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Now that we here in the States have come out of our turkey-and-stuffing comas, Glee is sending us right back to every glutton's favorite holiday with its Thanksgiving-themed episode. Not sure why this couldn't have been timed to occur last week on the actual holiday, but I'm sure it's baseball's fault.

"Thanksgiving" brought most of the old gang home to mentor the new kids before sectionals, while Rachel and Kurt stayed in New York reminiscing about sectionals.

A Thanksgiving Song

There was a whole bunch of good about tonight's episode, namely that opening number and the return of Puck and Santana to my screen for longer than .02 seconds. Those two have always been the best of the McKinley misfits. Puck especially.

I like seeing Puck mentor Jake and wouldn't be opposed to him being around more often. Jake is a natural reason for Puck to be included. He could have his old pool cleaning business back up and running in no time! (Writers: Please bring Puck back. It's my Christmas wish.)

Santana was sassy as always and quick to call Quinn on Kitty's nonsense, which I appreciated. But it seems college has quickly reverted Quinn to her Glee Season 1 self, so I was less than impressed with her. She was so starstruck by Kitty's adoration that she couldn't see that Kitty is a special brand of evil not even Sue can match. I feel like the more self-aware, Glee Season 3 Quinn would've been uncomfortable with the hero worship.

And this Santana-Quinn-Kitty thing is where I'm going go off on a little rant about the current Marley storyline, perhaps preemptively.

Glee developed the habit of becoming an after school special last season with its teen suicide and domestic violence "plots." And I'm saying "plots" in quotation marks instead of straight-up plots because those issues, real issues that viewers face, were treated rather dismissively. I can't tell how the bulimia storyline is going to go just yet, but I hope the writers don't just dismiss this. I hope that they've given careful thought and attention to where they're going and what message they're trying to send.

Should we look to television for our life lessons? No, probably not. But that doesn't mean that people, teenagers especially, don't. That they don't look at this show and other shows like it and search for reflections of themselves.

Marley has continued her purging in order to be her best for the glee club because Kitty is in her head. Santana saw it. Quinn refused to acknowledge it when she was confronted with facts and blamed it on Santana's supposed jealousy over Quinn sleeping with a 35-year old man.

Excuse me, what?

Get over yourself, girls. One of your own is struggling. Actually, two of your own if we count Kitty as one of those.

I sincerely hope that next week's episode addresses the very real situation Marley's facing and the fact that Kitty created this situation in the first place. Both of these girls need help.

Marley is not so deep into this that she cannot recover, though a recovery in one week from a disorder like bulimia would be unrealistic. Kitty is not so far gone that she cannot be redeemed. Even Sue has softened hearts from time to time, and the audience certainly came to love Santana. I want a very real, very honest conversation next Thursday and not for this to just be blown over and forgotten.

I also want more conversations between Jake and Ryder because those two were awesome together tonight. (You can read their conversation that cracked me up on the Glee quotes page.)

Also awesome? That Kurt and Blaine have finally spoken. Kurt, at Isabelle's insistence, called Blaine to wish him good luck, to acknowledge that even if they're not together romantically, Blaine is still his best friend. Kurt made the call under the hope that accepting Blaine's apology would give him closure, but it's clear to us that it didn't and gives us a reunion to anticipate.

But first, we have to finish Sectionals and find out what's happening with Marley. The show must go on, right? We'll see.

What did you think of "Thanksgiving?" What are your hopes for the Marley story moving forward?


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woo I love Hunter and the Warblers!


The reviewer really didn't say much about the music numbers in this episode. So, I will. I agree with everyone who thinks that the Warblers would deserve to win Sectionals. Great choreography, spot-on synchronization where needed, and performing charisma from all their members. McKinley High's Gangam Style number IMO was very poorly filmed. The shots were way too close for the viewers to see the choreography. Why do a bunch of 3/4 body shots of individuals singing and waving their arms when it's a high energy DANCE number? The only thing I can think of is that our Glee members as a whole don't dance as well as the Warblers & they didn't want it to show. Problem is that it's very noticeable coming right after the Warblers. I really wanted to see Jake's dance skills after they'd been built up the entire episode. But, we got no more than a few seconds. Too bad. He looked great from what I could tell. More Jake dancing please!


Really enjoyed the episode. But, was a bit confused over Marley's nervousness. She kept crying that she didn't want to let anyone down and was feeling a lot of pressure. But, the girl didn't even solo! Tina had the bulk of the vocal work while Brittney carried the dancing solos. What was Marley wigging out about? Also, if Marley is throwing up that much, she should notice that her voice is being affected. You can't do that much trauma to your throat without your singing voice being negatively affected. For someone with singing ambitions, that is just stupid.


i still watch glee, however, the new cast members are boring 2me. i miss the old cast. there was chemistry. new cast members have no chemistry imho.


