Diane Farr to Check in to Private Practice

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Diane Farr will soon stop by Private Practice Season 6.

The actress (Numb3rs, Desperate Housewives, White Collar) will appear on at least two episodes of this ABC drama before it bows out, TV Guide confirms, debuting on the December 11th episode that will focus on Sheldon.

Details are scarce, but Farr will portray a woman named Miranda.

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Might she be a love interest for Sheldon?

All we know for sure is that Farr will also make an appearance on the Private Practice series finale, joining a returning Audra McDonald for that installment.

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private practice has o come back for 2013. great this year. love the cast.


Did you guys forget that Private Practice comes out today? Because it wasn't in the time calendar and it's not shown as a new episode here and well... I don't think you're posting a review about it so could you just I don't know. Acknowledge that its today and review please? Thanks


I would have preferred that the relationship Sheldon Amelia is developed instead to scamp their love affairs with two new characters that come from nowhere before the final, even if it have been (only) a friendship.


Oh no. Is this..2012... the last season for private practice? It's my favorite show!!!! Please keep it on the air to the powers of being. Please!!!!!


maybe sheldon ex-wife daugher

Spindae 2o

@Jarrod Sheldon's ex wife will appear but she already got casted i think! I fogot who it was but google it the news will appear! I'm really mad that Sheldon doesn't get enough focus this season. Hopefully he will shine a bit in this last 6 episodes!


I read somewhere that Sheldon's ex-wife was coming into the picture this season. Might this be her?


she was great in Desperate Housewives ...

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