Emily Owens, M.D. Review: Collateral Damage

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Excuse me for just a minute while I finish drying my eyes after watching Emily Owens, M.D. I'm not ashamed to admit there were some waterworks.

"Emily and...the Predator" was another stellar episode.

Scrubbing In

When it comes to a show such as this, where what we're supposed to follow each with are the stories of the main characters while there are cases-of-the-week sprinkled in, the cases usually get lost in the noise for me.

Sure, the cases are there. They're important in that they help the character discover something about him or herself. There's usually an "Aha!" moment and character or plot development occurs as a result.

But tonight was something different because the heart of the show circled around Emily's cases.

As Emily and Drs. Hamata and Bindari gave the couple and their surrogate their options, my heart sank. Perhaps I just know too many people who've been affected by things like this, but it was heartbreaking to think of the possible outcomes.

Every scene with Emily and the biological mother had me on edge, and when they finally reversed their first decision and decided to go through with the surgery, I leaned forward on the couch, covered my mouth and held my breath, like I could somehow alter the outcome if what I saw wasn't good.

Except all was good. And I cried.

While the kidney patient's fascination with romantic comedies seemed a little over the top, the patient's desire for love in her life, even at the cost of her own life, forced Emily to the point of speaking her mind with Will regarding his flirtations with Cassandra.

Emily sees nothing good coming from a relationship between the two, and she's motivated by a desire to stop them from getting together both because she does still have feelings for Will and because, ultimately, she cares too much about him to see him get hurt.

Part of me thinks she shouldn't have meddled. That she's got to just let things run their course between Will and Cassandra, knowing ultimately that the two won't work out. But the other part of me high-fived Emily for following her heart and asking him not to date Cassandra.

Cassandra isn't a good person. At all. I feel like she's being written without a single redeeming quality, aside from a winning smile. Even when she seems like she's maybe turning a corner, that there will be a halt to her haranguing ways, she goes and swipes the lab reports out of Emily's folder to pretend to have solved the case herself.

Sure, she was jealous that Emily's surgery went well, but that's no excuse for being a horrible person. And Cassandra is just plain horrible. I get that this is what's supposed to set these two apart, but the contrast is so stark right now that it's not hard for me to hate Cassandra.

Emily learns things from her patients and from her interactions with others. Cassandra learns nothing, it seems, except how to manipulate and be vindictive and leave a string of collateral damage in her wake.

With the exception of Cassandra, tonight left me with a case of warm tingles. The kidney patient found love. The babies will be okay. Emily listened to her head and spoke up, and even though Cassandra is brutal to her, Emily's heart is too big to be brutal in return. 

What did you think of "Emily and...the Predator"? Is Emily too nice? Is Cassandra too mean?

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I love this show. I felt the same way about Jerico and got burned when they cancelled it all those years ago, so I really hope that don't do that to this show. I absolutely love that it is so different from other medical dramas. I like the voice-overs from Emily, and I love that her character is one so focused on the patient interaction that the medical side almost seems to be a secondary consideration (almost!). It's refreshing to see the different take on the concept. I also am completely in love with Micah!


My heart stopped when the baby's heart stopped. I love this show, specially because two of my favorite shows come on Tuesdays Heart of Dixie and Emily Owens MD.


My husband and I look forward to Tuesday's because of this show! Last nights episode was the best yet, the actors are wonderful, we feel we know each character...hope that we will be able to continue with our Tuesday's obsession!!


I have to agree. This episode really was amazing. The writing may be somewhat original, but it manages to be different.
As for Cassandra, can she just be hit by a bus? Honestly, her character is just despicable. I'm not sure why, but as you said, she has NO redeeming qualities at all. She's actually atrocious. I'm extremely glad that Will didn't ask her out.


CANCEL EMILY OWENS M.D SUCKS¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡


I've been trying to convince myself not to become invested in this show, because the ratings are horrible and it's obviously going to get cancelled. But after this episode, I officially can't help myself (and next week's looks great too! Micah is my favorite after Emily, and I look forward to more character development for him.) The two main cases were heartbreaking and I was so relieved they both had happy endings. The personal drama was also compelling. Cassandra is simply awful, but if they're going to keep her around (and they obviously will, because all shows need a villain), I hope they never try to make her more sympathetic. Frankly, I won't buy it at this point and secondly, there really are people (especially in the medical field) who are that selfish and ambitious.


I honestly thought that Will respected her wishes because a)he opened that door by him asking Emily thoughts on the relationship and b) he still could have ignored her advice, but instead he listened and decided to focus on getting his relationship back on track with Emily, and to focus on being a good doctor. I thought that Emily grew a lot tonight, and I loved the ending. :-) About Cassandra: I think she is extremely insecure and that causes her to be an evil witch. I realized that she is manipulative and cruel, but she been sort of honest about it. She is jealous of Emily and wants to beat her at EVERYTHING. It's stupid.

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Cassandra: Why are you stalking us? Are you scared I'm going to date your friend?
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Emily: No, not forever. Just until he realizes that she's a predator.
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