Castle Review: Meet The Parents

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Castle returned this week with "After Hours," an episode that took Castle and Beckett on the run with a witness and spent some quality time between two parents. Let’s discuss the latest hour of our favorite detective show, shall we?

The weekly case centered around the witness to a murder of a priest, who was involved with a mob family and informants. 

Castle Hiding Out

The case jumped all over the place, from having Castle and Beckett hiding with the witness... to Castle getting picked up by a mob boss... to Kate being taken hostage. Although this installment made for some great one-liners, the hour felt a little less than par when it came to Castle standards. 

The eighth episode of Castle Season 5 brought out a few TV veteran guest stars that are always welcome on my screen. Tony Denison and Patrick Fischler were perfect in their roles as the mob boss and creepy killer, respectively. Fischler just looks the part, right?

Castle and Beckett attempted to have dinner with Martha and Jim, Kate’s father. You would think this would go well. Not so much. It was a little awkward to begin with, but as expected, the parents were quite friendly by the end of the hour.

Kudos to the writing staff for continuing this relationship in an adult way. The couple has been together for some time now and meeting the family is normal. That is one of the best parts about this series. Although it is quite absurd at times, there are always realistic moments drilled into each episode.

After Thoughts:

  • Ryan and Esposito have such a great bromance. Both characters were on fire in “After Hours,” providing some of the best Castle quotes of the episode.
  • Gates is definitely softening up on Castle.
  • Are Rick and Kate’s backgrounds too different to move forward?

Overall, an entertaining episode. It jumped around just a bit too much, but the real Castle feel was back. This was very welcome considering the previous episode’s documentary style filming

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy “After Hours” or was it a bit of a let down? The series has been on a roll the majority of Season 5. Was this hour up to par or did it fall short?

Later this week, make sure to check out the Castle Round Table while we patiently wait TWO weeks until the next new Castle episode. Until then!


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kayliej, I agree with everything you said. I look forward every Monday to feel that happiness too. I smile throughout all the episodes. Another favourite in my opinion. No complaints from me! As usual, you people seem to only want one kind of episode and don't like the fact that the writers are changing things up. Like I said for the last review, every new thing they try is working perfectly. I have to force myself to stay awake to see this show and even though I'm sleepy, I appreciate all of it - I was not getting confused at all - and by the way, ALL shows have the same commercial breaks - it's how the networks make money!!! If you don't want to watch with breaks - watch it online the next day.


I loved this episode! Actually, I´m loving all season. The last 2 episodes weren´t my favourite ones, but I wouldn´t say they were bad, they just weren´t my kind... But this week the old formula was back, and I loved it. The bickering, the serious talk, the parents, Ryan and Espo, even Gates... and wasn´t expecting that twist, so... yeah, a great episode:)


No too bad, more later.
Would have liked to see them make out in the back of the cab though.
Their doing an awful of of Caskett hugging in life threatening situations and not a lot of kissing for a new couple.
As the cab pulled away I almost expected them to start making out...
ho hum..


I LOVED this episode! Loved it!
It was interesting, funny, warm and it gave us some very wonderful Caskett scenes :)


i knew he was going to be the bad guy. i swear every guy that actor plays is the wimpy pathetic guy who turns out to be the bad guy


I liked this episode. i seem to be the only person not chomping away at the episodes latley. ive not actually been let down at all this season. castle always makes me happy, unless it makes me cry lol.. anyway they needed to have an actual discussion about their relationship and im glad they did. the witness/bad guy got REALLY creepy once he reveled himself as the bad guy. i loved ryan all freaking out about the nun then smirking when she scolded espo. you could just see the *singsong "i told you so" behind his eyes! was very happy to see her run to rick and throw her arms around him. wonder when their gonna let gates in on the secret, not that im rushing it. im starting to like her more and more.


Tonights episode is really stupid and just wrong. I miss the solid flow and story line. Please fix it!!


I agree that the scenes in "After Hours" were jumping around too much. The number of commercial breaks in Castle are ridiculous and disrupt the flow of each show. Certainly that added to the disjointed feeling. Yet, I enjoyed this episode because of the great chemistry between Stana and Nathan. Even with Kate & Rick in a relationship, their terrific acting continues to move the Caskett storyline to greater emotional depths. I am, however, getting tired of the Castle writers always depicting 90% of all the mobsters in New York as being of Irish descent. Time to portray the Irish,as well as Catholic education, in a better light.

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Castle Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Ryan: Catholic school is like combat. If you haven't been there, then you don't know.
Esposito: I have been combat.

Ryan: We're interviewing a nun?
Esposito: Yeah. And I'm going to be the good cop and you're going to be the bad cop...