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A other great Showing for Criminal Minds these might be their perfect season I love it so far


She is a brilliant actress. (Dudeck). Love her to pieces. She never fails to sell the role.


Anne Dudek really has versatility in acting, it's funny as she generally only plays guest and rarely supporting roles. She sold this one easily. I especially liked how they didn't reveal the unsub immediately and when they did you still had to guess what the heck was going on.

Sidenote: Like some certain CM episodes you probably don't want to eat a large meal while watching this, LOL!


I agree with Margaret. That child is a living doll. And he is not over-exposed, as he's not a regularly-working actor, and when he's there, his mom is with him. Excellent!

I loved Rossi's remark to Reid about the high pitch of his IQ.

I remember this actress from a Castle she did, playing the ex-wife of an amnesiac. She was eerily nuts here. I guess I have gotten callous over the decades. Nothing they have done on this show has ever bothered me as much as the scene in Dirty Harry where he tortured Andrew Robinson's character, and Robinson squealed like a pig. But this was crazy nasty. She didn't do it to get off; she was nuts. Nuts unnerves me more. (It was ten years before I could watch Andrew Robinson again, and seeing him still gives me pause.)


i love that they have AJ Cook's real life son playing Henry, he's adorable!!

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