Arrow Episode Promo: A Royal Flush

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How do you follow up a five-star episode of Arrow?

That's the (welcome) change in front of producers, but they appear up to the task, as next Wednesday's "Legacies" will introduce fans to The Royal Flush Gang, a gang of bank robbers chronicled in the comic books on which this series is based.

Look for Diggle to offer Oliver some advice in terms of helping Starling City residents and for Moira to confront her son about his string of disappearances.

Watch the official promo now:

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OMG SO EXCITED FOR THE ROYAL FLUSH GANG!!! I'm a comic fan and this show just seems to be getting better and better. LOVE Stephen Arnell as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. Can't wait for the story to flesh out. Hope it doesn't get cancelled before it has the chance...


I'm glad the show is introducing cool villains, but I hope they aren't just one & done's & will be in other episodes, Deathstroke was cool & had awesome character design, don't really like the look of the royal flush gang or Deadshot, hopefully they actually develop the villains who are actually capable of giving Oliver a fight instead of the already boring mob bosses & there mob gangs, the show is good & I look forward to it every week, but I would like if they showed more Arrow action than banter between Oliver & Detective Lance.. & need to see more Deathstroke lol !


I actually enjoy the Diggle and Oliver pairing, so I can't wait to see them take these two on.


From what I understand, they do plan to do a big bad type thing that all these better shows do (separate from these separate incidents and "the list") and that person is being introduced a bit later (you know just about the time they officially got word they got picked up for a full season).


They have introduced many villains. The question remains: will they make good use of them and give them enough storyline access? Or do they only serve to strenghten our understanding of the Green Arrow character? I really hope the first, because only then the show will become a hit series.

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