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Is it just me... or did this not feel like the same Bones we've been watching for the past several episodes? Because this didn't feel like the same show. In fact, this felt like a return to the old Bones, pre-Christine maybe.

While "The Patriot in Purgatory" didn't do anything in the way of advancing the plot for this season, it was moving and engaging in a way the past few weeks haven't been, leaving me hopeful for what's to come.

Booth in Uniform

I have to admit that I went into tonight's episode a bit skeptical. Cam's preparation of the squinterns and the five of them practically tripping over one another to figure out the mystery of the remains on the table set a tone of silliness that was perpetuated by Bones channeling her inner basketball coach.

As we covered last week, Fisher isn't my favorite, and I anticipated another episode centering not on our main duo, but on the peripheral characters who flesh out the cast. Bones as "coach" felt out of character and borderline ridiculous, particularly when she handed out butt-slaps after assigning the squinterns the task of identifying the as-yet unidentified remains.

I understand the need for comic relief in the midst of tragedy, and I know that was the purpose of the basketball coach imitation, but after viewing the episode and looking at it as a whole, the comedic moments tonight felt unnecessary because of how purpose-driven this episode was with regards to uncovering both the identity of the man and how he died.

To me, this hour didn't feel like a tragedy. It felt like a tribute both to an infamous day in our nation's history and to the characters we know and love.

This was a perfect balance of the motivations of both the main and supporting cast. We were able to understand what inspired each of them to seek the identity of the homeless man and solve his death.

Booth saw a fellow soldier who deserved dignity, a man who died a hero. Brennan and the squinterns felt compelled to use their science to help those bones find rest. Cam was in New York on 9/11 and witnessed that horror firsthand. Angela is a sweet spirit and gentle soul who sees the dead as the people they were instead of bones on a table. Hodgins, who would ordinarily have a conspiracy theory at the ready, had none.

Booth's desire to carry out the mission of Tim Murphy was compelling, as was Bones' desire to give Booth what she knew he neede: -closure for a man whom he saw as a fellow soldier. This gave us that connection between Booth and Bones that seems to have been missing in the past few weeks.

As the squinterns had their heated moments and shared their stories of where they'd been, I found myself rapt and invested in hearing their tales. None of the characters tonight felt like caricatures. They all felt like friends.

Despite the fact that I'm a television reviewer, I'm also a spoiler-phobe. I usually go into episodes knowing only what's been released to the public.

I knew that tonight would be about September 11th, but I didn't know how much the episode would affect me. How it would gently force me to remember where I was and what I was doing that morning in 2001 when planes crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

Many shows have tried to pay homage to 9/11 and few, I think, have done it in a way as nice as Bones did tonight. Bravo, Bones.

Did you think "The Patriot in Purgatory" was as well done as I did?


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I think that this episode was the best so far this season. It had enough balance between cracking jokes, and cracking the case. I personally thought all the actors/actresses did a phenomenal job. I could really feel their emotion. I don't think Arastoo went over the top, he was just defending his religion. His main point (and he said in an interview because the actor himself is Muslim) was that just because a group of men did something terribly horrific, it doesn't mean that everyone who follows that religion are bad. He stood up for what he believed. I think we got to see a much deeper side of Fischer tonight, as well. Yes, we did see the funny/sarcastic side, but he was the one to start the conversation. (Even if he did start by saying, "In the looney bin...") Every one of the five were starting to get teary-eyed. I believe the writers/producers are opening it up to have maybe more than just one squintern for an episode. No, maybe not every episode, but now at least they will know how to work as a team, should they ever need to again. There are many possibilities now that they have bonded. On to Brennan's coaching, I think it was just the amount of funny we needed to balance out the content of this episode. She at least had me laughing my head off. Yes, it was too much about basketball. But, we all know how Brennan is- she gets fixated on one topic, and tries to relate everything to it. It is just how she thinks. I thought it was a weird subject, especially for Bones, but she made it hilarious. So, I think this episode was fantastic. It had me laughing, crying, and remembering; and that is a hard thing to do in a 45-minute span. Awesome job!


Excellent episode, one of the best, right amount of balance b/t all characters. Only part that was overdone was Arastoo's initial rant and the butt slapping. Brennan could have still brought the squints in for her team building, but left off the sexual harassing scene. Moments b/t B & B were golden. Loved how caring and emotional Booth was for a person he never knew. Great job.


Finally watched an episode of Bones all the way thru. Reminded me that on that day I was 5 1/2 months pregnant with my first child, watching the horror unfold on tv and wondering what kind of world my baby would be born into.


Well done all the way through.
THAT'S what thia cast and writers can do if they really go all in. Miss that show lately. Thank you.


This episode reminded me a lot of the episode where they indentified the remains of the passengers of the slave ship and Angela made portraits of all of them for the Jeffersonian display. I didn't mind the basketball coach stuff; this isn't the first time Brennan has tried something different (the Jersey Shore episode comes to mind). I liked all of the interns coming together and their heart to heart about where they were deifnitely reminded me of where I was. Like Fischer I was at school, a freshman, whose friends came into class late because they had been listening to the radio. Living in Maryland in a county with one of the biggest naval bases on the east coast, we were all terrified and unsure and I will never forget that. I think this episode did a great job in paying tribute to what happened. The only other show I can think of that has done this is CSI: NY.

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