - attempted to butter up her husband's business partner Alec. Little did she know that Alec was setting her up in order to make it look like they kissed and she betrayed Max. Somehow in this whole equation, Alec told Max what he did and Max ended up mad at Naomi for NOT telling him.

Max wasn't mad that his best friend and business partner set up his wife to make it look like they were kissing. Instead, he was peeved Naomi didn't share it with him right away. Did it ever occur to Max that Naomi was scared of his exact reaction? She was afraid he wouldn't believe her, would turn away from her and ultimately side with Alec no matter what. I'd say Naomi's fears were confirmed. Yes, trust is important, but shouldn't that trust extend to believing that your husband's business partner isn't scheming against you?

I'm Team Naomi on this one, sorry Max.

Speaking of trusting people, Silver should know better than to sign off on having nude photographs taken without reading the fine print. I know she's stressed, but have the words "nude photos" ever ended up linked to something positive in a sentence? No. It always ends up that they were leaked, hacked and are now all over the Internet. I have to say that this new side of Silver could be interesting, though. If it makes her feel sexy and more alive then sure, go for it.

Adrianna got a little too into the pole dance training. Did she really think that the dancing and performing a sexy song for Taylor was going to result in nothing happening? Fat chance. He's hot, she's hot, it was the perfect moment for something to transpire. From the looks of the previews, a lot more will continue to happen next week. I would just hate to see Dixon so heartbroken, especially when he's got crappy people in his life like Navid.

Navid was very harsh. How could he speak that way to one of his best friends? Since when is Navid all about "image?" Ummm... your dad owned a porn studio and hired underage girls, nice try. Good thing Liam is able to be a good friend while he tries to sway his business teacher into thinking he's a serious student. She's a little judgmental considering she doesn't know the kid, but we shall see what happens.

Oh yeah, Ryan Lochte had a cameo and it was not even close to as funny as his 30 Rock one. What did you all think of this week's episode? Hit the comments! 


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Well I don't think it was that bad of an episode. Writers obviously addressed how different Liam is now compared to how he was introduced 4 seasons ago. So much have happened since then, his family, his love life and the accidental fame and fortune that was given to him last season that it caught up with him and ultimate lost himself in the process. Liam acknowledged that fact and expressed his yearning to take back control of his life and regain who he was. Trust have been the theme of the entire episode and we know that the gang have always have trust issues, I think this is the first time that this have been come to light. I like that Dixon, who's still recovering and coping from his accident, can't just chill out and let someone like Navid to belittle him. Before, they would have a big fight then suddenly make up and be friends again. Navid broke Dixon's trust but I understand that it's not personal on his end, he should have trusted Dixon enough to share him his concerns. Might put a wedge between their bromance but should recover quickly than what transpired in the hour. Dixon's been a childish jerk so him exciting revenge on Navid is no surprise because of his characterization. However, being a PWD (for at least until he fully recovers) is fueling him into proving that he can do things that he know he can. A bit of a flawed perception on his end but sure, let's give him a chance to prove us and Navid wrong. To share, my professor in college would actually not allow his students to orally present a report if their written output is not up to par with his standards. Would come to a point that he'd throw it in the trashcan (and rip it to shreds) without even reading it so it's basically a regular occurence for those who have experienced his terror tactics. Liam should prove to her that he's not some dude who just happened to take some class to get quick credit and go. At least he wisened up knowing that finishing an education could lead him to new heights in life. As for Naomi, she had issues with trust and have underlying fears, as anyone would in their own situation. It's an inner struggle that she wants to overcome even if failures would often dampen her spirit. I believe a takedown plan is in order next episode. 90210 is such an underrated show I don't understand the hate some people are giving.


Type. Personally I think she needs to be serious.
Annie, I just don't see the connection with Collin. I think it would be great for her to actually do something, instead of just dating guys. Se should hit her head and remember that she wanted to be an actress.
I hope next episode is more promising.


I did not like this episode at all.
Naomi was the character I felt for.
Liam, well, he is the exact opposite of season 1. I hope we don't have to see the diva side of him EVER again.
Navid, well, he hasn't had a storyline since he left for Princeton in season 4. I don't view the liam/silver/Navid triangle as a decent SL.
Dixon is still coping, which is expected. And I'm glad that the writers are taking their time with his recuperation.
Ade...typical. Another triangle.
Silver...I just don't see her as the burlesque


I really think 90210 is stepping up it up this year and I like how the show is forcing the characters to fave their fears and acknowledge their shortcomings so they can grow.. Ades dance was very sexy and she should just break it off with Dixon cuz they've been growing apart for awhile now..I felt so bad for Max and Naomi I know she shudve told him but I can empathize with her as to y she didn't.. Also thank god Liam is realizing how much of a pussycat he's become


Dixon/Ade/Taylor = Max/Naomi/Austin it's the same old storyline..


Naomi needs plan some serious revenge on Alec! As cute as he is he shouldn't be trying to sabotage his best friend's relationship! Naomi was really scared about Max's reaction idk why he would be so disappointed in her! So I'm Team Naomi also!
Silver's storyline is weak. I would rather her get pregnant already. This whole exotic dancer thing is silly. I get she wants to live life to the fullest before being tied down but she could have found a different outlet.
Ade needs to break up with Dixon. Her and Taylor are too cute. I love Dixon but he can definitely find someone better.
Navid isn't that caring friend anymore he's just a snob and I guess he's showing his true colors.
I kinda need the writers to make Liam a regular guy again. This whole "Hollywood Liam" needs to take a rest. Now that Vanessa's out of the picture it's boring! I think he's going to develop a relationship with his professor.
I never liked Annie in last 2 seasons but I'm really coming around to her. Her new love interest seems nice.


I loved Adrianna's storyline. There was something special about Tayler and her, hot and steamy. I hope Tayler is staying on the show!!!
I don't see why is she even with Dixon and they don't make a cute couple.

Sarah silva

I liked this episode BUT seriously did they really think the viewers would not notice that Naomi's pool is alot bigger and completly different and same with her back yard!
Anyways on to the episode. Naveed really was a jerk to Dixon and I am glad at the end Dixon told him that it is Liam's club and he is opening. However the fight does not last long as next weeks preview they are buddies again.
I really like Colin he is frickin hot!!! Annie get's 2 love interests this season! About time!
I totally agree with what was said about Naomi and Max! I am team Naomi on this one too.
Ryan Lochte said he was so nervous about the lines he had, if he really had trouble with 3 little lines then he should not get into showbiz like he said he wants to!!


Have you seen Naomi's face when she was checking Alex's pic at the end of the episode? - my guess is that the B is back, which is great! As for Navid and Dixon - both of them should be killed off or becoming another gay couple and run away into the sunset - too boring. Silver's storyline should be fun! And also they need to bring Ethan back at least for 100 episode!


Can anyone answer this question for me? How are suppose to feel about these characters? Are we suppose to hate, love, feel empathy. I'm confused about who these characters are week to week. Is Silver going to be a stripper now? Season 1 Silver would have never done this. What was the point of redeeming Adrianna to ruin her again? Where is the character development. Dixon, please for the love of God catch a clue. And, I'm truly convince that someone either doesn't like the character or doesn't like Tristan on this show. Will anyone fight for their relationship? Does any of these characters have integrity?

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