Covert Affairs Review: Baited, But Not Caught

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On "Quicksand," Annie got pulled into a trap set by Khalid.

With Auggie out of the country, she turned to Eyal for help getting out of the sticky situation. Is it too quick to trust Eyal again after his betrayal? Is she setting herself up? Or can she use him to help her?

Because Annie was correct that Eyal sacrificed himself for his agency, she was right to trust him. He cares about her and even left Mossad because of her. It's probably not the best relationship, but they seem to be able to overcome their individual agency's agendas and still work together well.

Auggie & Annie's Moment

It always comes down to the money, doesn't it? If someone goes underground, they are still going to need cash to put a roof over their head and food in their mouth. However, in Khalid's case, it was much more than that. From 50,000 to 250,000 Euros a week is quite a lot of money. 

I never considered that Megan would be the money courier between Khalid and his father, but it made a lot of sense. What wasn't as clear is why the man watching Annie ended up killing Megan. I assumed he was Khalid's man. If he wanted Annie, why didn't he just take her right at the club? Despite that oddity, Khalid's men found Eyal and Annie at the safe house.

Before they were discovered, Annie showed how much she has toughened due to her mishaps. She came to realize she couldn't save everyone. While I think Annie believed that intellectually, I'm not sure she did in her heart. It was almost as if she was trying to convince herself that she wasn't responsible for Megan. Instead of agreeing with Annie, Eyal told her to never lose her empathy. It was a touching moment for the two of them.

They have been through so much together and it was fortunate that they were able to overcome the divide that Rivka created. Their bond was further cemented when Eyal proved himself to Annie once again. He sacrificed himself so she could escape.

When Annie tracked the beacon to Amsterdam, who was on the other end of the phone? Was it Khalid? Someone else?

The mystery behind Khalid and the drone strike went beyond anything that Annie or Eyal did. How did Henry Wilcox get involved? Arthur definitely has reason to be concerned and to look into the intelligence and the drone strike more closely. Even though Henry said that he wanted to make things right, he shouldn't be trusted. Could he be helping Arthur? Perhaps, but he could just as easily have set up Arthur to take a fall as payback for Henry being put in prison or for Jai's death.

While all that trouble was happening, Auggie went on the Battle Buddies trip to Iraq. This story seemed oddly placed with the rest of the episode, but Auggie's absence was what caused Annie to turn to Eyal for help. It was a nice tribute to the men and women who have served our country and been injured in the line of duty. Auggie and Downey's discussion about the Purple Heart Medal meaning they were both lucky and unlucky was particularly moving.

The trip helped both injured men heal and come to terms with what they had been through.

What's next? Will Annie be able to bring Khalid down? Or is there much more to the story? What do you hope to see in the season finale?


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The only thing that bugs me in this episode is the color of the 100 euros bill, Come on people! You can't even search correctly the web?
Those bills are Green, not reddich-brownish ! Just sayin' Ok, ok, I'll shut up now :)


We knew they would kill off Megan, but it was nice to see them tie her relationship to what Annie was just recovering from and an ah ha moment for Annie. Sorry they dumped the Operation Proper Exit in the middle, it really needed a better tie in and story line of it's own - like maybe another operative having PTS other than Auggie. We never did get closure on him and his therapy sessions, just kind of dropped.
What ever happened to Arthur's nomination for Ambassador? or will that come back? Will Wilcox take over? I like that delivery, 'compliments of Mrs Campbell', that was a cute touch!
I would like to see her get a more active roll, although previously mentioned she didn't want to go back in the field. If they are getting rid of Eyal, then they need to bring in some fresh faces. I really hope they do more interaction with other agents, so Annie can get some broader experience and mentoring! Last show coming up, should be an interesting make or break for S3!


I'm with you @Wednesday! Okay I wouldn't be done with the show if they killed Eyal off but I would be beyond livid and it would take until July for me to recover. I love his character. I loved how he truer yo redeem himself by sacrificing himself so that she could get away. I particularly liked the touching discussion they had at the hotel where they first spent time was deep and they've both grown so much since then. It was a great episode. I'm not surprised that Megan's dead but I am surprised how it happen. I liked the Battle Buddies story and the spotlight they put on it. I'm confused on the Henry stuff but what else is new.


Oh good, I only have one more episode of #CovertAffairs to watch. Points for using a Louboutin as a melee weapon though.


I actually hope they don't set Annie up with Eyal or Auggie -- at least not right now. Simon was supposed to be the love of her life. If that's the case, she needs time to get over him before she can move on.


I agree that I like Annie with Eyal and absolutely loved her with Simon. Auggie is great but I don't want love interests at work (see how well that works for Joan?). I suppose that Auggie may declare his love next week because he has to catch Annie in between brushes with death - kind of like Rhett Butler had to catch Scarlett between husbands! Thank goodness Eyal was around to help Annie with yet another of her absurd off the book escapades - and that Joan was willing to help. I called it last week that Megan was a stupid character who would die and was not surprised she was the courier. The key to next week may be the conversation we didn't hear between Eyal and Omar. Henry Wilcox' continued manipulation of the agency from within prison walls will be explored next season. Overall, a good year for the show.


@Wednesday I don't know what show your watching to say Annie and Auggie have no chemistry.......because they definitely do and I think that will culminate with next week's season finale.......... I think this season has been the best season of this show since it started......


So help me if they kill Eyal I'm done with this show! First we lose Simon and then him, I just couldn't take it. And if they try to put her with Auggie! Yuck! It's like trying to watch her hook up with her brother. Love Auggie and love Annie, but not together as a couple. They have zero chemistry and I like them as friends and would hate to see them destroy their friendship.

Carla day

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Wow...shortest review ever! You call that a proper review?!

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