REALLY liked this episode. The music was very good, with the exception of Hunter C's "Whistle" that just made me want to start imitating Marley - or turn the channel. Sebastian, at his worst, didn't do that (who is OK now). The Telephone Call scene was perfect - very moving. Don't we love our SJP? I agree with a lot of what the reviewer said, but I strongly DISAGREE that the teen suicide and domestic violence issues were treated dismissively. Those arcs went for a fair length of time and with a bit of development. I would like ot see Karofsky pop back in so that we can see how things are adapting...put some "closure" on that arc. And considering that the reviewer was just snarking about the "after school special" tendency prior to wanting the bulimia issue addressed, I'm a bit confused. Make up your mind, please. I LIKE the PSA interjections, like the bullying, teen suicide, dom viol. It's easier to discuss important subjects in small doses, with a bit of sweetener (a la Mary Poppins Lite). SOME things WERE treated way too lightly, like the predatory nature of the former Glee coach, Sandy. That is NOT something to gloss over. Nor is the drug traffic in schools. I'd wondered about a possible child abuse with Emma..or even Sue, the World's Greatest Spanish Teacher or the World's Greatest Coach wondering about one of their students' home lives.


I loved this episode :) The opening mashup was a bit long/slow, but it was sweet; too bad everyone hung back and 'the bad boy' had to prompt the group hug. Kurt/Blaine's phone call was the TOP; both Colfer and Criss nailed it. Just killer- LOVED the NYC bunch, though I agree with Kurt: I would NOT be eating that turkey. Get a room, people- LOVED the "Let's Have a Kiki" ;) The chemistry with Kurt/Rachel is so good; the newbies aren't there, yet. I find the NYC storyline much more engaging. McKinley is pretty stale, atm, with only bits of spice: Marley/Unique have a nice chemistry - wish Wade/Unique would notice Marley's eating issues, though. Does no one else notice that Marley is too thin? And that she never eats? Sam/Blaine's bro-dom (refuse to call it a bromance) is cool. Always enjoy Artie, Tina & Britt (glad Tina finally got some air-time)


Just because Quinn learned some life lessons at the end of her senior year doesn't mean she became a mature adult from then on. We make mistakes and learn from them on a constant basis. It's a life-long process. Even as adults we still mess up-it's called being "human." As for Kurt and Blaine, I'm not sure they'll have a reunion at Christmas, at least not romantic. Kurt said he was trying to forgive Blaine, he loved him, and he missed his best friend. That sounds more like friendship than romantic love will be happening, but of course, they could reunite later on. I guess it depends on whoever Kurt and Blaine interact with next, and how successful it turns out to be.


The highlight of the episode was the Kurt/Blaine phone call. Even though I don't like this story line, Chris and Darren do so amazing with what they're given. Here's hoping Klaine gets back together sooner rather than later. The writing of Quinn Fabray (and basically all the female characters) is so horribly sexist, there's really nothing much to say about it at this point. It's alarming, considering that the majority of Glee-watchers are teenage girls. This eating disorder story line is terrible. It makes no sense, it is sexist, and Glee is never good with these after school specials. Marley and Ryder continue to be incredibly boring, and Kitty is too evil to actually like, even if her actress is the best new addition this season. Brody absolutely needs to go! He is free to sleep with someone who isn't Rachel, but sleeping with the teacher (ew! his teacher too!) who is making Rachel's life awful and then talking down to her about it was arrogant and rude. And that turkey scene was gross! Speaking of Rachel, when is she going to stop using Kurt as her personal lap dog she relies on between boyfriends? And when is Kurt going to stop following her around like one? His friendship with Isabelle is already ten times better than the codependent Hummelberry relationship. Mercedes, Mike, and Puck continue to be under-used, and it's a shame to see the old glee cast only interacting with the newbies rather than the New Directioners that are actually their friends (Tina, Artie, Blaine, Sam). And Brittana apparently forgot they are in love this episode.


That reunion you're looking forward to will likely be closure. It's not going to be what Blaine hopes it will be, but it will be nice. They'll go ice skating and sing.


Something I noticed was that when Kitty first goes up and just hugs Quinn, she looks a little uncomfortable but very quickly, she starts to love the adoration, and then we learn that Quinn's turned back into a stupid bitch who's sleeping with a 35 year old man and apparently Santana should be jealous of her because of this (um?)
I did love the close up they did of Artie during Gangnam Style (and I love that song, but wtf did Glee do to it?) AND why is Brittany totally in the background? She's a brilliant dancer, and they barely concentrated on her at all. I'm so pissed off.
I want them to stay in highschool and show us less and less of New York but that doesn't mean that the original Glee characters still at McKinely are suddenly in the background.

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