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"Swan Song” was an episode centered around the murder of a guitar player in a rock band.

A band that had been the center of a documentary, that is, placing Beckett and company in front of the cameras. Did this formula work? That’s debatable. So let's do so, TV Fanatics...

Hold Espo Back!

The weekly case featured the twists and turns that we are used to as Castle fans, but the documentary style approach made things quite a bit different. It was fun and made for some hilarious moments from the characters, but it didn’t make the hour one of the series' best.

Esposito really took center stage, showing off his personality in a great way. This by far was a highlight. His singing, his muscles and his making sure his best angle was in view were awesome.

Seriously, have you been to the man's gun show?

Even Gates was a lot softer... for a while. And Stana Katic was perfect in her awkwardness.And Lanie was adorable in her few moments of screen time. And Castle? Well, he was typical Castle.

It’s always interesting to see a series take a different approach, even if for just one week. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We all remember the Grey’s Anatomy singing episode, right? This seemed to work for Castle... as long as it is a one time thing. This is definitely not something I would want to see a handful of times. Am I alone in thinking that?

Swan Song Scene

What makes this show great is the clever writing, the light heartedness and the fun. All of these traits were visible in “Swan Song,” but were hidden under the layer of the documentary style approach.

After Thoughts

  • Have Ryan’s eyes always been that blue? Seriously, those things are piercing.
  • Espo should wear his shirts that tight ALL of the time.
  • The quick embrace between Castle and Beckett was so sweet.
  • Looks like we got through another week without Gates finding out about Caskett.

Overall, a fun episode but not my favorite. What did you think? Did you enjoy the different approach the series took in this installment? Sound off below to let us know what you thought of “Swan Song" and check back later this week for the Castle Round Table as take a look at the Castle quotes for some funny one liners from Espo and the gang. 

Until next week, Castle fans. 


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Much as I adore Castle, this was not one of the best and didn't really move anything along. Don't think I'll be watching this one again, unlike Always etc etc.


This was just a ridiculous episode. They overacted and it was just terrible. Come on... Castle is better than this... The last two episode were absolutely insane compared to the one with the 3xk killer.


I guess I am alone in saying that I really enjoyed this episode. We got to see a different side to the characters that we don't usually see. Of course, we all expected Castle to love the limelight, and Beckett...well, it reminded me of when Castle first started following her around. But Lanie, Ryan and Espo. We got to see a whole new side to them, which I thought was fun. Gates, yea that was kinda awkward. Of course, I'm not a huge fan of the shaking camera, but it's bearable. What really bugged me, though, was all the cuts from one angle to another, and not being able to see the camera crew in other shots. If that makes sense. i.e.: going from an over the shoulder shot of Beckett to a front shot of her, and not having the camera guy in the background. It just made it seem less like a documentary for that reason. But overall, I thought it was a pretty decent episode. :)


It was silly, but not horrid. The mugging and foolishness was over the top, it would have been more to my taste if handled with a lighter touch--- and less Esposito-- but the case was pretty good. It would have made a fine, serious episode, I think. Still, no funny business trying to scare us that Caskett are breaking up, and that is a plus. I'm sorry they are making Gates into a dingdong; she was growing on me as a serious person, a worthy successor to the late great Captain we lost. I get that 'Castle' sees itself as a comedy most of the time, but lighter touches would be better, IMO. I'm just hoping that next week's episode is not so Bickerson-bickering that it makes this week look like highbrow entertainment. (I see the witness they are protecting next week is reprising an episode of 'Burn Notice' he did.)


Filler Ep didn't ring any bells.
Cringeworthy factor X10^2.
I started to cringe at the start and didn't stop until the end
Although Stana does play P/Oed pretty damn well. :)

Sue ann

Two -- Practically the whole squad and Castle made idiots of themselves. This is something I could have entirely done without. I've seen it done before. They even did it on the Mentalist a few years back. This is my favorite show, but this was a throwaway episode.

Sue ann

I have been very consistent in my disdain for the captain. Of late, they have been playing her as an idiot, often as not, and that is not where she started. Tonight she was a very annoying sycophant to the film crew. This show already has a clown; Castle plays that role. It does not need two. Given a choice of having her be a stone cold bitch, as she started, or this inconsistent brown-noser, I will take the bitch. Actually, I would prefer a different captain, one who does not want to be an imitation man. I cringed a lot watching this episode; I will rewatch it this week when it is posted on, and see if I still do. One thing which struck me is that I could absolutely not tell the difference between one skinny, scruffy, dirty-looking, unshaven brunette musician and another, or the roadies, or the guy who turned out to be the mentor/friend. So, I never knew exactly who was in the scene. Seems to me they could change it up a bit, get some blondes, skinheads, gingers ... Practically the whole squad and Castle made idiots of themselves. This is something I could have entirely done without. I've seen it done before. They even did it on the Mentalist a few years back. This is my favorite show, but this was a throwaway episode.


I managed to finish this episode, but barely. It was one long, unfunny joke. Castle's smirking in this was never charming or funny. And putting Espo in the spotlight was a mistake. He's a secondary character for a reason. .. I realize that "Castle" is most often a "light" detective show. But this silliness took it way too far. It was the worst episode I've seen.


Take Dramamine before viewing this hand held nightmare. Actually, Iit may be great episode to watch because you may,like me, realize that there are better things to do with your life then wasting it watching crap. This is normally a good series,but i can't say much more about this episode because I turned it off after the first 12 minutes.

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