Gossip Girl Review: Let Your Dark Side Shine

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As loyal Gossip Girl fans, there’s nothing more we love than walking down memory lane. "Where the Vile Things Are" was the perfect mix of scheming, plotting and undermining.

After last week’s disastrous cotillion, Eleanor finally returned to call out Blair on her immaturity and lack of professionalism. After all, Blair’s “dark side” has caused her to screw up multiple times recently and even her own mother has had enough of her.

B and E

Dan published yet another truth-telling article calling B the “Queen of Scheme." It’s no surprise she’s hardly changed from her high school days of manipulation and scheming, and Eleanor wants her deviant side gone for good if she plans on running the company.

After unsuccessfully trying to blackmail Nelly, mother dearest sees that B just isn’t trying hard enough; she’s booted from the company and moves on to trying to blackmail Dan by threatening him with the return of Vanessa if he doesn’t retract his article.

B apologized to Eleanor and even resigned, but later realizes that she wants to design a line for high school girls inspired by her old Constance uniform. Eleanor actually liked the idea and the two Waldorf women were back in business. Does this mean that B’s going to bring headbands back?! Has she finally found her calling?

As for Derena, shippers were probably ecstatic because they are definitely back on. The nods to Gossip Girl Season 1 were everywhere to be found when Serena finally got the Vespa ride she always wanted and even admitted to hustling Dan on their first date. Then, there was that infamous elevator scene.

The sparks were certainly flying as we were reminded by some of the best Derena moments.

Finally, S asked Dan to stay over and of course he accepted the offer. 

Elsewhere, Chuck is still digging to find evidence of Bart’s incriminating oil deal. With Nate’s help in searching the VDW loft and even stealing one of Bart’s employee’s phones, they find out that the evidence was hidden behind a painting on auction at Lily’s benefit for the art world.

Much to Lily’s dismay, it was also the benefit she’s sharing hosting duties with both Rufus and Ivy (deemed as a Charlatan, gypsy trash, and interloper by Lily, of course). There was lots of money being thrown around for donating as the two feisty, catty blondes tried to one up one another relentlessly.

The bidding began, and Chuck arrived just in time to raise the stakes. Millions of dollars later and with Chuck, Lily and Ivy distracted, Rufus was the lucky winner of the much desired painting. Lily nearly begged for the painting back and Ivy couldn’t care less.

It was Chuck’s turn to make an offer – for which he paid double – to only find out that the hidden documents were missing. How could he seriously trust Ivy of all people to have the painting delivered in tact? Well, now Ivy’s got the evidence. What’s the psychopath going to do with it now?   

Other Thoughts

  • Georgina was MIA. I couldn’t be happier. How about you?
  • Dan "Humpfreak"...
  • Jenny Humphrey got a mention by B. Maybe it’s time she brought back ‘lil J to help with the new line.
  • Last week, Ivy easily got into the Van der Woodsen’s loft. This week, it was Nate’s turn. Who’s next?!
  • Who was Ivy on the phone with at the end? Could it be Lola or someone else? 

Overall, this was a drama-filled stellar hour that just might have been the strongest episode yet of this final season. With less than a handful of episodes left, the countdown to the finale begin!

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DERENA:i am so happy, i love nice dan.
rufus/ivy i think i am the only one who think they are kinda cute together.Too bad ivy is using him
Blair/eleanor: i liked it.@jarrod blair was adult with dan? lol
Chuck/Nate i love their friendship but we still don't know what's going on with bart


sorry matt.


@b, Do you understand what you wrote, I certainly do not understand? Blair did not go to Yale because she tricked professor who has taught literature to Serena and Blair (Dan later had sex with that professor)!


@Fatin: Thanks for posting the link. I love her Recaps!! This was the best bit IMO (coz yeah I'm a LM fan): "We know that Blair's characterization has been uneven at best this year, but between her childish tantrum at Dan, her awkward capitulation to her mother and the petulant blackmailing of Nelly Yuki, it's rare to see a character who has been so thoroughly cannibalized just to suit the unimaginative whims of one episode's incomprehensible plotting. If I were Leighton Meester, I'd be stuffing pins into wax effigies of the entire writing staff by this point, but I'm guessing she's just mentally counting her paychecks and going to her happy place every time she's in front of a camera." I bet there are more people who'd like to do that to the writing staff!!!


Poor, angry, socially deprived chair fans! Love, love, love!


Blair was mature around Dan, I am sorry she almost bankrupted her family because she and Dan behaved immaturely and then did the childish thing of not taking responsibility for the mess you know because she was with Humphrey, the king of not taking responsibility for his actions. There was nothing adult about that relationship. He fed her delusions. So stop with Dair being a mature relationship they weren't, mature people don't do coming out parties and then promptly dropped their friends (serena and nate) for no reason.


I read that Blair is the one that betrays Chuck by telling Bart his plan. Unless she does so as part of a bigger plan I think whoever wrote that has to be mistaken why would Blair sabotage Chuck when him accomplishing his goal is the only thing standing in their way


Blair was never accepted to Yale Serena declined her acceptance because Blair wouldn't be attending like Blair said you can't share Yale


@talco, I'm not. But it's nice you say that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I’m doing that, I write my thoughts! If you do not like my position that's your problem, but why did you found called and that’s your problem too! Everyone has the right to express their opinion!


This episode was meh, but I still liked it.
I've given up on Chuck and Nate. Just completely boring characters.
Did you forget about the Vanessa mention? I hope she comes back for the finale. Though it would be completely random, what are chances that Ivy was conspiring with her?
As for Ivy, I loved how she ripped into Lily at the end. She's right about everything when it comes to Lily. Can she please just get killed off? Rufus does deserve so much better.
I couldn't care less for Dan and Serena. Once again another recycled storyline that I hope won't last, because lets face it: Serena will screw it up.
As for Blair, I was inclined to agree about Dan's entire lecture at her. She's never really matured unless she was with Dan. She didn't scheme, didn't manipulate, didn't do anything. Though I've moved passed Dair, they both were more adult together.

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