Gossip Girl Review: Back in the Saddle

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Gossip Girl returned from its hurricane-related hiatus this evening with an episode that ... well let's just say that if Hurricane Sandy had prevented you from seeing it last week, you wouldn't have missed all that much.

The hour continued the separate, intertwining storylines of Dan, Serena, Nate, Chuck and Blair, bringing us slightly closer to the grand finale (now pushed back to December 17) but without too many big developments.

There were some memorable lines and scenes, at least compared to the previous two episodes, yet the continued presence of Steven and Sage, plus Chuck's convoluted quest to take down Bart, still dragged at times.

Just My Bluck

In "Portrait of a Lady Alexander," Chuck's continued investigation into his dad's dealings led him to an unlikely high society event - a horse show where he hoped to find the person who can help him uncover the truth.

After a few dead ends, some surprising twists and a big assist from Blair, who played sidekick to her once-and-future love tonight, the younger Bass finally learned what the resurrected patriarch has been hiding.

Bart apparently bought foreign oil from Sudanese nationals in violation of an international trade embargo. It would take a lot to drive Bart Bass to such great lengths; a potential federal prison term probably qualifies.

Chuck's going to need hard evidence of this, of course, in order to make his move ... and who knows what that will even be. This storyline is a slow burner, but at least we now have a plausible explanation for Bart's "death."

Blair and Chuck sure do make a great scheme team. Drawn out as the together-but-apart arrangement may be, they've managed to share some quality moments these last two weeks as the other's respective sidekick.

Speaking of right hand women, has there ever been a more ridiculous and awesome literary agent than Georgina Sparks? Pimping out celebutantes for Dan to have sex with? Amazing. Hijacking S' sex tape? Masterful.

Sure, she's certifiably insane and devoid of any discernible human emotion, but someone's gotta keep the show interesting. Especially with Dan at last dismounting from his high horse (pun intended) at the end.

Rediscovering his moral compass somewhat after an epic verbal trashing of Serena, Lonely Boy realized that being a player isn't all it's cracked up to be, and that he longed for some genuine human companionship.

Crazy thought. Who did he seek out? None other than Blair Waldorf. Classy move on B's part to let him crash with her, and perhaps a long overdue, albeit minor consolation to Dair fans. Hey, at least they can be friends?

Maybe next week he can bring up the green headband thing. Yikes, B.

S and S

Despite burning bridges with reckless abandon, it looks like we'll see how well Dan can repair them. That SVDW sex tape is potentially the Hurricane Sandy of gossip bombshells, though. How and when will G leak it?

Whenever that happens, one can only imagine how Serena van der Woodsen will react. Ditto Sage and Steven Spence, who continued to occupy major screen time tonight and apparently will next week as well.

It's not that they're terrible characters, per se, it's just that with a limited, 10-episode final season run, every scene is potentially critical, and a lot of theirs come at the expense of others' and aren't particularly interesting.

S and S' decision to share their pasts was fairly predictable in that neither actually did so, and changed nothing as they're still together. Even the Lily revelation didn't feel all that significant - or surprising at all.

Heck, it was more shocking that he's seen the Kate Upton Cat Daddy video.

That's Season 6 in a nutshell. There are good lines and there's potential beneath the surface, with a chance we'll be rewarded with a terrific series finale, but at certain points, we're sort of limping our way to the glue factory.

Nate also knows a thing or two about being screwed over by Dan, and the truth hurt; his paper is going under and he was willing to take extreme measures to save it. Just not taking money from Bartholomew Bass.

Of course, it appears the Bass Industries chief is underwriting the line of credit Nate got anyway, but he's not aware of that at this time. Golden Boy believes he saved the Spectator on the strength of content alone.

Thanks to boxes of Rufus' old stuff sent over by Lily - one included his waffle iron, which has to bring back the memories of the good old days - Ivy had all the ammo she needed to stir up trouble for reasons unknown.

Why does she exist on the show? To seduce people with her hot, raspy voice and serve as a plot device for sending blasts and seeking vengeance on whomever she's upset with that day. That about sums it up.

