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Annie finds out that Megan Carr was killed and heads to Luxembourg to look through her belongings. Annie, posing as Megan's sister, arrives at the morgue to find that it was a trap. Megan wasn't dead and Khalid wanted to capture Annie alive. Annie contacts Eyal get get help and meets him in Zurich. Together, they track down Khalid's money source, Mr. Ansari. They go to the club with help from Joan to tag the money bag. It was Megan that was the courier for Khalid. Annie offers her an out, but she is engaged to Khalid and doesn't want to leave him. She get shot and killed when leaving the club. Khalid's men track down Eyal and Annie at their safe house. Eyal sacrifices himself in order save Annie. She heads to Amsterdam, finds a phone left for her and answers, "Hello."

While Annie was on her mission, Auggie heads to Iraq as part of the Battle Buddy program. He works with his partner Downey to come to terms with what happened to them both in Iraq. After a few initial mis-starts, the two men bond and are able to help each other heal.

Arthur meets with Henry Wilcox to find out what was going on with the faked intelligence from Mossad. Wilcox assures Arthur that the drone strike was a success and that it will be a win for Arthur. Being skeptical, Arthur looks into the DNA tests from the drone strikes and finds out they didn't get complete results. When the Congressional inquiry is cancelled, Arthur becomes more suspicious about the strike.

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After thinking that hopefully Annie had done all the damage she could do to herself, this week we saw her most rash and ill-thought out act - grabbing a fake id and traipsing off to Europe alone. At least we saw a glimmer of self-knowledge when she told Megan that the only thing she could get from loving a dangerous man was more danger. I think the key to next week's episode may be the conversation we didn't hear between Eyal and Omar. And does Auggie declare his love in the season finale because, like Rhett Butler trying to grab Scarlett between other husbands, he has to have heart-to-hearts with Annie between her brushes with death?