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For the past few weeks on of Arrow, we've had Oliver tell us how he came home from the island to right the wrongs committed by his father and others in Starling City. Everything was based off this list Oliver got from a book of his dad's.

In "Legacies," Diggle finally convinced Oliver that there was more than one way to save their beloved city. And it was awesome to watch.

Diggle vs. Arrow

Not every bad guy is going to be found on Robert Queen's hit list. By the way, it was very cool how we finally found out how the names showed up in the book. I've never heard of writing that shows up only when paper is held to smoke/fire. Does that mean Oliver might've thrown away part of it?

Despite a poetic plea by Oliver, Diggle ultimately convinced him that other people needed saving. 

I don't fight the street crime. That's a symptom of what's wrong with this city. I'm trying to cure the disease. | permalink

While that was very well-spoken of Oliver, it really isn't true. Yes, there are larger fish to fry, but lest he forget that his father "wasn't that man he thought he was." Robert Queen wrecked havoc on more than his fair share of Starling City citizens. That's what made this episode so interesting. Oliver really was doing justice for wrongs done by his parent. His father cost those people their jobs, denied them severance and became the reason a lot of them turned to crime.

The Royal Flush Gang was a product of desperation. The father wanted to maintain some dignity by refusing to take a job from the son of the guy who screwed him over. Perhaps he should've chosen to do someone other than be a criminal? Not exactly any pride in that, buddy. Still, I felt bad when he got shot in the end. They never set out to use the guns or kill people and his son went rogue when he shot that cop. That should've been the biggest sign to get out of the game.

I think Diggle is a good influence on Oliver, but my God do they need to come up with some better excuses for bailing on things when they need to go rescue people.

"Something's come up," just isn't going to cut it. And I hate to say this about my ab-licious sexy vigilante, but sometimes Stephen Amell's dialogue is a little cheesy and forced, particularly the voiceovers. I'd feel worse about saying this if I didn't read that most of you already wrote this in the comments. Glad we are on the same page!

I loved the family bonding that happened this week. Oliver, Thea and Moira need to interact more. The ending scene in the burger joint was especially sweet, even if I'm not sure about Moira's moral compass quite yet. There were lots of "Speedy" mentions. Might we see action from Thea's character sooner than we thought? 

Was this the first time you all picked up on Thea's crush on Tommy? It was for me, although I do recall him noting how hot she'd gotten in the pilot. It's too bad for her that Tommy is making a full play for Laurel. Besides, you can't fool around with your best friend's ex and your best friend's sister all at once. That's just awkward. We all know how romantic entanglements have fared for this group in the past... 

What did you all think of this week's episode of Arrow? Did you like seeing Oliver break away from the list? Are you into Laurel and Tommy together? Hit the comments!


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I am surprised by the quality of the Green Arrow plotline by CW and look forward to watching it every week. It takes time to build a good series.. as long as they don't make it too cheesy/corney. It was years ago that I read the comics, but I do recall somebody stating that they wish Laurel and Oliver work together. Green Arrow and Black Canary are married in the comics, with her real identity being Diane Laurel xxxx. I can only assume that they fight crime together in the future with a long story arc.


I don't get why people are picking on Amell. I think he does a great job at portraying such a damaged and broken guy. If you had read articles, they had made it clear why Justin Hartley was not chosen, nor asked. Amell, to me seems like someone who can actually switch between all these personalities and personas he has to put on to his family, friends, enemies, party guests, etc. I may seem really impersonal at times, but if you had been watching the series, you'd understand why he acts so broody.
As for this episode, I throughly enjoyed it. The Royal Flush Gang introduction was outstanding and I appreciated what direction the writers took it in.
In regards to Tommy and Thea, I think it'll defiantly happen down the line once Oliver and Laurel make their way back into each others arms.
Moira's interaction with both Thea and Oliver was enjoyable and it was great to see what they could do with family time. The ending scene between her and Oliver was outstanding.


