Glee Sneak Preview: Home for the Holidays

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Glee celebrates Thanksgiving a week late this Thursday.

Coming off one of its best episodes this season, the Fox comedy will welcome various favorites home for the holidays on the November 29th installment, starting with Ms. Quinn Fabray.

Sarah Jessica Parker also returns for the occasion, as teased in the following promo. Watch now and, as always, visit TV Fanatic soon after the episode ends for a complete review and an updated Glee music section:

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Tina finally gets a solo . . . and it's Gangnam Style. Can we please address this???


Quinn is in the house people. YAY!!! I wished she had slapped Kitty instead of Santana. And glad all the originals are back. Now Ryan Murphy just needs to ship them all off to NY and do the spin-off. That would be awesome. WTF?! Gangnam Style at Sectionals??? What god-awful song choice. It's like them doing the Macarena. But of course they're going to win due to another contrived plot.

Glee Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Marley: When I was 7 years old, I had a dream. It's the first one I actually remember. I was alone, on a stage, wearing a beautiful dress. I couldn't see the audience, but I could feel the full house. They had all come for one reason: to hear me sing. And now, thanks to glee club, with sectionals this week, that dream is about to come true. Well, except the part where Skeet Ulrich gave me a bouquet of kittens at the end. My dreams are weird.

Quinn: Home for the holidays, just like we promised.
Finn: Guys, I...
Puck: Dude, if you start crying, I'm gonna kick your ass. Group hug!

Glee Season 4 Episode 8 Music

  Song Artist
Glee cast come see about me Come See About Me Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast whistle Whistle Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast live while were young Live While We're Young Glee Cast iTunes