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I saw the episode and I felt it was better than the 2 previous ones (the Chuck and Blair scenes in the previous one were better because of the sexiness and chemistry, but in this episode were more of the tender type and I think they were more scenes between them tonight, so I guess that evens out both episodes). At least the plot line advanced in terms of the Bart takedown, Nate and the Spectator, and even the reasons why Bart and Lily might eventually split? But yes that GG line at the end was annoying, however based on TV promos from other countries and set pics I got the feeling that even if Dan tries to regain Blair he wont succeed and probably end up receiving a verbal smackdown from her. I also believe Georgina will probably release that sex tape at Cotillion, further more causing some smackdown from Blair to Dan and maybe to Serena too, and the whole thing could be the dealbreaker between Serena and Steven, since tonight she obviously lied to Steven about the last man she had slept with. Also the 6x6 description released to the media said that Serena would help Dan get a place to live, so that further proves he wont stay with Blair for long and DS starts spending time together.


If the writers revive that dull dair romance again there just no explanation to the phsycotic writing..gg said at end history repeats itself when Blair let Dan stay at her place


What happened during the last 5 mins.,I missed it.:(


Sucky. It's a shame that they couldn't come up with something good for 10 episodes long storyline.


I Agree with this review, was not the best .. it was average, the last 5 mins saved it from being utterly bad.

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