OK, a few things. Arrow is my fav new TV show first off. Second off, I never read the comic, so the guy in the funny mask last week, or the guys in the funny mask this week, do nothing for me, they are OK, I just don't get giddy over them. The show needs to do two things to keep me enjoying. First off, Laurel and Arrow need to work together, and either Ollie or Arrow and her need to lead most eps for me to enjoy the show, Tommy needs to find a different hobby, he steals time from the A team. These shows only get 2 doz eps or so to make their 'mark', gotta keep the A team on screen. Second, the show has to keep the fight scenes, and the disguise / hiding from public somewhat real, practically anyone with half a mind should be able to figure out he is the masked vigillante, and sorry, armed with only an arrow, the scenes have to make sure they don't get too fake. Still, I like the show, hope it makes it.


I agree ... Justin Hartley should of been rockin the green.Not Mr.Robot-o


I like this series, but i swear for all the realism they are trying to achieve he sure does like to dodge bullets a lot.


You never wrote with lemon juice on paper and then held it to a flame? That kind of invisible ink is classic kid's stuff. And I agree about Arnell - Bring back Justin Hartley.


I also agree with everyone about how stiff the actor is when he's Oliver, & plus the face he makes he when his pissed like when he flund out Diggle tricked him is real cheesy aswell. I really only watch this show bc I love the Green Arrow, I started falling asleep at the end of the episode, the show needs to do something to spice it up, Laural at her office is getting boring also & I'm still baffled at how Thea is only 17 & they allow her to do drugs, drink & go to Adult nightclubs


★★☆☆☆TV @ fortyseven and lk_vomit , I'm barely holding on as well. Mostly for the genre as it beats any procedural. Arrow needing Diggle to tell him there's more than one way to clean up a city. Okay, I'll give but Oliver Queen can't be that naive. Money is power as his list has shown us. Why not use his for more than just buying arrows. Thea's crush was out of left field and terrible writing. Laurel is still difficult to root for or even like. Moira is getting better as I liked her scenes. Flashbacks - don't need them every week. Oliver Queen needs more scenes where he isn't 3 words from leaving a room. It's annoying. We get it, he's Arrow.

Sarah silva

I love this show! Every week the episodes are superb!
I guess I am the only one that does not find his voice overs cheesy. I actually like them. Stephen Ammell has a soft, smooth sexy voice and there really is not way he can toughen that up and that is not a bad thing! I could listed to him talk all day long!
I loved the scene when he and Diggle were training that was one HOT scene.
I too think they have to come up with better excuses but it still seems to work.
No Detective Lance this week.
I do not want to see Tommy with Thea, she is only 17 and he is 27. Maybe wait a few years on that one. We all know Laurel will end up with Oliver and I think she was pushing Tommy way and pretending not to like him because Oliver is back.
Seeing Oliver and Moira at the end was sweet and I too am not 100% sure about her yet.
I think Diggle is good for Oliver, they make a good team.


I really liked this episode. I liked that Diggle got Oliver to deal with people not on the list. While that's a long list, how long was that going to last if Oliver takes one out every episode. I slightly wish the family didn't have ties to Oliver's father; I find it hard to believe that EVERY single problem in that city can be traced back to his dad. But I'm glad he's becoming a true "hero" and I loved Diggle's speech to him about being a hero. Plus the way Diggle tricked him into helping was great. I agree the "something's come up" excuse is lame, but maybe once he gets that club actually running it will make more sense. And I agree that his lines are a bit cheesy sometimes; I like Oliver more when he loosens up and isn't in vigilante mode. I'm all for Laurel and Tommy, it is way too soon for Laurel and Oliver to get back together. As for Tommy and Thea, well I don't see how it's strange for Thea to have a crush on her older brother's friend. Soing something about it...well no that shouldn't happen and I'm glad Tommy acted the way he did. He handled the situation well.

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I don't fight the street crime. That's a symptom of what's wrong with this city, I'm trying to cure the disease.


It sounds like you have a narrow definition about being a hero.