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This week the BAU faces an UnSub with severe hypochondria who has abducted four men - for personal health reasons.  Meanwhile, on the home front, J.J. is concerned that her son Henry doesn't want to celebrate Halloween.


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Whats with the narrator on season 8 episode 5 "The Good Earth"? It's totally stupid and ridiculous. I hate it. I had to force myself to finish it. Get rid of the stupid commentator. "Rossi checks his phone", "Reese picks up a bag of marijuana". No shit sherlock, I'm friggin watching it. I've been watching this show since day one. But I'm done if this continues. I'm yelling at my TV to shut the f up. Please get rid of it. Who's bright idea was that. Other friends of mine who watch it think it's ridiculous too.


I actually started to gag. Swearing and nudity is not allowed on network tv, but feeding a placenta is acceptable ????


The Good Earth. Well until this episode I thought the show had gotten off to a good start this season but I should have known that one of the crackpot writers would ruin it with the garbage on tonight. Bruce Zimmerman wrote this. I really don't like most of what he writes. He is so subpar but I digress. No wonder the ratings are falling. No wonder Paget left. I wish the writers and the showrunner would show more respect for the cast and the audience. I mean, showing the mother feeding the placenta to her daughter? Just stop it. Just stop it. Erica Messer has really ruined Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Reid: I don't like the beach.
JJ: Why's that?
Reid: Sandy food, pink skin, limited and unengaging topography. But mostly the drug resistant bacteria spread by seagull feces.
JJ: Sorry I asked.

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