In any case, Golden Boy can't catch a break at work, and his bad luck is set to continue if Bart controls the cash flow. If this helps align Nate with Chair in the master plan to vanquish King Bass, then so be it.

Before we turn it over to you, here's next week's promo for "Monstrous Ball" ...

And, four episodes in, how are you liking Gossip Girl Season 6 so far?

What did you think of tonight? Share your comments below!


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This show is terrible now, the only reason why I still watch it is because I've been watching from day 1, but I'm disappointed in what they've done to the final season. The acting was terrible! I'm not even excited for the finale anymore, I just want to see Little J and I'm done. Hopefully something changes and the episodes get better. They have no where to go but UP. GO VOTE EVERYONE. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.! XOXO GOSSIP GIRL


It's sad because at this point I don't care about any of the characters anymore.


Dan and Blair was the only good thing about this episode, even though I know it's not going anywhere. I really hope Nate gets a better storyline.


worst season ever!!! Nothing was interesting last night. I hate Sage!


Dan used to be the most irritating character on the show... now the only thing keeping the show watchable are Georgina and Dan, and all the amauing interactions they have with the other characters. As if any dad would let his 17 yr old daughter date Nate, and as if any girl could just keep being with a guy who she found out slept with her mum...
Blair and Chuck were ok, until tonight, but this scheme was just plain bizarre...
At least Rufus is predictably Rufus, and Lily predicatably Lily. Bart is just a real jerk - I can't believe a father could treat his son with so much hate, and total misunderstanding.
I look forward to the return of lil J and Erik for some old school moments...


And I downvoted this episode and next weeks too cause quite frankly this season is on a roll with crappy episodes and garbage plot lines.
Sick of Bart and Chuck
Sick of Sage and Steven
Sick of Lily, Rufus, and Ivy


Jesus christ this is the worst hour of television! Moronic, illogical and convoluted to the nth degree!
For starters, WHY are Chuck and Bart so spiteful to one another! What type of father/son relationship is this?! Man fakes his death and comes back and suddenly there's so much animosity between each other Chuck wants to cause Bart financial ruin and jailtime?!?! WHY!!?!?! Have these people not heard of therapy? I'm tired of these dull dragging storylines, why are Sage and Steven even on the show? Bart should've stayed dead. I thought they were going to back to the "season 1" days, another lie I guess.


I can already see what's going to happen in the next 2 episodes. Dan and Blair are happy friends again... until his sextape is shown to the world then he and Blair will no longer be friends. Serena and Steven will eventually break up. Chuck will look for evidence of his dad's secrets but can't find it until the last episode. I can't believe the writers are toying with our minds. This is the final season and I was hoping for a more fun Gossip Girl not all these dramas about everyone sleeping with each other and Bart's big old secrets.Seriously, each episode is not that great.. only the last 2 minutes are good. The only thing I thought that was good this episode was Blair and Dan at the end. Their smiles at the end melted my heart. I really wish they would be together forever. The writers better not make S and Dan marry. That is the most absurd thing. But knowing how crappy the writers are they would probably make up some stupid story like that, kill a main character, make Blair more miserable, make Serena the center of the series.


@jenny, that's nothing new, we've seen that in season 5. Serena from season 5 or 6 has nothing to do with the Serena from season 1 or 2, which the audience loved, and not this dumb blonde which steal the laptop, phone ... and she acts as if nothing had happened. Character of Serena is totally vulgarize beyond recognition in the past and this season, whether because the actress is tired of the role played by 6 years or to scenario not clear to me.


@Jess, It is really enough with this nonsense about the half-brother and half-sister - Serena and Dan are not related in any kind! Serena and Dan do not share a common DNA! Serena's father and mother are not Dan's father and mother! Serena and Scott are half-brother and half-sister, and Dan and Scott are half brothers! But if they are in a relationship Serena and Scott or Dan and Scott and that would be incest! But they are not! You do not know what is incest!

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